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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 35 Recap

Yao Dizhu accidentally spilled the tea cup, she hurried back to the house to change her clothes, and someone secretly took her clothes away. Today is the day when the Li family goes to the funeral. Li Xiang is busy welcoming and greeting the guests. The wife of the Li family thinks of her deceased eldest son and bursts into tears. Shen Qingyao kindly persuades her.

Mrs. Li Jia took Shen Qingyao to relax in the garden. Lin Shaochun and Sun Youde accompanied him. Lin Shaochun was full of praise for the peonies in the garden. When Aunt Mei saw the embroidery on Li Ying’s dress, she was full of praise.

A man suddenly came in to ask for an appreciation. He claimed to have had a good time with Li Ying. He also took out Li Ying’s embroidered trousers as proof. Mrs. Li recognized from the embroiderer of the peony flower on the bottom of the trousers that this was indeed done by Li Ying, but Li Ying simply She didn’t know the man, she wanted to cry aggrievedly. Mrs. Li felt embarrassed and sent someone to drive the man away. Mrs. Li felt that what had happened recently in the family was too strange, and Sun Youde couldn’t help but feel a little bit in her heart. Lin Shaochun suggested to watch the changes first.

Bandits in Twilight are rampant, Sun Junhao wants to deploy the garrison to help. Before leaving, he came to Yao Dizhu to say goodbye, and asked Gu Ye to take good care of Yao Dizhu. Gu Ye didn’t understand why Sun Junhao gave up his life to protect this ordinary city in Twilight, Junhao Sun. Did not explain too much, promised to come back as soon as possible.

Gu Ye came to town to help Yao Dizhu sell medicine, when he suddenly saw a man contacting him with a wolf’s whisper not far away. He quietly went to the mountain to collect medicine. Unexpectedly, his brother Jia Fengyuan was waiting for him in the woods. The brothers had long been goodbye The reunion was full of excitement. When Jia Fengyuan admitted that the bandits slaughtered the village, he sent his dead men to rescue Tan Ye and reminded him not to avenge his parents.

Back then, Jia Fengyuan’s parents were killed, and their brothers survived. But later on each side, Jia Yunpeng was abducted by human traffickers. The wild wolf saw him recognize his godson and named him Gu Ye. From then on, Gu Ye followed the wolf in the village. Killing and plundering, after the death of the wild wolf, Tan Ye became the master of the bandits. The bandits caught Jia Fengyuan and went up the mountain. Jia Fengyuan recognized Gu Ye as his younger brother Jia Yunpeng at a glance. Jia Fengyuan asked Gu Ye to try to prevent Sun Junhao from expanding his forces, otherwise he would strengthen Sun Xun’s power. Gu Ye took the initiative to approach Yao Dizhu and gain Sun Junhao’s trust.

Jia Fengyuan sent Gu Ye to kill Sun Junhao and let Sun Xun try to lose his loved ones. Gu Ye promised to cooperate fully. Jia Fengyuan and Gu Ye sent people to intercept and kill Sun Junhao halfway, killing him on the spot. Gu Ye and Jia Fengyuan returned to the cottage to drink celebration wine, but they didn’t expect that Sun Junhao led people up the mountain. Jia Fengyuan and Gu Ye took advantage of the chaos and fled.

It turned out that Sun Junhao was wearing a special armor given by the emperor, and it was filled with plasma. Once the armor was pierced, the plasma would flow out. The bandits mistakenly thought that he was dead. After the battle, Sun Junhao sent someone to find the robber’s remnants. Jia Fengyuan and Gu Ye ran into the woods in one breath, before they dared to take a short rest. Jia Fengyuan sent Gu Ye to kill Sun Junhao’s woman Yao Dizhu. Gu Ye resolutely refused to do it. He liked Yao Dizhu. Jia Fengyuan advised him to put the overall situation first and wait for it to happen. Feel free to choose the woman you like.

Tan Ye went back in despair, Yao Dizhu hurriedly brought him delicious food, Gu Ye was full of guilt, and then he followed Yao Dizhu to gather medicine, persuading her not to trust anyone easily. Many masked men in black appeared in the woods. Tan Ye admitted that he was a wild wolf. Yao Dizhu had known his identity for a long time. Sun Junhao once gave Yao Dizhu a bottle of safflower powder and asked her to poison Tan Ye. If Tan Ye was not For the bad guy, Yao Dizhu gave Gu Ye the antidote. If Gu Ye was a bad guy, he would die.

Yao Dizhu promised to give Tan Ye the antidote and persuaded him to turn his head back. Tan Ye resolutely refused to agree. Sun Junhao led his troops to arrive in time. Yao Dizhu painstakingly persuaded Tan Ye to give up the idea of ​​revenge, but Tan Ye just did not let go. Sun Junhao gave an order and the two sides started a fierce battle. Tan Ye thanked Yao Dizhu for his care and care for him. He wished Yao Dizhu and Sun Junhao happiness. After saying these words, Tan Ye died of suicide and the masked black men also took poison. Died.

Yao Dizhu hugged Gu Ye. She didn’t poison her at all. She promised to take Tan Ye to find Mr. Baicao for help. Sun Junhao forced Gu Ye’s comrades hard, but Gu Ye died without saying anything. Since Tan Ye committed suicide, Yao Dizhu has been depressed and unhappy. Sun Junhao kindly persuades her and promises to marry her as soon as possible.

Sun Junhao received a letter from Fu Yin and sent him to Liyang to suppress the bandits. Yao Dizhu supported any decision he made. Sun Junhao wanted to give Yao Dizhu a successful wedding and immediately wrote a letter of refusal. Sun Junhao and Yao Dizhu held a grand wedding. On the wedding night, Yao Dizhu took out his resignation and encouraged Sun Junhao to serve the court, and promised to wait for him to return.

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