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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 33 Recap

Sun Yulou looked through the documents of officials in the DPRK and wanted to find out who might steal from the royal coffin. Lin Shaochun personally stewed sweet soup and brought it to him. Suddenly, Sun Yulou was sweating and he couldn’t afford to be ill. Lin Shaochun hurriedly reported to Sun Xun, suggesting that Sun Shijie be replaced by the noble concubine’s funeral. Sun Xun couldn’t think of a better way for the moment, so he had to let Sun Shijie do it.

The funeral of the noble concubine was held as scheduled. All civil and military officials came to the funeral. Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the hall. The scene suddenly became chaotic. Sun Shijie and Sun Xun and others rushed over and found that the guarding eunuchs and court ladies were all killed. The burial objects in the noble concubine’s coffin were all missing. Liang Jingguan took the opportunity to impeach Sun Shijie from the emperor for theft. The emperor ordered Sun Shijie to be arrested and handed over to Dali Temple. Sun Xun hurriedly knelt down to plead for Sun Shijie and determined that someone had planted the case.

Liang Jingguan sent people to arrest several tomb robbers, tortured them severely, and forced them to confess that Sun Shijie was behind the scenes. He also asked them to put the stolen goods in Sun Shijie’s room and promised to help them get rid of crime. Liang Jingguan led people to Sun Shijie’s room, and found a lot of burial goods from it. The emperor sentenced Sun Shijie to death. Liang Jingguan asked Sun Xun to be dismissed. The emperor ordered Sun Xun to go home and think behind closed doors.

Sun Youzhen brought Sun Yulou and Sun Xun to the emperor to intercede. The emperor avoided seeing them. Sun Youzhen was so angry that he was going to kneel and die outside the palace gate. Then the emperor was willing to come out to meet. He tried hard to persuade Sun Youzhen not to follow Sun Xun. To intercede for Sun Shijie, the emperor did not let go. Sun Yulou issued a military order on the spot to find out the truth and return Sun Shijie to his innocence. The emperor gave him seven days. If he could not find out the truth on time, he would put Sun Shijie to death.

The house of Sun was in chaos, and the maids and women were panicked. Tao Yao didn’t want to be troubled by Sun Shijie, so Songlian hurriedly realized the gold and silver jewelry on her hands. Songlian saw that Aunt Mei was looking for shopkeeper Song to help sell jewelry, so she called him to see Taoyao. It turned out that this was a plan carefully planned by Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou to kill three birds with one stone. Sun Yulou was not ill at all. Lin Shaochun asked him to take the red phosphorus powder and pretend to be sick, just to verify Taoyao’s feelings for Sun Shijie and to find out the frame. Sun Shijie’s people.

Taoyao replaced the gold and silver jewelry with silver tickets. She planned to leave Sun’s mansion quietly with Songlian. Unexpectedly, Sun Xun, Shen Qingyao, Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou waited at the dock to catch Taoyao. Taoyao defended in every possible way, Lin Shaochun called out the treasurer Song, Taoyao reported Aunt Mei to sell the jewelry, but Lin Shaochun did not expect that it was arranged by Aunt Mei to lure Taoyao into the bait.

Seeing that the incident was revealed, Taoyao hated Lin Shaochun deeply, and begged Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao to let her take care of the child she had conceived for the grandson family. Lin Shaochun exposed the child she was carrying someone else’s child face to face, and was worried that the matter was revealed. Falling down the stairs caused a miscarriage and framed Wu Yuehong. Lin Shaochun had sent someone to the doctor who had her pulse long ago, and learned that Taoyao was pregnant after she separated from Sun Shijie. Taoyao was dumbfounded and regretted not getting rid of the doctor.

Lin Shaochun admitted that she deliberately asked Sun Shijie to handle the funeral of the noble concubine for Sun Yulou in order to show Taoyao’s feet. Taoyao threatened to tear up all the silver bills. Unexpectedly, all the silver bills were fake. Taoyao gritted her teeth with anger. Sun Yulou proved to the emperor that Sun Shijie was innocent. He sprinkled mandala on the noble concubine’s funeral. As long as he touched it, his body would swell and rot. Sun Yulou brought the thieves to verify one by one and saw them. Sun Shijie’s body was intact. The thieves argued in every possible way, claiming that they were caused by the dampness of the cell. Sun Yulou found out that they used to work as errands in the palace and were good at conjuring tricks. They had stolen burial goods in this way before.

All the truth was revealed. The emperor ordered all the thieves to beheaded and declared Sun Shijie not guilty. Sun Yulou publicly revealed that Liang Jingguan was behind the scenes. He bought the thieves and framed Sun Xun. Liang Jingguan made every possible sophistry. The emperor dismissed Liang Jingguan’s on the spot. Official position, and then left in anger.

Sun Yulou’s plan of three birds with one stone and three birds was finished perfectly. He could finally relax. Lin Shaochun thought that Sun Shijie and Wu Yuehong could live a good life from now on. She was happy for Wu Yuehong. Sun Yulou wanted to have a son with Lin Shaochun. Sun Shijie broke into Wu’s house to pick up Wu Yuehong in spite of Jiading’s blockade. Wu’s father gave an order and Jiading punched and kicked Sun Shijie. Wu Yuehong rushed to stop him in time, and Sun Shijie repeatedly apologized to her. Father Wu was angry to find Sun Xun theory and asked Sun Shijie and Wu Yuehong to dissolve their marriage contract. Wu Yuehong fell in love with Sun Shijie. She wanted to go home with Sun Shijie. Father Wu was very distressed and told her a thousand times before he agreed to Wu Yuehong to follow Sun Shijie home.

Lin Shaochun, Sun Yulou, Sun Shijie and Wu Yuehong went on an outing together. They saw Taoyao playing the piano to cheer up the guests. Wu Yuehong was not angry and wanted to find Taoyao to settle the accounts. Sun Shijie had turned a blind eye to Taoyao and persuaded Wu Yuehong to let go of her mind. The two of them passed by Taoyao intimately and turned a deaf ear to her.

Lin Shaochun came to see Liu Sanjue. Liu Sanjue casually asked about the current situation of Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao. Lin Shaochun concluded that she and the Sun family were old acquaintances, and Liu Sanjue didn’t want to mention those old things.

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