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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 23 Recap

He Yong told Luo Shanhe the clues Li Chengyang said. Dong Yao and Ma Shuai buried Mai Zili’s body under the Anfu Bridge. As it happens, a construction company under Gao Mingyuan recently used a construction fence to block the next construction site of Anfu Bridge. This was too coincidental, and He Yong had to suspect that Gao Mingyuan wanted to destroy the corpse, so he suggested to dig out the corpse first. In the end, Luo Shanhe agreed to excavate, and he was responsible for the problem.

He Yong told He Yun of the arrangements of the Central Supervision Group, hoping that He Yun could take the lead in digging the bridge. He Yun did not refuse, but she said that she had to prepare, because the demolition of a bridge requires the approval of urban construction planning, road administration and other departments. After the demolition is completed, she will face a lot of compensation and restoration work.

Another important reason is that Anfu Bridge is within the development scope of the Yihe New Village project. This project is a key project in the province. At this point in time, it happened to be stuck in the general election of the two committees of Yihe New Village. It was difficult to dig the bridge. It is conceivable.

However, He Yun said that she would do her best to prepare, and if she encounters any difficulties, she hopes that the supervision team can help coordinate. He Yong said that this is not a problem, and Luo Shanhe should agree. Later, He Yong proposed to He Yun to transfer Lin Hao to the task force and work under her own hands. He Yun did not make a statement at first. She knew that the cracks in the situation were getting bigger and bigger. After Hu Xiaowei surrendered, she confessed the clues about Xu Xiaoying and Xu Xiaoshan’s death, and the close relationship between Gao Mingyuan and Sun Xing was also exposed.

Although the supervision team still does not know the identity of Sun Xing, He Yun is very disturbed by the attitude of the supervision team suddenly agreeing to dig the bridge. After Li Chengyang signed, he was released. He Yong went to pick him up, and by the way brought him the uniform that he used to be in the police force. He Yong welcomed Li Chengyang back to the police force. Li Chengyang looked at the police uniform that had been missing for more than fourteen years, and smiled sincerely.

When Lin Hao returned to the police station, he unexpectedly learned that He Yong was helping to intercede, and he was able to return to the police station so quickly. Huang Xi was about to leave Luteng City. Before she left, she called Lin Hao and asked him to come out to see him for the last time. She is going to work for a media company in Linjiang City. This time she asked him out because she wanted to say goodbye.

Huang Xi’s uncharacteristic behavior surprised Lin Hao, and he asked Huang Xi if he could not leave. Before Huang Xi answered, Lin Hao was about to go out and move the car. When he came back again, Huang Xi was no longer there. The waiter said Huang Xi had already paid for it. She left a watch for Lin Hao, and the justice had been handed over.

Give it to him. Lin Hao put on the watch and lowered his head to find that the watch had received a message, saying that Sun Xing was Gao He 14 years ago. Li Chengyang went to the Xiaoyu Wonton shop again, but found that it was closed. Li Chengyang returned to Ma Shuai’s office and saw the photos of himself and Ma Shuai. Li Chengyang began to wander around Ma Shuai’s office and found a room in his usual telescope.

Li Chengyang went to inquire and investigate, and found that the room in the telescope was a hotel room. Ma Shuai had been in private rooms here for many years, but he hadn’t been here a few times, and he didn’t let people clean it, and the light was always on. It was in this dusty room that Li Chengyang found a safe. After people opened the safe, Li Chengyang saw two bottles of wine in it, with the names of himself and Ma Shuai written on them. In addition to money, there were some information. And documents, and a letter to Li Chengyang. In the letter, Ma Shuai explained Dong Yao’s killing of Mai Zili clearly. Fourteen years ago, Mai Zili was a quality inspector. Because Ma Shuai’s project had quality problems, Mai Zili was unwilling to sign.

Dong Yao prescribed medicine to the drink that Mai Zili drank. After Mai Zili was unwilling to sign, Dong Yao completely murdered him. Mai Zili drank a drink and fell into a coma. Dong Yao used a hammer to kill him who was unconscious. As for Lin Han, Ma Shuai said he was killed by Gao Mingyuan. Fourteen years later, Li Chengyang finally figured out the death of his master. His heart was up and down, and scenes of memories echoed in his mind.

Li Chengyang handed the letter to He Yong. After He Yong read the letter, he also told Li Chengyang an important clue. In a rape and homicide case 16 years ago, Gao He, the criminal, did not die. He changed his name after plastic surgery and is now called Sun Xing. Moreover, his relationship with Gao Mingyuan is unusual. Sun Xing may be Gao Mingyuan’s son. He Yong suspects that Mai Zili’s death, Lin Han’s death, and Li Chengyang’s expulsion from the police force are directly related to Gao He’s case.

Li Chengyang couldn’t help crying. He can carry it to this day because of his master Lin Han. He was expelled from the police force. After 14 years of enduring humiliation, he has finally discovered some clues behind Lin Han’s death.

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