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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 32 Recap

Cheng Xi woke up in a daze, she explained the truth to the right. She had poisoned the Saddle King’s dragon robe beforehand. There is no doubt that the Saddle King will die now. Cheng Xi persuaded you to ascend the throne as soon as possible. Someone knocked her out, and then went to see Qiu Yanzhi.

Qiu Ziliang watched as King Saddle was poisoned to death. Knowing that the situation was over, he had to send a genius doctor to continue Qi Yan’s life and let Qi Yan continue to be the emperor. After Ruoyu’s meticulous care, Qi Yan’s injuries gradually healed. Right-hand car was ordered to invite Qi Yan to attend the ceremony. Cheng Ruoyu hurriedly asked Qi Yan to lie down and pretend to be sick.

Qi Yan came to court on time and learned the news of King Saddle’s sudden death. He was anxious and couldn’t wait to ask Li Deyun about the cause of King Saddle’s death. When he learned that King Saddle was poisoned to death, his heart was like a knife. Persuaded Li Deyun to plan early. Qiu Yanzhi saw the right-sian visit the door to ask the teacher, knowing that her and Cheng Xi’s plan to poison the Saddle King had been leaked, and Qiu Yanzhi wanted to work with the right-sian to continue to complete the following things, and the right-sian took off his mask, and Qiu Yanzhi To my surprise, he turned out to be Qi Chen.

Qi Yan didn’t want to make mistakes any more, he decided to fight back in a Jedi, and set up a net to wait for the monarch to enter the urn, and Cheng Ruoyu fully supported him. Qiu Yanzhi learns that the right is Qi Chen, she is very angry, grandfather Wang Yang in order to protect the first emperor’s edict, she was forced to recognize the thief as the father in order to get revenge, but Qi Chen hid as a tortoise, Qi Chen was speechless by her. Right.

In fact, since Yuan Xing revealed that the instigator was his nephew, Qiu Yanzhi speculated that Yuan Xing had been poisoned by the laughter of the Buddha. She began to suspect that Qi Chen was the rightist, but she was not sure, so she went to look through historical materials and find out Qi Chen ranked thirteenth. Cheng Xi was his half-sister. Later, Cheng Xi came to Qiu Yanzhi to cooperate in killing Saddle King. Qiu Yanzhi was even more sure that the right image was Qi Chen.

Qiu Ziliang personally brought a genius doctor to treat Qi Yan. The genius doctor claimed that Qi Yan was already dying and he was powerless. Qi Yan urged Qiu Ziliang to choose the next emperor as soon as possible, and Qiu Ziliang had to leave in angrily. Cheng Ruoyu knew Qi Yan’s physical condition very well and saw that the genius doctor deliberately lied to paralyze Qiu Ziliang, and guessed that the genius doctor was also the third person. It turned out that Qi Chen rescued many people from the dead after the change of the dew, including Wang Yang’s little granddaughter Cheng Ruoyu, but did not find her sister Qiu Yanzhi, until he saw Qiu Yanzhi in Jiangqi Camp. After training, Qi Chen recognized her and never recognized her. Qi Chen was even more worried that Cheng Ruoyu knew Qi Yan was her enemy.

Cheng Ruoyu once again dreamed that she and her sister were eating Han Yue’s cherry bi Luo in the pavilion, and wanted to follow this clue to find out her own life experience, but Qi Yan was worried and worried that Cheng Ruoyu was the orphan of his house. Qiu Ziliang received a secret report that Zhang Jiang led Lu’s troops to attack the border areas of Daxing. Qiu Ziliang was anxious. He was facing internal and external troubles.

He didn’t know what to do for a while. The party members persuaded him to negotiate with Zhang Jiang, or send another princess to marry him. , Qiu Ziliang was very impatient and drove them all away. Qiu Ziliang sent the order from Youche to go down, and prevented Li Deyun from going to see Qi Yan on the grounds that Qi Yan was not feeling well.

Qi Yan sent Cheng Ruoyu to meet Li Deyun secretly and brought back the battle situation on the front line. Cheng Ruoyu remembered that when he went to Lucong before, he heard that Zhang Zhongru took the initiative to take in the displaced people. It was suggested that Zhang Zhongru should replace Zhang Jiang in charge of Lucong. Cheng Ruoyu took the initiative. Please Ying to assassinate Zhang Jiang.

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