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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 34 Recap

Sun Junhao investigated carefully, but did not find the murderer. His wedding to Yao Dizhu was also disturbed. Sun Junhao promised to wait for all the remnants of the wild wolf to be eradicated before giving Yao Dizhu a grand wedding.

Yao Dizhu asked Mr. Baicao to go back to the house to take a good rest. She was guarding the pot of boiling medicine and accidentally burned her finger with charcoal. Yao Dizhu remembered that tomorrow was her birthday, and couldn’t help thinking of her parents in Beijing. Tears burst into her eyes. . Tan Ye was very distressed, and cursed Sun Junhao, blaming him for not giving Yao Dizhu a complete wedding. Tan Ye learned that tomorrow was Yao Dizhu’s birthday. He wanted to go out of the city to pick some begonias that Yao Dizhu liked. He was stopped by the guards who guarded the city. He wanted to rush out and was beaten up by the guards. Sun Junhao came after hearing the news. Send Tanano back.

Yao Dizhu asked bitterly, and Tan Ye explained the truth. Sun Junhao wants to go out of the city to pick up the grain and grass sent by the court and tells Yao Dizhu to pay attention to safety. Yao Dizhu believes that the robber does not conflict with the wedding and wants to share the trouble with Sun Junhao. Sun Junhao promised to marry her when he came back three days later. Tan Ye heard them both The dialogue, sad in heart, left without looking back in anger.

Yao Dizhu followed him to catch up with Tan Ye. After seeing blood, he pointed out that Tan Ye was very selfish in his love for her, just to satisfy his own selfish desires. Tan Ye vowed never to give up and must get Yao Dizhu. Sun Junhao escorted grain and grass back, and was robbed by bandits on the way. The soldiers rose up to resist and killed all the bandits. Sun Junhao suspected that Tan Ye had leaked the news, and suffered from the lack of conclusive evidence.

When Yao Dizhu went to sell medicine in the city, a soldier sent a letter to her, asking her to go to the Beierhe Liangcao Camp to find Sun Junhao on the excuse that Liangcao was coveted. At the same time, Tan Ye also received a letter from Sun Junhao asking him and Yao Dizhu to go to the Liangcao Camp in Nantaolin to help. There are four barns in the barracks. Sun Junhao wrote to four people separately. Unexpectedly, the southern peach forest grain grass camp where Tanye went to be burned. Sun Junhao believed that Tanye was the spy of wild wolves. Tanya denied it and repeatedly claimed that he wanted to stop Sun Junhao and Yao Dizhu. Sun Junhao doesn’t believe it at all about his marriage.

Yao Dizhu came to Sun Junhao for the theory. She firmly believed that Tan Ye was innocent. Sun Junhao didn’t let go. Yao Dizhu came to Tan Ye, willing to commit the crime with Tan Ye, and complained that Tan Ye was too impulsive. Yao Dizhu repeatedly emphasized that she treats Tan Ye as a relative. Brother, I want to wait for Sun Junhao to return the two of them innocent.

The people in the city came to find Sun Junhao together, demanding the execution of Gu Ye and avenging the bereaved family members, protesting that Sun Junhao could not cover up the remnants of the wild wolf because of Yao Dizhu. Sun Junhao had to order Gu Ye to be beheaded. Yao Dizhu desperately pleaded for Gu Ye, but Sun Junhao A beheading order was issued. At this moment, another person was killed in the city, and Sun Junhao had to put Tan Ye back first.

Sun Xun’s daughter, Sun Youdeyuan, married the Li family. Her husband suddenly died. Shen Qingyao received the news of her son-in-law’s death and couldn’t help but feel sad for her daughter Sun Youde. Sun Xun asked Sun Shijie to accompany Shen Qingyao to the Li’s family to mourn. When the news of Wu Yuehong’s pregnancy was revealed, the whole family was happy for Wu Yuehong. Sun Xun wanted Sun Jinge to accompany Shen Qingyao. Xu Fengqiao refused on the excuse that she was unwell. Sun Yulou wanted to accompany Shen Qingyao to Li’s house. Sun Xun asked him to stay in the capital to wait for the emperor to dispatch. Lin Shaochun and Aunt Mei offered to accompany Shen Qing. Yao went with him, and Sun Xun fully agreed.

When Xu Fengqiao learned that Wu Yuehong was pregnant, she was unwilling to be left behind, so she gave Sun Jinge a severe lesson and gave him tonics, hoping to give birth to a boy and a half daughter as soon as possible. Liu Wushuang was invited to tell Xu Fengqiao, he overheard the news of Sun Youde’s husband’s sudden death, and his heart was mixed. Lin Shaochun, Shen Qingyao and Aunt Mei took the big boat to Li’s house. Along the way, Shen Qingyao did not eat or drink because she was sad, so Lin Shaochun kindly persuaded her.

Lin Shaochun and his party finally came to Li’s house. Lin Shaochun accidentally saw Liu Wushuang on the street and was puzzled. Shen Qingyao brought Lin Shaochun and Aunt Mei to Li’s funeral and gave two thousand taels of silver to his wife on the spot. Miss Li Ying, Li Ying, complained about the lack of money, and his second son, Li Xiang’s wife Xilan also complained, and let Shen Qingyao and the others stay in an inn. Sun Youde offered to vacate his house for his mother’s family, and his wife asked Sun Youde to arrange for them to live in.

Li Xiang suddenly came to Sun Youde to ask for money, and also used the account book to let her go through it. Sun Youde just wanted to stamp it, but Lin Shaochun took the account book and found that Li wanted to make false accounts and not let Sun Youde stamp it. Li wanted not to allow Lin Shaochun to intervene in this matter. Sun Youde took out ten thousand taels of silver. He wanted to buy a supervising student. Sun Youde asked him to get fame and fame by himself. Li Xiang was so angry that he went to his mother to file a complaint. Shen Qingyao couldn’t understand what Li Xiang did, and Sun Youde was helpless.

At dinner, Li wanted to ask for money to buy an official again. Li Ying insisted that Sun Youde wanted to keep the money to remarry. Sun Youde was angry and wanted to hand over the family accounts to her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law resolutely refused to accept the money and left without eating. Shen Qingyao couldn’t understand the Li family’s style of doing things, she gritted her teeth with anger, and Sun Youde kindly persuaded her.

Li Xiang and Xilan discussed countermeasures overnight and wanted to take the family’s financial rights back from Sun Youde, when they suddenly saw a ghost outside the window. The two of them were frightened and went out to check out, as if they saw the ghost of the older brother. Li Xiang and Xilan confessed their mistakes to Sun Youde early in the morning, and promised not to confront her again. Both Sun Youde and Lin Shaochun were puzzled.

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