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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 2 Recap

After get off work, Xu Xiaodong and Lei Chuxia returned home together. When the two discussed the investigation of Lei Chuxia’s identity, Jin Xiaorui knocked on the door with dinner, and Xu Xiaodong hurriedly told Lei Chuxia to hide and open the door by himself. Jin Xiaorui was keenly aware that Xu Xiaodong had something to hide from his understanding of his good brother. Under his questioning, Xu Xiaodong had no choice but to talk about the moonlight beautiful girl who fell from the sky.

The two talked while eating, and the aroma of the food attracted Lei Chuxia, who was hiding in Xu Xiaodong’s bedroom. The hungry Lei Chuxia tried to search for food in the bedroom, but he accidentally made a movement, and was still stuck in his hands by the closet door when he opened the closet. Xu Xiaodong drove out Jin Xiaorui who was arguing about seeing Lei Chuxia, went to the bedroom to rescue Lei Chuxia, and by the way brought Lei Chuxia into the studio to scan his body.

However, neither the body scan analysis nor the sound recording was successful, which made Xu Xiaodong very distressed. Lei Chuxia asked him to try a few more times, and couldn’t help being anxious after receiving no response to the request. Her emotional fluctuations affected the surrounding magnetic field and interfered with electronic equipment. The lights in the room flickered after the electronic equipment was disturbed, which shocked Xu Xiaodong. He quickly comforted Lei Chuxia and promised to help her and calm her down.

The situation of electronic equipment being interfered just now reminded Xu Xiaodong of the super full moon not long ago. He asked Turing to collect news about the super full moon for comparative analysis. Turing reported to him that many physics laboratories detected gravitational waves caused by black holes on the night of the super full moon. Astrophysicist Chen Mo’s also detected that the generated gravitational waves and gravitational waves transmitted a burst of energy to the earth. He also found that the value of the gravitational wave that night was very similar to that of the super full moon ten years ago.

Although Xu Xiaodong realized that Lei Chuxia’s arrival was related to the super full moon, there was still no other progress. Lei Chuxia fell asleep leaning on the chair, Xu Xiaodong took out his mobile phone to log in to “War of the Saints” and saw Lei Chuxia’s private message. He looked up at Lei Chuxia, who was closing his eyes with some touch, and couldn’t help but slowly approach her, accidentally waking her up. Xu Xiaodong said quickly that he hoped that Lei Chuxia would go to the city with him tomorrow. If Lei Chuxia had lived here, he might meet people he knew.

However, it was late at night, and Xu Xiaodong felt that the two should rest, and returned to the bedroom with Lei Chuxia. After some toss about who slept on the bed and who slept on the sofa, Lei Chuxia realized that he was still hungry. Xu Xiaodong reluctantly took her to eat Hainanese chicken rice, but Lei Chuxia rejected the authenticity of chicken rice. She told Xu Xiaodong how to make authentic chicken rice, which made Xu Xiaodong wonder if Lei Chuxia was from Hainan.

On the way home, Lei Chuxia saw a few cats on the side of the road, and sighed that even the cats were in the same family, but she was alone. Xu Xiaodong promised her that he would help him find his family and help her find himself. It started to rain at this time, Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong covered the cats with cardboard to prevent them from snacking, and then the two hurried home.

Wei Xuanhe also woke up in the thunderstorm, thinking of his ex-girlfriend Lei Chuxia. Tonight, he originally promised Qin Yue to make up for a birthday, but because something happened temporarily, he asked his assistant Li Geng to buy a bag as a birthday gift to compensate Qin Yue. Qin Yue was sad for Wei Xuanhe’s perfunctory attitude, recalling the first encounter between the two and getting drunk. The next day, Wei Xuanhe came to Qin Yue’s house and found that she was sleeping on the sofa after being drunk, so he covered her with a blanket. Qin Yue asked Wei Xuanhe not to leave her in her dream, and Wei Xuanhe seldom agreed with tenderness.

Lei Chuxia got up early in the morning and asked Xu Xiaodong to take her to find her identity. Xu Xiaodong, who was finally able to sleep late, was very reluctant, but was accidentally poured water on his face by Lei Chuxia. Because the license plate is restricted, he plans to go out on a bicycle with Lei Chuxia. Lei Chuxia didn’t know how to ride a bicycle, so he had to drive her around the city. After running for a day, Lei Chuxia still did not find any memories. Both of them were too tired. After the rest, Xu Xiaodong decided to take her to buy some clothes.

Although he insisted on keeping the account and waiting for Lei Chuxia to pay back the money, Lei Chuxia was still very happy. When the sun went down, they returned home. At this time, Jin Xiaorui came to the door again. Xu Xiaodong asked Lei Chuxia to hide before opening the door for him, but Jin Xiaorui sprayed salt water. It turned out that after Xu Xiaodong told Jin Xiaorui about the moonlight beautiful girl, Jin Xiaorui suspected that he was scammed, and out of concern, he found a way to get rid of evil with salt water on the Internet. Xu Xiaodong was speechless about this. Jin Xiaorui expressed his belief in the existence of the Moonlight Girl in order to appease him, while cooking him noodles to drive away evil spirits.

At the weekend, Xu Xiaodong will go out to work part-time. In fact, he was secretly investigating the truth ten years ago in the name of a part-time job. Xu Xiaodong works as a waiter at a golf club to get close to his goal. When he was copying the mobile phone data of the target person, the target person suddenly wanted to take a picture of his golf score with his mobile phone. The situation was very critical.

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