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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 16 Recap

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi went back to the barracks. Looking at the sky full of scenery, Zhou Shengchen only promised the time. Next spring, he took Shi Yi to Yanmen Pass. Shi Yi looked forward to it and delighted. After returning to the barracks, Zhou Shengchen asked him to enter Zhongzhou to find a way to meet Qin Yan, and to inquire about Xie Chong’s death. He suspected that there was something wrong with it.

Xie Yun came to see Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen told Xie Yun’s true identity. He was Xie Chong’s biological son. He kept his name anonymous for fear of Qi’s revenge. Originally, Xie Chong wanted to conceal Xie Yun’s life, but Zhou Shengchen thought. After thinking about it, I decided to tell Xie Yun the truth. After hearing this, Xie Yun felt more saddened in his heart.

Shi Yi amended the letter and went to Qinghe County. She wanted to stay in Xizhou all her life to accompany Zhou Shengchen. Unexpectedly, the imperial marriage decree from the palace came to Qinghe County, along with the servants of the Luo family. Luo Sanniang, who had received this imperial decree, was very solemn, and only asked Luo Siniang to pack up her clothes and accompany her to Xizhou. In the Nanchen Palace of Xizhou, Shiyi was very pleased with the arrival of Sanniang, but Sanniang brought the gift of marriage. Shiyi was stupefied and refused to accept the marriage for a long time.

Sanniang Luo came to Shiyi’s room. She knew Shiyi’s thoughts on Zhou Shengchen, but the Luo family and Nanchen Prince’s Mansion were not general. If the two parties were married, it would be a disaster. Shiyi was destined to be unable to meet Zhou Shengchen. all my life. Seeing the painful time in front of me, Luo Sanniang feels better in my heart. Luo Feng has experienced this pain, and her only daughter will be in such pain, but she can do nothing and can only accompany it quietly. Timely. Shi Yi has always been sensible. She knew that the situation could not be restored, so she only begged to stay a few more days. Both the servants in the palace and the servants in the palace were in the post. Goodbye.

Shi Yi put on new clothes and dressed herself well. She came to Zhou Shengchen’s room with food, and told Zhou Shengchen about when she first came to the palace. She made a table of small dishes personally, and she resisted her grief and had a swig with Zhou Shengchen. Shi Yi was overwhelmed by alcohol. Zhou Shengchen hugged Shi Yi to the bed, but Shi Yi cried and hugged Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen responded to Shi Yi for the first time, but the difference between the two was after all.

Luo Shizhong came to see Zhou Shengchen. He brought the empress dowager’s ambition and asked Zhou Shengchen to be a righteous daughter when she reaped. This broke the rumors of the marriage between the Luo family and the Nanchen Palace. Shiyi did not want to be Zhou Shengchen’s righteous daughter. Seeing Shiyi’s sadness, Zhou Shengchen also decided that Shiyi resisted. Before parting, it is time to say goodbye to Zhou Shengchen.

She stroked Zhou Shengchen’s beauty bones, but she didn’t know how special the bones were. Not only could they be celebrated by the world, but also the royal family would be jealous. Shiyi has been in Xizhou for many years, but he has never seen Xizhou City completely. Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi around all corners of Xizhou City. The two of them came to the Afang Palace where he had never been in the future, and fell in the Afang Palace. The name of the person, Afang Palace has always been tightly locked, after leaving this palace gate, the secret of the two of them will always be locked here.

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