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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 34 Recap

Qiu Ziliang felt that the meridians in his body were disordered and he needed to practice in retreat, otherwise he would be worried about his life, but now the situation is changing rapidly, he could not calm down to retreat, and Qiu Ziliang secretly vowed to get out the person who planned this mutiny as soon as possible.

Yan Xiu witnessed Qiu Ziliang’s effort to resolve the mutiny crisis with no effort. He immediately reported to Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi decided to abolish Qiu Ziliang’s martial arts first and then tried to get rid of him. Qiu Yanzhi guessed that Qiu Ziliang would Force Cheng Ruoyu to name the person who helped her heal. As expected by Qiu Yanzhi, Qiu Ziliang came to the prison to find Cheng Ruoyu, and asked who would help her get her bones in, so that she could recover her strength in a short time. Cheng Ruoyu scolded Qiu Ziliang, and Qiu Ziliang took Cheng Ruoyu’s wrist in angrily. Interrupting, threatening to make Cheng Ruoyu better off dead than alive.

Qiu Yanzhi decided to save Cheng Ruoyu. She sent someone to lie to Qiu Ziliang to report that Qi Yan was out of health. Qiu Ziliang didn’t dare to delay, and sent a rightist to watch Cheng Ruoyu closely. He immediately went into the palace to visit Qi Yan. Knowing that Qiu Ziliang had left, Qiu Yanzhi hurriedly came to rescue Cheng Ruoyu. Youshi had to stun himself and give them a chance to escape. Qiu Yanzhi once again persuaded Cheng Ruoyu to seek refuge with her, but Cheng Ruoyu flatly refused. She pledged her allegiance to Qi Yan and advised Qiu Yanzhi to give up as soon as possible. Qiu Yanzhi worried that she and Qi Yan would be killed by Qi Yan, but Cheng Ruoyu didn’t let it go. Qiu Yanzhi agreed to let Yan Xiu come to rescue her.

The more Qiu Yanzhi thought about it, the more things went wrong. When Qiu Ziliang learned that Cheng Ruoyu had resumed martial arts in a short period of time, he would definitely doubt the right sergeant, but he also sent the right sergeant to take care of Cheng Ruoyu. Obviously this was designed to lead her to rescue Cheng Ruoyu. Qiu Yanzhi wanted to stop Yan Xiu from saving Cheng Ruoyu, but it was too late. Qiu Ziliang sent someone to escort Yan Xiu and Cheng Ruoyu back.

Yan Xiu took the initiative to bear all guilt. He admitted that Cheng Ruoyu had bought him to meet Qi Yan for the last time, and tried his best to clear the relationship between Qiu Yanzhi and this matter. Qiu Ziliang didn’t believe him at all. Xiu lied that Cheng Ruoyu promised to teach him Ziyi Ju martial arts mentality, Qiu Ziliang ordered Qiu Yanzhi to deal with Yan Xiu himself, and Qiu Yanzhi was immediately dumbfounded.

Cheng Ruoyu kept claiming that everyone in the chess camp had been bought by her. Qiu Ziliang didn’t believe it at all. Qiu Yanzhi knelt down to plead for Yan Xiu. Qiu Ziliang promised to forgive Yan Xiu’s death penalty and forced Qiu Yanzhi to kill Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yanzhi. Keep her to contain Qi Yan. Qiu Ziliang boasted that he had firmly grasped Qi Yan in the palm of his hand, and forced Qiu Yanzhi to choose between Yan Xiu and Cheng Ruoyu. Qiu Yanzhi was in a dilemma. She used the excuse to go back to the room to get the ring, and wanted to take the opportunity to delay time and think of a solution.

Qiu Yanzhi didn’t want to kill Cheng Ruoyu, he wanted to give up his plan to eradicate Chou Ziliang, but he was unwilling to be in vain for the eight years of hard work. Qiu Yanzhi learned from the pain and can only be sorry for Cheng Ruoyu. Qiu Yanzhi chose a bottle of poison and took his ring. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to assassinate Qiu Ziliang, but Yan Xiu stunned him on the spot. Qiu Ziliang sent someone to revenge Yanzhi.

Qiu Yanzhi just wanted to go out and was stopped by Qi Chen. He said that Cheng Ruoyu was the truth about Qiu Yanzhi’s sister Wang Ruoleng. Qiu Yanzhi was dumbfounded. She always thought that the whole family was dead, and she was the only one. Survived, Qi Chen did not expect to rescue his sister Wang Ruoleng from the pile of dead people, but Wang Ruoleng had lost his memory. Cheng Xi liked Wang Ruoleng, not only changed her name, but also arranged her with Qi Yan.

The guards urged Qiu Yanzhi loudly outside the door. Qiu Yanzhi decided to die for Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Chen desperately stopped him and asked her to kill Cheng Ruoyu according to Qiu Ziliang’s instructions. Qiu Yanzhi lied that it was too late for the recurrence of the heart disease. Qiu Ziliang urged her to start as soon as possible. Qiu Yanzhi pierced Cheng Ruoyu’s throat with a poisoned ring. Cheng Ruoyu asked Yanzhi for revenge and sent her body back to the palace. He died of bleeding from Qiqiao. Qi Yan waited for Cheng Ruoyu for a long time and didn’t see her back, realizing that she was in danger, Qi Yan was very distressed, reluctantly tore open his wound, and passed out on the spot.

Qiu Ziliang confirmed that Cheng Ruoyu was dead, but he was still worried. He picked up the whisk and slammed Cheng Ruoyu’s chest. Qiu Yanzhi was heartbroken and wanted to return Cheng Ruoyu’s body to the palace as soon as possible. Qiu Ziliang ordered her to be thrown away. To the mass grave. At this moment, someone came to report to Qiu Ziliang that Qi Yan had passed out. Qiu Ziliang sent someone to pick up Qi Chen and put him under house arrest in the shogi camp. Before leaving, Qiu Ziliang reminded Qiu Yanzhi to do it on his own and don’t let him down.

Qi Yan was dying because of excessive blood loss, and the eunuchs were helpless. Qiu Ziliang sent a genius doctor to help him diagnose and treat him, and ordered the news to be blocked.

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