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Pandora’s Box 天目危机 Episode 1 Recap

Li Tian, ​​a genius in the Department of Physics of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is immersed in the research of “avant-garde science-the power of consciousness”. He spent a happy childhood in Japan. His mother is the famous musician Mei Xueyan.

Li Tian’s defense of his doctoral thesis required an experiment on a death row prisoner. For this reason, he practiced the ideal experiment of “Schrodinger’s Cat” in front of the professors. In the end, he used his consciousness to keep the bomb from exploding, and Cat Kitty escaped. . The professors questioned Li Tian’s use of fake explosives, and Li Tian immediately adjusted the time bomb. The result was that the professors were battered.

Mei Xueyan went to the United States to visit her son Li Tian. Li Tian mentioned her idol, Dr. R, who never appeared in front of others but was the youngest PhD in Physics at MIT. Mei Xueyan asked about Li Tian’s personal situation, Li Tian dismissed it, and then talked about her own research freely. The remarks about the “power of consciousness” made Mei Xueyan nervous. When the two separated, Mei Xueyan pointed out that the hierarchy of human consciousness is not credible, and that human beings should be born equal. Mei Xueyan took the scarf given by Li Tian into the car. After driving, Mei Xueyan looked back. She was horrified to find that Li Tian was surrounded by people wearing rabbit masks.

Mei Xueyan told Li Tian that she was going to Beijing, but in fact she came to Tokyo, Japan. Mei Xueyan went to Qingliu Village and found a gift for her in the room. This gift was an old video tape with burning traces. The TV turned on automatically, and Mei Xueyan inserted the video tape and the TV started to display. This is a video of a concert by a band named Forerunner. The scene is noisy and enthusiastic. All the performers are wearing rabbit masks. Hiroshi Kuroki, the spokesperson of the band, said that the Forerunner Band is an unheard band with a lofty philosophy, and they will make the world a better quality. Mei Xueyan seemed to see a man who resembled Kuroki Hiroshi in the video, which made her a little excited.

Before Mei Xueyan came out of the panic, the phone rang, and a low male voice invited her to the elephant. Mei Xueyan thought that this was the teacher Hiroshi Kuroki. Mei Xueyan went to the Elephant Bar in the rain to find clues. During the conversation, the owner of the Elephant Bar said that all the members of the Forerunner band seemed to have disappeared out of thin air, but one of her old friends called Bowen Takahashi once left a message here.

Li Tian, ​​who is worrying about the death row experiment, received a call. His experiment application was passed. A death row row prisoner named Weber will become his experiment object. The experiment was carried out in the Academy of Sciences. There were many Nobel Prize winners among the visiting professors. The consciousness sensor developed by Li Tian was named R. It will capture the last image of Weber’s consciousness before death. Weber told Li before the experiment started. God, the truth always takes some distance to see clearly. Li Tian used a plastic knife to pretend to scratch Weber’s wrist, and then he replaced the blood with a syrup mixture. From this, Weber believed that he was really scratched and bleeding, and Weber died an hour later.

Li Tian’s experiment was successful, but Li Tian’s mentor warned that the power of Li Tian’s consciousness is like a Pandora’s Box. In fact, people who have the ability to open it already exist but never dare to touch it. Since Li Tian is heading this way, I hope he Can use the power of consciousness on justice.

Takahashi Bowen, who has long been a monk, deeply apologizes to the more than two hundred and twenty-four people who died that year. He blamed himself for atonement. At the same time, he always felt that he was under surveillance, so when Mei Xueyan asked the black During Muhong’s affairs, Takahashi’s blog post asked Mei Xueyan to leave Tokyo.

Mei Xueyan found a shadow flashing outside the house, she chased after the rain, and finally found that the person opposite was Hiroshi Kuroki before the level crossing. Mei Xueyan suddenly remembered her life in Japan when she was young. She ignored the train and broke into the level crossing, and finally fell under the wheels, while the opposite Kuroki Hiroshi held a video camera in her hand.

Li Tian printed all the images captured by the consciousness sensor R, and put them together as a Japanese word, which translates to the meaning of level crossing. Then Li Tian received an old videotape that was the same as Mei Xueyan. The content was only different at the end. The death of his mother Mei Xueyan was cut in.

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