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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 15 Recap

Zhou Shengchen didn’t let Huaiyang see the time. When Shi Yi arrived, Huaiyang just said goodbye to Zhou Shengchen. Xie Yun injured his leg and foot in the previous battle. He asked for orders to go to Luyuan. There are often foreign enemies in Luyuan. It is time to let Xie Yun go, but Xie Yun persuaded him not to move and insisted on going. He was born to be an army and guard the border.

As Xie Yun went to the border along with Chang Sun Jie, Zhou Shengchen was very worried about Xie Yun and only entrusted Xie Yun to Chang Sun Jie. Zhou Shengchen used eagle feathers to make bows and arrows as a birthday gift and gave it to Shiyi. Feng Qiao prepared a cold knee for Xie Yun. Xie Yun was very touched by the care of his younger sister. He also believed that one day he would return to the army.

Liu Zixing was seriously ill in bed, and Liu Hui was worried. He promised that with Liu Zixing, if one day the officials wanted to kill Liu Zixing, he would definitely not kill Liu Zixing. After that, Feng Feng sent Xinghua back to the palace. Xinghua came to see Liu Zixing as soon as he entered the palace. Liu Zixing was seriously ill. He could last three years at most, but thought that these three years were enough and he would definitely get back what belonged to him. .

Tong Feng came to visit Xie Chong, who was also seriously ill, and Xie Chong raised Jin Rong’s rebellion with Liu Hui, and asked him to take orders at Jin Rong to garrison. Qin Yan passed the news to the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother was ready to move Xie Chong, but Qin Yan still kept it secret for his own life.

Xie Chong saw through the situation in the DPRK. He told Liu Hui to find a chance to imprison the queen dowager before the golden son gave birth. Liu Hui relentlessly dealt with the queen dowager, but the queen mother preemptively attacked her. She came to reprimand Xie Chong for the crime of bullying the emperor. Xie Chong’s married wife was the Gao family who had been persecuting Liu Hui back then. Although Liu Hui was surprised by this incident, Liu Hui did not blame Xie Chong. Instead, the queen mother put Liu Hui under house arrest and Qin’s serious soldiers guarded him. Until then, Xie Chong also knew Qin Yan’s heart and soul.

When the queen mother was in charge of the dynasty, she colluded with Liu Wei, and all her officials were jealous of her influence and only bowed their heads to the court. Liu Zixing played, he wanted to ask for a fief far away from Zhongzhou. The queen mother stopped the matter. She couldn’t figure out Liu Zixing’s thoughts, and planned to hold Liu Zixing first, and then decide after the matter. After that, the palace has been singing and dancing, and the queen mother is now in the hands of heavy soldiers. To thank Liu Zixing for his salvation, she would like to marry Liu Zixing, the daughter of the Luo family.

Liu Hui regrets in the palace, if he could hear what Xie Chong said as soon as possible, there would be no today. Xie Chong was in prison at this time. Facing Qin Yan’s acknowledgment and apology, he was only disappointed. This night, he ended his life in this prison. In this life, he has been assisted by the first emperor’s appreciation and has never felt ashamed, except for Zhou Shengchen.

Xie Chong’s death reached Zhou Shengchen’s ears the next day. Zhou Shengchen felt very uncomfortable. He only stayed alone in silence. Shi should not worry about following Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen mentioned the reason why Xie Chong followed him. Actually, Xie Chong was the first emperor to beware of the eyeliner he had placed, but after the emperor left, Xie Chong told everything truthfully and let him choose whether to kill or stay.

He chose to keep Xie Chong at the time, and he was convinced. After Xie Chong left, Zhou Shengchen also mentioned that Xie Chong’s married wife was from the Gao family. Xie Chong worried that Shi might hate him, so he kept concealing this matter and asked Zhou Shengchen to deal with it after he died. It’s time to confess. Although she learned about this, Shiyi did not hate Xie Chong. She had a grievance and resentment. There were thousands of people in the Gao clan, so how could she hate them one by one.

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