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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 22 Recap

Huang Xi called Lin Hao. She said that she had been to her aunt’s house to help him intercede. Lin Hao felt that she didn’t need to go to He Yun for herself. Lin Hao turned to ask about Huang Xi’s current situation. Huang Xi said that her show had been stopped. Now she has opened a public account with her ancestors, and she wants to expose all the shady investigations in the Phoenix Nightclub.

Soon afterwards, Huang Xi’s official account caused repercussions among Luteng citizens and officials. With the attention of the Central Supervision Group, the public security department quickly launched actions and found out that many companies used vicious loans as the source to control innocent women as criminals. Many victims were rescued in the night scene for the purpose of profiting by the power groups.

Lin Hao took the report letter to Hu Xiaowei, and Hu Xiaowei realized that Lin Hao knew what he had done. Lin Hao gave him two ways. The first is to surrender immediately, and the second is that he continues to go back and teach people to sing. He takes these reports to report Hu Xiaowei. Hu Xiaowei explained that for so many years, he has dealt with the relationship between the police and the people conscientiously. He is a good policeman, but he also has difficulties.

I hope Lin Hao will give him a chance. Lin Hao slapped the report letter on Hu Xiaowei’s chest. Hu Xiaowei couldn’t help but squatted on the ground and shed tears of regret. The apprentice Xiaofang went to meet Hu Xiaowei for a drink. He talked about the meeting when he first entered the institute. It was Hu Xiaowei who took him from house to house to understand the jurisdiction area. At that time, Hu Xiaowei worked for the people wholeheartedly, and he took care of everything about the people. He even cares if the cat is lost.

When Xiao Fang said this, the tears in Hu Xiaowei’s eyes burst, and the tears that flowed out were wiped away in bursts. Xiaofang went on to say that Hu Xiaowei changed later, going to more and more dinners and doing less and less practical things. After speaking, Xiao Fang told him that the report material was written by himself. Hu Xiaowei was shocked, but felt reasonable. Perhaps it was a relief for him to be reported by the apprentice he had trained himself. Sun Xing asked Xiaofeng to help. He escaped for a while, just to celebrate He Yun’s 55th birthday. But I didn’t expect that this scene was hit by Huang Xi. In front of Huang Xi, Sun Xing lit candles on the cake, and then asked He Yun to close her eyes and make a wish before blowing out the candles.

In Huang Xi’s shocked eyes, Sun Xing congratulated Yun on her happy birthday, and then called her mother. Huang Xi’s eyes widened, thinking that she had heard it wrong. Sun Xing was about to leave, and when he passed by Huang Xi, he became murderous, and He Yun stopped him before he left. Huang Xi came back to her senses and wanted to go after Sun Xing, but He Yun stopped her. Later, He Yun and Huang Xi admitted that Sun Xing was a heinous sinner, and Sun Xing was indeed his own son.

His original name was Gao He. She had been guilty since giving birth to this child and wanted to pay off debts for him, but she was still selfish. Hesitating, these years have been lucky enough to hide from everyone. Huang Xi didn’t say anything, and left here. Gao Mingyuan adopted Zheng Yihong when she was eight years old. Zheng Yihong asked him whether he adopted himself to make up for the bad things he had done in those years. Although Gao Mingyuan did not admit it, he said that many people who do good deeds are not to help those in need, because sometimes the people who really need help are themselves.

Zheng Yihong persuaded Mai Jia to do something for Gao Mingyuan, and Mai Jia fell into entanglement. Changteng Capital successfully obtained the Yihe New Village project. Wang Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhongjiang Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, attended this signing ceremony. Gao Mingyuan looked at Wang Zheng who was speaking on the stage, and the deep meaning in his eyes was dim. Under Zheng Yihong’s persuasion, Mai Jia decided to dedicate her life to Gao Mingyuan. At that time, she was lying on the bed in a cheongsam, blindfolded, when a man walked in and opened the red curtain.

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