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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 35 Recap

Qiu Yanzhi took Cheng Ruoyu back to his room, fed her the antidote, and helped her clean up the blood stains on her body. Yan Xiu repeatedly confessed to Qiu Yanzhi and wanted to send Cheng Ruoyu for the last time. Qiu Yanzhi had to admit that Cheng Ruoyu was her own sister. Qi Chen gave Cheng Ruoyu a panacea in advance, which caused the symptoms of suspended animation. Thanks to Cheng Ruoyu’s soft armor, he was not injured by Qiu Ziliang’s dust. Upon learning the truth, Yan Xiu squeezed a sweat for Cheng Ruoyu.

Qiu Ziliang sent someone to call Qi Chen and put him under house arrest in the shogi camp. After the genius doctor tried his best to rescue, Qi Yan was finally out of danger. Qiu Yanzhi thanked Qi Chen for saving Cheng Ruoyu twice, and Qi Chen advised her to take Cheng Ruoyu to leave Heng’an City as soon as possible and stop thinking about revenge, but Qiu Yanzhi had no way out.

Cheng Ruoyu finally regained consciousness and Qiu Yanzhi escorted her away. Cheng Ruoyu learned that Qi Yan was out of danger and felt relieved. Fortunately, Qi Yan gave her soft armor in advance to save her. Qiu Yanzhi repeatedly stated that there was no more Cheng Ruoyu in the world. He gave Cheng Ruoyu a mask and asked her to change her name to Ling Leng. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to refuse, but she had no other choice. She wanted to see Qi Yan before leaving. To let him know that he was still alive, Qiu Yanzhi resolutely refused to agree, worrying that Qiu Ziliang would kill her again, Cheng Ruoyu had to give up.

Cheng Huaizhi begged Qiu Ziliang and was allowed to come back to serve Qi Yan. When Cheng Huaizhi saw Qi Yan’s weakness, he cried distressedly. Qiu Yanzhi sent Cheng Ruoyu to follow Li Deyun to find various Jidus to quell the changes. Before leaving, Qiu Yanzhi returned Cheng Ruoyu a flare for emergency. Today is Cheng Ruoyu’s death day. Cheng Huaizhi washed his face with tears and claimed that his relatives had passed away. Qi Yan did not ask much, and approved him to go home to express his condolences. Gao Ping revealed to Qi Yan the news of Cheng Ruoyu’s death. Qi Yan’s heart was twisted. , But on the surface it pretends to be nonchalant. The genius doctor explained the truth to Qi Yan. As long as he cooperated with the treatment, he would get better after five months. Qi Yan endured the pain and cooperated with all his strength.

Gao Ping reported Qi Yan’s reaction to Cheng Ruoyu’s death to Qiu Ziliang, and Qiu Ziliang believed that Qi Yan had acted. Ever since Qiu Yanzhi learned that Cheng Ruoyu was her own sister, he couldn’t hide his inner joy. He couldn’t help but want to get close to Cheng Ruoyu and cared for her meticulously. Cheng Ruoyu was not used to it and even suspected that Qiu Yanzhi liked it. It’s not Qi Yan but her.

Qi Yan went to the mourning hall to pay homage to the first emperor. Thinking of the first emperor’s entrustment before his death, Qi Yan vowed to defeat Qiu Ziliang. He sent Cheng Huaizhi to the mass grave to bring back Cheng Ruoyu’s body. Qiu Yanzhi was not worried about Cheng Ruoyu. He sent many people to protect her along the way. He wanted to send Cheng Ruoyu the things he played when she was a child. Yan Xiu stopped her, worried that Qiu Ziliang would find clues in it.

When Qiu Yanzhi learned that Qi Yan wanted Cheng Ruoyu’s body, he asked Yan Xiu to send the body he had prepared in advance. Cheng Huaizhi brought Cheng Ruoyu’s blue light sword back to Qi Yan. Qi Yan saw things and thought about people. He was sad and desperate to live. Qi Yan gave Cheng Ruoyu a crystal coffin and wanted to wait for him to be buried with Cheng Ruoyu after he died. At the same time, Gao Ping saw this scene and immediately reported to Qiu Ziliang. Qi Yan secretly prayed that Cheng Ruoyu would be safe, hoping that she would return soon.

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