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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 16 Recap

Zeng Li, who had been kissed by Ai Jingchu, ran away in a panic, but his body reacted very honestly. Zeng Li’s legs were so soft that he couldn’t even go up the stairs. Wu Ying was drunk and insisted on Liu Yucheng to take her to play the game, and only then would she obediently sleep when she won. Liu Yucheng won the game. Wu Ying watched him suddenly start a round of confession.

In her eyes, Liu Yucheng is very cute and treats her very well. Even though they are very different in age, Wu Ying still likes Liu Yucheng very much. like. Liu Yucheng is a little uncertain, if Wu Ying said these things when she was sober. Even so, Liu Yucheng did not want to take advantage of Wu Ying, worrying that she would regret it when she wakes up. Although Wu Ying is drunk, she is very firm, and I don’t regret it.

Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi drank a lot of wine, kissed each other deeply, and then turned their heads awkwardly. Thinking of the scene at the ski resort, Ai Jingchu got up and wanted to find Yu Yi. It happened that Yu Yi was injured today and was looking for him. In fact, Yu Yi was seriously injured today, and he refused to let Ai Jingchu tell Zeng Li.

Yu Yi was not sure whether Zeng Li liked him, and asked Ai Jingchu for his opinion. Ai Jingchu was very frank, he didn’t know. When Yu Yi saw the novel written by Zeng Li, she was sure she liked herself, but when he came back this time, Zeng Li looked at him and didn’t like him, as if he was just a good friend, a trusted little uncle, maybe He should give Zeng Li some time to think about it.

Early the next morning, Zeng Li and Ma Yiyi asked Wu Ying to have breakfast, but Wu Ying did not open the door or answer the phone. Deng Haoran and Ai Jingchu also came. When they met, they were embarrassed. Ai Jingchu didn’t see through Zeng Li’s compulsive pretence and calmness, and his heart was complicated. Ai Jingchu said that Liu Yucheng hadn’t returned last night.

At this time, Wu Ying opened the door and admitted frankly that Liu Yucheng was inside, saying that he was not awake, so they stopped eating breakfast. Zeng Li and Ma Yiyi helped each other with their frightened jaws, and the cat that would catch the mouse did not bark. Ma Yiyi and Deng Haoran were very quiet today. Zeng Li felt a little strange, but he unintentionally told the truth. Deng Haoran’s ex-girlfriends looked very similar to Ma Yiyi. After Ai Jingchu sat down, Zeng Li became quiet for an instant. It seems that a lot of stories happened last night.

Wu Ying made an appointment to go to the spa, and Liu Yucheng decided to go with it. Wu Ying took off her shirt calmly, as if nothing had happened, Liu Yucheng was a little depressed. Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi tacitly defaulted to the kiss last night as impulse, and turned their heads back to the previous bickering mode. If they can’t be lovers, they don’t want to ruin their friendship. Liu Yucheng struggled for a whole morning whether Wu Ying liked herself or not. It was not until Wu Ying admitted that he was a boyfriend that she was no longer awkward, and even happily a little unreal.

Liu Yucheng and Wu Yingguan announced the identity of their lovers, and Ma Yiyi and Zeng Li were very excited about this. Yu Yi gave Ai Jingchu the position beside Zeng Li, and the relationship between the two has not broken the ice. In order to alleviate the embarrassment, Zeng Li proposed an idiom solitaire. Liu Yucheng and Wu Ying were playing games in front, and Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi took selfies together, which was very harmonious.

The ski resorts were separated soon, and the Spring Festival arrived. Zeng Li, Zeng Mu, and Yu Yi went back to their hometown to visit relatives. Zeng’s mother ignored Zeng Li for three months after the two people quarreled. Zeng Li took the initiative to bow her head and apologize. She has untied her heart. Everyone has only one life. Zeng’s mother can live according to her own thoughts. She should support her daughter. During the reunion dinner, Yu Yi’s mother accidentally told the truth about his return because she saw a novel written by Zeng Li. In order to alleviate the embarrassment, Yu Yi quickly sent a big red envelope to the group.

Yu Yi and Zeng Li are distant relatives. Although they came out for three generations, they didn’t sound good after all. So Yu’s mother disagreed at the beginning. But Yu Yi gave up even the high salary and green card for Zeng Li, so she had to support it. . Everyone says that Zeng Li has become more cheerful, but Zeng Li knows that all this is because of Yu Yi.

Yu Yi also understood Zeng Li’s intentions. She used to awkwardly refused to call Xiao Cousin uncle, but now she screamed very happily. That day Zeng Li raised his hand and Yu Yi tentatively asked if she liked Ai Jingchu, Zeng Li was frank. Yu Yi missed Zeng Li, sighed deeply, and in turn told Zeng Li not to miss Ai Jingchu, he was a very good boy.

Zeng Li was not sure whether Ai Jingchuxi liked him or not, but Yu Yi was quite sure, because he didn’t have Yu Yi in his shots on the ski resort that day, and even Zeng Li was the only person in his mind. Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu will gradually get closer to each other. Yu Yi looks at the gorgeous fireworks, as if Zeng Li appeared in front of him ten years ago. She has someone she likes and becomes a better self. Zeng Li is still very grateful to Yu Yi, because he is the light in the darkest time of life.

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