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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 24 Recap

On the one hand, the relevant departments did not cooperate, making it difficult to carry out the bridge digging work; on the other hand, although He Yun agreed on the surface, He Yong could see that she was retreating. Suodong walked in and told Luo Shanhe that Gao Mingyuan’s construction company had begun to mobilize personnel and was preparing to start construction operations. If they don’t hurry up, they will definitely fall behind.

Luo Shanhe said that it can no longer be resolved according to common sense. Zhao Ligen thought of a strange trick, and Luo Shanhe felt a little reckless, so he held a leadership meeting to discuss it. Zhao Ligen said that the Yihe New Village project has not yet been fully handed over to Changteng Capital. He clicked until he clicked, and he knew everything he knew. This trick is Li Chengyang.

Mai Jia broke up with Gao Mingyuan. At this moment, she also saw Gao Mingyuan’s innocence, but she still told Gao Mingyuan that she was willing to do these things for him. He Yong reported the whereabouts of Dong Yao’s wife and children to Luo Shanhe, and found that they got into a car after being taken away at the airport. The car eventually disappeared in Yihe Village.

Cao Peng is Gao Mingyuan’s capable cadre. It is not impossible for Gao Mingyuan to let Cao Peng put Dong Yao’s wife and children under house arrest in Yihe Village. Dong Yao’s wife and children were a key breakthrough for Dong Yao, and they had to find a way to rescue them. Yihe Village is a large administrative village with more than 1,000 households. Even though they have been under control, it is still difficult to keep an eye on them. For the safety of Dong Yao’s wife and children, they cannot act rashly.

At this time, very moments, use very people. Luo Shanhe decided to let He Yong invite Li Chengyang to do this extraordinary thing. When meeting with Li Chengyang, Luo Shanhe expressed his understanding of his situation over the years. He also hoped that Li Chengyang would believe in the determination of the Party Central Committee to eradicate evil and evil, and that the supervision team would be able to find out the death of Lin Han and the expulsion of Li Chengyang from the police force. Luo Shanhe also said that Lin Han’s death in those days was not as simple as one or two people, but a group of criminal organizations with a tightly organized structure and the nature of the underworld with the characteristics of the underworld.

At present, Changteng Capital has taken over the Yihe New Village project, but many procedures are still being processed. The construction qualification of Xinshuai Group is still within the validity period. At this time, Luo Shanhe and Li Chengyang, although they have met for the first time, have already met each other. Complete trust and tacit understanding. Luo Shanhe instructed Li Chengyang to do everything possible to excavate Mai Zili’s body, and cooperate with the supervision team to collect key evidence for the September 15 project.

Li Chengyang used the drone to confirm the location where Dong Yao’s wife and children were detained. The police pretended to be people entering the village to engage in the square dance competition. The tasks of each group were clearly assigned. As soon as they entered the village that night, the formation was very big, attracting many villagers from Yihe Village to stop and watch. At this time, Gao Mingyuan comforted Dong Yao’s wife and children, letting them hide here first.

Zheng Yihong saw this group of square dancing people, and thought it wasn’t that simple, so she called Gao Mingyuan and said that these square dances made the people in the casino uneasy. Gao Mingyuan left immediately, and Xing Fan took a few people in the dark, and according to Li Chengyang’s instructions, prepared to find the right time to rescue Dong Yao’s wife and children. Gao Mingyuan saw Li Chengyang through the crowd.

Gao Mingyuan walked over to talk to Li Chengyang, he wanted to give Li Chengyang 100 million US dollars in cash to make this matter completely ended. How could Li Chengyang be willing? It is no longer a matter of money or money. Gao Mingyuan was very angry and took out a gun, but backhanded the handle of the gun to Li Chengyang’s hand and let him shoot himself. Li Chengyang also raised the gun, but he didn’t dare to open it, and reason didn’t allow him to pull the trigger.

Gao Mingyuan believes that all the achievements of Luteng City in recent years are closely related to him. He also bluntly said that Luteng’s economic GDP is controlled by him, and he is the food and clothing parent of the people in Luteng City. Li Chengyang asked him to be fair, while Gao Mingyuan felt that he was fair. Li Chengyang sneered. It was the first time he saw a person who made such a high-sounding crime. The crime Gao Mingyuan committed was enough to sentence him to death, but it was unfair. Gao Mingyuan could only be shot once. Gao Mingyuan was not to be outdone. He said that Li Chengyang had given him the opportunity to stand here and talk to him.

Facing the arrogant Gao Mingyuan, Li Chengyang read Pushkin’s “If Life Deceives You”, and then Gao Mingyuan received a call from the supervisory team, and the supervisory team asked him to go to the station to attend the meeting. At this time, Dong Yao’s wife and children had been rescued safely. After Li Chengyang saw the fireworks signal, he immediately asked the construction team to excavate the Anfu Bridge near Yihe Village at night.

All participants in this meeting have to hand in their mobile phones. Luo Shanhe is straightforward. He said that the theme of this meeting is to explore whether it is feasible to dig bridges and find dead bodies. The village party secretary Cao Peng and He Yun, as well as Wu Shuangling both expressed their opposition, but they did not know that Li Chengyang had already excavated under the Anfu Bridge at this time.

The meeting held by the supervision team also bought time for Li Chengyang to excavate. On the way, Luo Shanhe motioned to He Yong with his eyes, and He Yong went out to call Li Chengyang to ask about the progress of digging the bridge and finding the dead body. Li Chengyang said that he had not found it yet and was now expanding the scope. He Yong asked him to hurry up.

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