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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 36 Recap

When Qi Yan sent Cheng Huaizhi to bury Cheng Ruoyu in a crystal coffin, Cheng Ruoyu dreamed that she was dead and was buried with Qi Yan. She was frightened in a cold sweat. Li Zening heard that the confidants of the Qiu Yanzhi faction were walking with their father and daughter and came to see in person. Cheng Ruoyu hurriedly put on a mask and lied that his face was burnt ugly, so he did not dare to show his true colors. Li Zening felt that Cheng Ruo The fish’s voice was very familiar, and Cheng Ruoyu hurriedly found an excuse to cover it up.

The genius doctor found that Qiu Ziliang’s meridians were disordered. If he did not retreat in time to practice, his life would be in danger. Qiu Ziliang decided to put down the government and retreat. The party members lost the mainstay and didn’t know what to do. Qiu Ziliang repeatedly explained how much Qi Yan can hold on. By the end of the month, civil officials were in charge of government affairs, and nothing else was important. The party members begged hard, and Qiu Ziliang was very impatient, and drove them all away in a fit of anger.

Qiu Ziliang sent Zuo Cha to chase Liu Misha. He has not returned to his life so far. Qiu Ziliang didn’t want to wait any longer. He called Qiu Yanzhi, You Xiang, Yan Xiu, You Cha, You Shi and others together to let them perform their duties. . Qiu Yanzhi couldn’t find out the current situation of the left car, and she was a little uneasy, but she felt that Qiu Ziliang’s martial arts secret book was provided by Qi Chen, and the genius doctor was also Qi Chen’s person, Qiu Yanzhi. Don’t want to miss the good time of Qiu Ziliang’s retreat.

The genius doctor judged that Qiu Ziliang was ill-tempered this time. He tampered with the lower half of the secret book in advance. The genius doctor wished Qi Chen the victory in advance, but Qi Chen was not happy. He was not interested in the throne and sent Yuan Du to send Cheng Xi to Tubo. I want to wait for Qiu Ziliang to get rid of her before taking her back.

Qi Yan asked Cheng Huaizhi to prepare Cheng Ruoyu’s favorite cherry biluo. He wanted to go to Yuting to express his condolences to Cheng Ruoyu. Before leaving, he wrote a letter to Zhang Zhongru and asked Cheng Huaizhi to pass it on to Xiugu. When Qi Yan saw Cheng Ruoyu wearing a mask in the crystal coffin, he remembered that he had spent time with her and changed everything. Qi Yan’s heart was like a knife.

Yan Xiu soon brought the good news of Cheng Ruoyu. She followed Li Deyun to mobilize troops from various places. With her cleverness and wit, she quickly gained Zhang Zhongru’s trust, and Zhang Zhongru wanted to accept her as a righteous daughter. In a blink of an eye, three months passed, Zhang Zhongru received Qi Yan’s secret letter, and immediately called Cheng Ruoyu, and they discussed separate actions and tried to kill Zhang Jiang all at once.

Cheng Ruoyu sneaked into Lucong’s camp and suddenly saw Cheng Xi secretly come to see Zhang Jiang. Zhang Jiang couldn’t wait to get the emperor’s edict before agreeing to asylum Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi suggested forging a fake edict, once he captured Hengan. Cheng, first killed Qi Chen, and then supported Zhang Jiang as emperor, Zhang Jiang naturally couldn’t ask for it. Cheng Ruoyu rushed out to fight against Zhang Jiang. Cheng Xi’s martial arts was completely useless. He could only watch as the masked Cheng Ruoyu knocked Zhang Jiang to the ground and took Zhang Jiang away. The origin of the assassin.

Qi Yan held the Taoyao bracelet in his hand, thinking of Cheng Ruoyu every day, he couldn’t sleep at night. Zhang Jiang attempted to escape, but was decapitated and handed it to Zhang Zhongru. Zhang Zhongru immediately decided to take Cheng Ruoyu back to Beijing to report the good news to Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t wait to go back to see Qi Yan, but couldn’t worry about getting off the road, so she set off a signal to find someone to help find it.

Li Deyun quickly returned to the palace to report the battle to Qi Yan, and also told him about the coldness of Qiu Yanzhi’s confidant. The left car hurried back to revive his life to Qiu Ziliang and brought Liu Misha’s head. Qiu Ziliang was still in retreat. Qiu Yanzhi confirmed that the head belonged to Liu Misha. After a few words to comfort the injured left car, he couldn’t wait to see Cheng Ruo. fish.

Qiu Yanzhi rushed to see Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu only wanted to see Qi Yan. Qiu Yanzhi promised to let her enter the palace to see Qi Yan tomorrow. Cheng Ruoyu was ecstatic. Qi Yan heard that Qiu Ziliang asked Qiu Yanzhi to find a girl who resembled Cheng Ruoyu to send him, and wanted them to have a son and a half daughter. Qi Yan knew that Qiu Ziliang was unwilling to let Qi Chen succeed and would not let him easily. When he died, Qi Yan vowed not to let Qiu Ziliang’s conspiracy succeed.

Zhang Zhongru brought Cheng Ruoyu and others to see Qi Yan. Qi Yan immediately decreed that Zhang Zhongru was named the king of Lanling County and rewarded the meritorious soldiers. Qi Yan announced that tomorrow would be a banquet in the palace to celebrate them. Cheng Ruoyu saw Qi Yan from a distance, and her excitement was beyond words. She quietly followed Qi Yan’s sedan chair to Yuting.

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