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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 40 Recap

Duan Yu cured everyone present. Wang Yuyan wanted to help, but Murong Fu said he wanted to leave. Xu Zhu hurriedly rushed out to leave Murongfu for dinner, but they felt that Xu Zhu was to keep Wang Yuyan, but Murongfu insisted on leaving, and Wang Yuyan couldn’t say anything. Duan Yu was very disappointed. Wang Yuyan only had her cousin in his heart, and she couldn’t say anything else.

Recently, under the arrangement of Quan Guanqing, You Tanzhi joined the beggars. A few days later, the competition will be held. Quan Guanqing asked You Tanzhi to participate in the competition. Quan Guanqing also chose You Tanzhi as the leader of the beggars. You But in Tanzhi’s heart there was only Azi. Quan Guanqing said that if he could be the leader of the beggar gang, perhaps Azi could be worthy of him.

Xu Zhu is still very disappointed. After all, she doesn’t know where Menggu is for so long. Duan Yu knows Xu Zhu’s lovesickness, and both of them are people of the same illness. Duan Yu brought wine to drink with Xuzhu. Xu Zhu felt that the two of them often met each other. This was fate. The two drank a lot of wine, and Duan Yu wanted to become brothers with Xu Zhu, and Xu Zhu was also very willing. The two knelt and bowed, now Qiao Feng is the eldest brother, Xu Zhu is the second brother, and Duan Yu is the third brother. It was the next morning when Xu Zhu woke up.

The two maids wanted to dress Xu Zhu, but Xu Zhu quickly refused. But the maid said that it was the clothes they changed in the bath they took in XU Zhu yesterday, which made XU Zhu embarrassed about what to do. Xu Zhu drove away the maid, but the maid burst into tears, and Xu Zhu quickly apologized. Xuzhu changed into the clothes of the palace lord of the Lingjiu Palace. Xuzhu continued to detoxify everyone.

After the whole morning, Xuzhu saved only four people. The maid told Xuzhu that there should be a detoxification method in Lingjiu Palace. Continue to study with the drawings on the wall, and the four maids also study together, but they are not strong enough to practice martial arts on the stone wall, but Xu Zhu is different. After all, Xu Zhu has the skills given to him by a cliff, so he practiced it. With ease.

The beggar gang held an election meeting for the leader, and it was Yu Tan’s turn, and Yu Tan’s effort to use Yi Jin Jing quickly defeated the others. In fact, You Tanzhi is a chess piece in Quan Guanqing’s hands. Quan Guanqing uses You Tanzhi’s skill to help him get to the position of the beggar gang leader. You Tan’s attack is so vicious that it is more of a murder than a contest.

The elders couldn’t stand it, but they had to announce the victory of You Tan. The elder announced that You Tanzhi was the new gang leader, but Elder Wu stood up and objected. You Tan’s origin is unknown, and he has never even seen his true colors. The former Qiao Feng has made great contributions to the Beggars, this talent of You Tan. Not long after he came to the Beggars, and the contest was extremely vicious, this was totally inconsistent with the uprightness of the Beggars.

If you really let him be a help, how can you convince the crowd. But Quan Guanqing said that he had said that the martial arts of the case was high and low to choose the gang leader, and that the martial arts of You Tan was unmatched. Then he was the help of the beggars. After that, Quan Guanqing knelt on the ground and saw the new help. Everyone knelt down one after another, but Elder Wu was angry and left.

The subordinates told Qiao Feng that he had found A Zi, and Qiao Feng worried that the Beggars were using A Zi’s identity to deal with him. Qiao Feng told his subordinates that now Azi fell into the hands of the beggars, he was worried that the beggars would use it to deal with him, so for the sake of Azi’s safety, Qiao Feng was going to go to the Central Plains himself. After all, these things still need him to go. fixed. The subordinates wanted to take the troops to send Qiao Feng, but Qiao Feng was worried that such a big fanfare would make the Liao army passive. For safety’s sake, he should go on horseback by himself.

Qiao Feng told Yelv Hongji that he was going to the Central Plains and hoped that Yelv Hongji would be relieved of his post as the Great King of the South Campus. However, Yelv Hongji still believed in Qiao Feng and did not take back his position, but asked him to come back as soon as possible.

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