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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 12 Recap

The Spring Demon told Kong Qi not to worry, it is not easy to start at Qingyu Farmhouse now, and it will not be too late to look for Snow Lotus in the future. Kong Qi prepared a midnight snack for Xiao Shan to send it to him. Seeing that Xiao Shan was still writing the art of war every day, it seemed that he would go to battle to kill the enemy. However, Xiao Shan was already married to Qing Yu Nong, and could not help the Snow Camel to kill the enemy in the future.

Kong Qi saw a painting in Xiaoshan’s dowry, on which was a portrait of Qing Yunong. It turned out that a few years ago, Xiaoshan took the troops to travel and fainted by the roadside God of War Qing Yu Nong. Everyone knew that Qing Yu Nong was the God of War and was the idol-level figure of everyone. Xiao Shan wanted to take Qing Yu Nong back to heal his injuries. , And Lian Yi felt that if the king had broken the rules, Xiao Shan would take Qing Yu Nong to a remote place to heal Qing Yu Nong.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Shan was severely blamed by the father when he found out. Father insisted that Qing Yu Nong was handed over to the Heavenly Court to dispose of him. It was useless for Xiao Shan to intercede. So Xiao Shan asked Lianyi to help find the whereabouts of Qing Yu Nong, who might be hidden by his father. Xiao Shan has been taking care of Qing Yu Nong for a period of time and has developed feelings. I don’t know if he will see Qing Yu Nong in the future.

Chun Yao and Han Sheng saw a man who looked like a spy. They shredded a piece of information by the river and threw it into the river. After that person left, Chun Yao used the shredded paper to recover. They saw that the content was about Qing Yu Nong. , To give Qingyu farmer the medicine and have the same room with Lianyi, it seems that Lianyi is also suspected of being a member of the Snow Wolf tribe, but there is no evidence yet. Only when the spies hidden in the Snow Camel tribe can be found can the snow lotus be retrieved.

Kong Qi felt that Xiao Shan was too weak, and if he wanted to care about Qing Yu Nong, he should fight for it, but Xiao Shan felt that she would not do that. At this time, Qing Yu Nong asked Xiao Shan to meet in the backyard. After Xiao Shan saw Qing Yu Nong, he learned that Qing Yu Nong was going to marry Lianyi, and hoped that Xiao Shan could do it well. However, Xiao Shan would rather be a god of gambling than serving a husband with others. Qing Yunong had to compete with Xiao Shan. If Xiao Shan won and changed back to the idea of ​​marrying a concubine, the two would fight together.

After a few rounds, Qing Yunong was not Xiaoshan’s opponent, and at this moment, Ripples stood in front of Xiaoshan’s sword. The sweater quickly closed her hands and rippled. A strand of hair was stabbed to the ground. Qing Yunong hugged Ripples in distress and walked away. , And Xiao Shan was also admitted by Qing Yu Nong Qi that he had lost.

Kong Qi went back and begged that the Spring Demon must help Xiaoshan. The demon of Xiaoshan who used to be in the coming-of-age ceremony was always the blue bird, and he couldn’t call Qing Yunong to bully Xiaoshan. The Spring Demon told Kong Qi that he could not help Xiaoshan anymore. They went back to find Snow Lotus on the hill, otherwise the hill would not be able to resurrect after a thousand years. Han Sheng also blamed the Spring Demon for his mentality, but the Spring Demon was very sensible and couldn’t do too many things beyond the boundaries.

The husband asked someone to find Xiaoshan, and the Snow Wolf tribe was about to do something with their Snow Camel tribe, and hoped that Xiaoshan could ask Qing Yu Nong to join hands against the Snow Wolf tribe. Xiaoshan was injured on the battlefield before, so Kong Qi helped Xiaoshan apply medicine. Kong Qi didn’t understand why Xiao Shan had to go to war so persistently, but Xiao Shan told Kong Qi that as long as there was someone in his heart that he wanted to protect, it was the most worthwhile thing. The moved Kong Qi lingered in tears.

Xiao Shan went to Qing Yu Nong and learned that he would marry Lianyi in three days, and Xiao Shan had long been reluctant to care about too much. The important thing in front of him was to join forces with Qing Yu Nong to defeat the Snow Wolf tribe. Green Feather Farmer promised to help the Snow Camel Clan. When the two were discussing war, they were heard by Ripple. Ripple of Qi must find a way to prevent their union.

On the day when Green Feather Farmer and Ripples got married, Chun Yao and Han Sheng were watching outside the house. Han Sheng saw that Rippling was about to poison Qing Feather Farmer, so Spring Monster cast a spell to smash the sachet hanging on the beam of the house, and the poison It’s not in the sachet. When Qing Yu Nong saw the sachet burst, he took Ripples to another room to sleep, so Chun Yao and Han Sheng went into the room to check. Unexpectedly, Ripples went back to find something. Chun Yao hid Han Sheng in the closet, and Ripples went too. I found clothes in the closet.

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