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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 5 Recap

Xu Xiaodong received a call from Professor Chen Mo and forwarded it to Lei Chuxia. It seemed that he had made a new discovery. Xu Xiaodong asked Jin Xiaorui to donate money to Lab 415 for Lei Chuxia’s related research. Professor Chen Mo said that he hopes to design a bracelet to stabilize Lei Chuxia’s magnetic field and unlock the “distance limit” between Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong. Wang Yixin wanted to use Lei Chuxia for experimental research, but Chen Mo refused. Xu Xiaodong sent Lei Dad and Lei Ma to recuperation in the name of Winter. Lei Chuxia was very grateful and became good friends with the great god Winter.

Wei Xuanhe learned that Lei Chuxia was still alive and sent people to look for her everywhere, but couldn’t find her everywhere. Yaoyang Zhao of Yaoyang Technology came to Wei Xuanhe and asked him to copy other small teams with no background in order to make the company’s product “Family Always” APP bigger. Wei Xuanhe disagrees, and Zhao Yaoyang threatened him with what happened ten years ago . It turned out that Wei Xuanhe and Zhao Yaoyang had plagiarized Xu Weiyi’s achievements together ten years ago.

Xu Xiaodong accompanies Lei Chuxia home to search for memories, finds a dessert shop called Lixia Shishi, finds the old site, and meets former friend Yuan Yuan, but Lei Chuxia no longer remembers her. Yuan Yuan takes Lei Chuxia to the dessert shop, tells the story of the past, and helps her find memories. Only then did Lei Chuxia realize that he used to be a very good dessert chef. After disappearing ten years ago, Yuan Yuan alone supported the Lixia shop. Wei Xuanhe also came to Lixia Time to look for Lei Chuxia, but was driven away by Yuan Yuan.

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