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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 31 Recap

Even though the matter had passed, Su Xiao had left an indelible mark in her heart, especially seeing Xia Ming acting so relieved, but it felt a little ridiculous. In her eyes, these people only talked about pros and cons, not right and wrong, and even put the relationship above all else, and Xia Ming believed that what he did was to minimize the harm to Su Xiao as much as possible.

Even though it looks like a personal grievance between Su Xiao and Huang Lilin at this time, Xia Ming is very clear that this involves the interests of many people, many deeper conflicts, and there are too many people who want to achieve personal enthusiasm from this matter. The appeal. However, Su Xiao’s idea is too simple to understand the complexity Xia Ming is facing, so Xia Ming only hopes that the two people’s feelings will not be affected, but Su Xiao caress about it, and the two have conflicts about this concept, and the quarrel broke out again.

Now Zhao Xiankun has not pursued Tianke’s 8 million yuan. When Su Xiao and Zhao Peng formally handed over their positions, they had a disagreement on the distribution of the recovered earnings. Zhao Peng wanted to throw the mess to Su Xiao, and suggested that the debts of the remaining four four companies should continue to be handed over to her. However, he thought that he had chased Tianke’s problem at the beginning, and now that he has left his original position, he will not It belongs to her scope of work, and there is no need to go through the process again.

Xu Zhiping is not easy to intervene in these matters, so Su Xiao and Zhao Peng negotiate privately. After understanding the general situation, Wu Hongmei comforted Su Xiao to get used to the group style. If he encounters trouble in the future, he must know how to shirk. Su Xiao thinks of Xu Zhiping’s attitude, it is hard to imagine that she will become this kind of person.

Because Wu Hongmei reported Maria’s behavior to Zhao Xiankun before, she was targeted by Maria for a period of time. The female colleague felt terrible and reminded Wu Hongmei to be careful. After all, in their opinion, Maria is the leader of the personnel department and holds the power of life and death. In particular, she is still a person who must report on her teeth. I am afraid that Wu Hongmei will soon be annihilated. disaster.

Nowadays, Tianke Group is unable to open up its turnover. Not only is there still 30 million needed to be returned to Brother Cui, but also everyone’s wages are also not available. Faced with this situation, Xia Ming suddenly thought of something, and immediately went to negotiate with President Shen of the Qunxing Plaza project, planning to settle with the off-plan housing.

Xia Ming provided Mr. Shen with a very good plan, and finally succeeded in persuading him, and then went to Cui Ge alone, and opened his mouth to ask him for a loan of 50 million yuan. Hearing Xia Ming’s words, Cui Ge was surprised and couldn’t figure out what medicine he sold in the gourd. Until Xia Ming opened the door to cooperation, and used Qunxing’s off-plan properties and future interests to persuade him to take a gamble.

Brother Cui was a person who knew the pros and cons. He also admired Xia Ming’s boldness, so he asked him to drink a few glasses of high-quality liquor and promised to spend 50 million. After discussing the matter, the company’s funds were completely resolved. Xia Ming rushed into the bathroom and vomited. He laughed at himself if he was seen by his father, he would definitely point to his nose and yell at him.

Back in the hospital ward, Xia Ming told Huang Lilin about his cooperation with Brother Cui, and at the same time promised to keep Tianke and let his uncle feel at ease. At the same time, Su Xiao considered repeatedly and decided to call Xia Ming. He did not expect that he was walking home in the car, and his tone was very weak.

Su Xiao bought hot milk to visit Xia Ming, and sat downstairs to talk with him. Compared with the sweetness and warmth before, it seemed even more distant and polite now. After the last conversation, Su Xiao’s heart was at peace, and she couldn’t find a safer way for Tianke, so she tactfully proposed to break up, let Xia Ming run the company in her own way, and don’t worry too much because of feelings.

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