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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 13 Recap

When Ripple was about to open the closet door, he was called away by Qing Yunong. Chun Yao hurried over to take Hansheng away. Unexpectedly, there was Albizia in the closet. Hansheng was poisoned by the smell inside, and his lust rose sharply. Holding the spring demon’s mouth, the two fell into the bath and became warm.

Kong Qi knew that Xiao Shan had been very lost recently and sent red bean bun dim sum. Xiao Shan told Kong Qi that the dim sum represented lovesickness. If Kong Qi had a longing person, he would help him find it. Xiao Shan also wanted Kong Qi to find his sweetheart and teach him martial arts, so that Kong Qi would have the ability to protect his sweetheart. Kong Qi also set off fireworks for the happiness of Xiaoshan, which made Xiaoshan’s lost heart a touch of joy.

When Qing Yunong saw the fireworks, he hurriedly asked. The monsters have always disliked fireworks, but now some people set them off. So the servants told Kong Qi to arrange the display, and it was also a special blessing from Xiaoshan in order to congratulate Qing Yunong on his wedding, Qing Yu. Nong thinks Xiaoshan is still very knowledgeable.

Both Chun Yao and Han Sheng woke up early in the morning and felt something was wrong. Han Sheng didn’t know why they slept together. Han Sheng scolded Chun Yao. Chun Yao was a hooligan and asked Chun Yao to be responsible. Chun Yao had to go and prepare some food for her, and he drove out Chun Yao after speaking. Later, I remembered that I was the one who seduced the Spring Demon first, and for a while, she was ashamed to get along with the Spring Demon. Chun Yao was about to leave Xiaoshan Mansion with Han Sheng. At this moment, he saw the Xuelang tribe hurried out, so Chun Yao and Han Sheng followed closely to find out.

Qing Yunong went to Xiaoshan’s room and saw an earring. It reminded him that he woke up with the same earring when he was injured. Then Xiao Shan told Qing Yunong that he had lost one before, and this one was kept as a souvenir. Not willing to throw it away, Qing Yunong took the earrings back and gave them to Lianyi, saying that they had fallen when Lianyi rescued him.

Just when Lianyi was about to put on the earrings, she suddenly fainted. Qing Yunong went to a doctor for treatment. Unexpectedly, Lianyi was pregnant, which made Qing Yunong very happy. However, Chun Yao also went there and felt that he could also check Lianyi’s pulse to see if it was true or not, so Qing Yunong asked Chun Yao to see Lianyi.

After Qing Yunong left, Lianyi knew that Chun Yao had discovered her identity a long time ago, and told Chun Yao to speak plainly without having to grind. Chun Yao told Lianyi that he had caught the snow wolf clan spy, and only one request was to take back the snow lotus and not pursue other matters. Lianyi didn’t dare to do the main report to the Snow Wolf Queen to decide. The black smoke before Chun Yao left appeared, telling Lianyi that he was willing to help Lianyi out of the siege.

The Spring Demon was attacked by a group of people in the inn. The black smoke turned into a human form and wounded the Spring Demon. Just after Chun Demon and Han Sheng were injured, the ripples appeared, asking people to put the Spring Demon in prison and wait for the Snow Wolf. The king commits a crime.

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