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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 41 Recap

Elder Chen went to find You Tanzhi, but found that You Tanzhi was feeding Azi medicine, Quan Guanqing rushed over to stop Elder Chen. Elder Chen said that a person who only takes care of a woman can help a person who has been wearing a mask. Elder Chen suddenly realized that this was Quan Guanqing’s strategy, allowing You Tanzhi to be the leader of the gang, and to control the overall situation by himself.

Elder Chen said that as long as he was there, he would not let the Beggar Gang be destroyed in Quan Guanqing’s hands. Quan Guanqing made a big shot against Elder Chen. Quan Guanqing was slightly weaker and was knocked to the ground. Quan Guanqing quickly asked You Tanzhi to help him. You Tan injured Elder Chen in the palm of his hand, and Quan Guanqing deliberately killed Chen. The elder strangled to death.

The life-and-death talisman of the Wu boss and the group was untied by Xu Zhu. Xu Zhu said that he wanted to go down the mountain too. Xu Zhu said that he would return to Shaolin Temple to receive punishment. The four maidservants wanted to follow, but Xu Zhu refused. Murong Fu and his party walked to the woods and found that the ground was full of the corpses of the beggars. It seemed that they were also in an ambush when they came here.

This person said that the beggars were in conflict, and Quan Guanqing ordered the killing of all the rebels. This person learned that he had been killed soon and handed over the papers for the recruitment of the king of Xixia Kingdom to Murong Fu, and asked them to transfer them to the beggars except for Quan Guanqing. Elders outside. If Da Song and Xixia marry, Da Song will be invincible in the world. If Murong can marry Xixia, it would be a

Revenge is very beneficial, but Murong Fu only has Wang Yuyan in his mind. This question needs to be considered. Wang Yuyan had a simple temperament, so she took Wang Yuyan home under the pretext of going to the Beggar Gang, but Wang Yuyan refused to go back. Under Murong Fu’s sweet words, Wang Yuyan agreed to go back first.

Xu Zhu shaved his hair and put on Shaolin Temple clothes and went down the mountain. The four maids were worried about Xu Zhu’s safety and followed quietly. Xu Zhu came to the gate of Shaolin Temple. After a few months, he had done a lot of violations. He didn’t know whether the abbot and master could accept him. Xu Zhu knelt in front of his master and confessed his sins. Xu Zhu was tortured with an anklet and bracelet. The brother punished Xu Zhu for carrying water every day. Xu Zhu did the same without complaining.

Xu Zhu is really at ease, and he doesn’t complain at all from morning till night. That night, the brother drank water but was beaten. Early in the morning, his attitude towards Xuzhu had changed a hundred and eighty degrees. He even removed Xuzhu’s shackles and handcuffs. The brother asked Xuzhu to forgive himself, otherwise they would goug his eyeballs. At this time, they heard the abbot ring the bell, there should be something wrong in the temple, Xu Zhu also hurried over to check the situation.

The abbot came to tell the crowd that several masters had come to study, but it was a provocation to say that they were studying. They wanted Shaolin Temple to release the Polo Star trapped in the Shaolin Temple. The abbot said that Polo Star had peeped at the martial arts secrets of Shaolin Temple, so he tied it up again. Afterwards, the abbot called Polo Xing to confront him. Polo Xing told his colleagues that he had only read Buddhist books and had not read the martial arts secrets of Shaolin Temple.

The abbot deliberately forced Polo Xing to use Kung Fu, but he did not expect that the three tricks Polo Xing used were all from Shaolin Temple Kung Fu, so Polo Xing must have lied. At this time Kumazhi came in. Kumazhi was the national teacher of Tubo, and the abbot asked Kumazhi to preside over justice. Kumozhi also said that he had learned several martial arts of the Shaolin School. Just when everyone was still surprised, Kumozhi used these three martial arts.

The abbot thoughtfully, he wanted to let go of Polo Star, but he was stopped by Kumazhi. Kumazhi said that the seventy-two sects of Shaolin Temple are now known as an outsider. This quintessential character should be changed. . Xu Zhu quietly told his master that although Kumozhi’s martial arts was high, he did not use Shaolin martial arts, but the master told Xu Zhu not to talk nonsense.

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