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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 4 Recap

Lei Chuxia and Jin Xiaorui were unpacking the courier at Xu Xiaodong’s house. Qin Yue suddenly came to Xu Xiaodong to help broadcast the funeral. Jin Xiaorui quickly hid Lei Chuxia and explained the relationship between Xu Xiaodong and Qin Yue. It turned out that the goddess Qin Yue always regarded Xu Xiaodong as an ordinary friend, but Xu Xiaodong never refused all the requests made by Qin Yue. During the live broadcast of the funeral, Lei Chuxia suddenly saw his own photo on the screen and rushed to the funeral. Wei Xuanhe was shocked when he saw Lei Chuxia who was alive.

Therefore, Lei Chuxia learned her name, found her parents, and decided to recognize them, but because of the electric wave shock that appeared on Lei Chuxia’s body, her mother’s pacemaker had a problem. Fortunately, the rescue came back to life in time. But Lei Chuxia was unable to recognize her parents. The two came to Lab 415, and Professor Chen Mo made another discovery. It turned out that Lei Chuxia was teleported from ten years ago to the present by an unknown method of gravitational waves. This incident was heard by Professor Chen Mo’s crazy student Wang Yixin, who wanted to use Lei Chuxia for research.

Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong came to the place where the two first met and tried various methods to try to go back ten years ago, but all of them did not work. Lei Chuxia was very disappointed, but with Xu Xiaodong’s encouragement, she cheered up again. After Lei Chuxia’s mother was discharged from the hospital, Xu Xiaodong accompanied Lei Chuxia to visit her parents. Lei Chuxia lights up the broken street lights in the community to illuminate the way for his parents to go home.

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