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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 16 Recap

Today is a young year. The Qiao family gathered around the TV to make dumplings. Qiao Simei also came back today, with a blush on his face that was sunburned by the plateau. Qiao Zuwang cursed a few words, but Qiao Yicheng kept silent. Yes, Qiao Simei quickly apologized for acting like a baby. Sparrow came to see Qiao Zuwang in the name, and kept looking at Qiao Sanli, Qiao Zuwang happily accepted the gift. Suddenly heard Aunt Wu calling Wang Yiding’s name, Qiao Sanli quickly looked towards the door.

He stood there timidly with some fruits and didn’t dare to go in. He said that he was carrying something too shabby and embarrassed to go in, but it was Qiao San. Li likes to eat. Wang Yiding’s mother was at home alone, and Qiao Sanli asked him to find out that his father had passed away. When Wang Yiding turned to leave, Qiao Sanli finally hugged him, and Qiao Zuwang hurriedly told them to go home and sit down. His attitude towards Wang Yiding was much more enthusiastic than that of sparrow eyes.

It is rare for Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding to sit together for dinner, which attracted the attention of many people in the cafeteria. For the past month, Wang Yiding has been eating steamed buns and pickles. He lost a circle. Qiao Sanli gave him the vegetables and meat. Wang Yiding said that Wang Yining had a girlfriend, and his mother felt that he needed to spend money, so Wang Yiding, who was not in love, gave the money to Wang Yining. Qiao Sanli scolded him as stupid, he could say that he also has a girlfriend. Wang Yiding said dumbly, but he didn’t. Qiao Sanli was speechless, and turned around and scolded him for being short-minded.

Qiao Erqiang sent Sun Xiaomo home, but his grandmother did not agree with them. The next day, the two went to the skating rink together, but it was closed. During the meal, Sun Xiaomo said that he would find a job for Qiao Erqiang. Suddenly, Sun Xiaomo felt uncomfortable, and asked Qiao Erqiang to wait for him at the door. She fell to the ground and convulsed in the blink of an eye. Recently, there are fewer and fewer people in the factory. The old people stay without pay and the young people quit one after another, but Wang Yiding is not worried. Wang Yiding had already given his mother the passbook, not to mention that he couldn’t help thinking about such a big incident at home. Qiao Sanli was distressed and helpless, and told him to think about herself.

Qiao Yicheng asked Qiao Erqiang when he planned to marry Sun Xiaomo, and Qiao Erqiang reluctantly told about Sun Xiaomo’s condition. She had epilepsy. Qiao Yicheng thought that Ye Xiaolang had known about it a long time ago, and he quarreled with her as soon as he got home. Ye Xiaolang was aggrieved. Don’t look at Qiao Yicheng’s usual whispers, and turned his face when he met his younger siblings. If she knew it, she wouldn’t be able to introduce it to Qiao Erqiang! Qiao Erqiang took the initiative to ask Sun Xiaomo to come out. In fact, he didn’t mean to dislike her. He just wanted to ask her if she was getting better.

Qiao Zuwang wanted to pull Qiao Sanli into the water and invest together, but Qiao Sanli did not agree, and persuaded him to stop as soon as possible. Ye Xiaolang asked Aunt Fang angrily about Sun Xiaomo, Qiao Yicheng also apologized for what happened just now, but Ye Xiaolang was cold and determined not to interfere with Qiao’s family. Sun Xiaomo asked Director Chen to find a job for Qiao Erqiang. Wang Yiding also went to an interview with a company under Qiao Sanli’s idea.

The benefits were very good, but the Queen Mother refused to give him a passbook. Qiao Erqiang moved books in the warehouse of Xinhua Bookstore. The newcomer was easily bullied. He didn’t even have a box lunch. Sun Xiaomo had to find him with two pairs of chopsticks, but Qiao Erqiang brought it himself. As the two were eating, Director Chen suddenly asked Sun Xiaomo to come back after get off work.

There was fear in Sun Xiaomo’s eyes, and the relationship between the two was unusual everywhere. Director Chen also threatened her with Sun Xiaomo’s illness. Sun Xiaomo broke free from Director Chen’s arms. She did fall ill that day, but Qiao Erqiang did not dislike her! Sun Xiaomo had a very good life, and persuaded Director Chen to do it for himself. Sun Xiaomo said that his grandmother wanted to see Qiao Erqiang and told him to eat at home tomorrow. Qiao Simei held Qiao Erqiang’s Walkman to practice English. Qiao Erqiang was very angry when he saw it.

He didn’t expect that Qiao Simei had also repaired the tape he had broken before. Ma Suqin’s voice suddenly came from the headphones, and Qiao Erqiang hurriedly took the Walkman and climbed onto the roof to listen to it again and again. Qiao Simei climbed up to comfort him. In fact, she was also very curious whether Qiao Erqiang liked Sun Xiaomo or Ma Suqin. Qiao Erqiang’s definition of like is vague, and he can’t see any hope in the dark.

Qiao Erqiang went to Sun Xiaomo’s house with a gift, and his grandmother called all the relatives in the family to see him together, and the family urged them to get married as soon as possible. Qiao Erqiang greeted the family sternly, and lay dizzy on the bed in the bedroom when he was drunk. Sun Xiaomo came to take care of him, and Qiao Erqiang looked at her as Ma Suqin in a daze.

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