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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 38 Recap

The nine life and death talisman entered the body, and the virtual bamboo itching was so painful. Tianshan Tong’s grandmother saw that he had suffered some pain, and gradually disappeared, so she personally taught him the method and used Beiming’s true qi to remove the evil womb of life and death talisman. Xu Zhu was taught and practiced hard, and only spent a few days practicing nine methods, not only that, but also how to make life and death talisman.

It was supposed to be Tongma’s divine skill at noon today, but Li Qiushui used the “Sound Transmission Dafa” to disturb people’s minds at this moment, recalling the scene of the teacher’s classmates at the time, and at the same time detailing Wu Yazi’s unforgettable love for her. , Even when she was emotional, she yelled at Tongmao for being the most licentious and vicious woman in the world.

For a few hours in a blink of an eye, Li Qiushui didn’t stop at all. Xu Zhu heard her voice more and more stern, presumably it was the time, and now this teacher and sister is already a critical moment of life and death. It’s a pity that Li Qiushui deliberately described the process of Wuyazi’s friendly friendship with her, which eventually caused Tongma to fall into trouble again, and cursed in a hurry, attracting the other party to find him.

Li Qiushui found Shishi, and saw Tianshan Tongmao. The two had been fighting for a long time. Before Xuzhu could take action, he suddenly saw Tongmao severely injured on the ground, but he lost his breath for a moment. Xu Zhu sniffed his nose, panic and sad, angry Li Qiushui was vicious, and he didn’t blink his eyes. However, Li Qiushui suspected the child’s grandmother’s fake death, walked to the front to look carefully, took the opportunity to pat her chest, clicked a few times, and the body’s ribs were broken.

Because of this, Xu Zhu was filled with indignation and wanted to avenge Tongma. She didn’t know that Tongma knew that she had fallen short and failed to practice magical skills. Therefore, during this life-and-death struggle, she pretended to die. As for the blood on the stone steps and on the side of her chest, it was the deer blood she had prepared beforehand. It was originally intended to lure the enemy into the bait. Unexpectedly, Li Qiushui was very alert. If it weren’t blocked by the virtual bamboo, she might be beaten to pieces by her “corpse”.

Fortunately, Xu Zhu has mastered the Tianshan Six Sun Palm, knowing that he is not Li Qiushui’s opponent, but he can resist a few tricks, and he won’t be killed on the spot. Li Qiushui was disappointed and funny when he saw the true face of the “No. 1 Central Plains Wanderer”. Unexpectedly, this man was a stinky monk with wide eyebrows and crude appearance. He became angry for a while, so he simply clicked acupuncture points. , Immobile.

At the critical moment, Tong Grandma, with the last trace of strength, slammed Li Qiushui out, catching him off guard. Li Qiushui suffered serious injuries to his heart and back, and suddenly lost control of his internal force. This pair of masters and sisters exhausted all their internal strength and had to sit on both sides of the virtual bamboo to heal their injuries. On the contrary, the body was attacked by the left and right sides of the virtual bamboo. Fortunately, he was taught by Wuyazi with more than seventy years of skill, and the three were evenly matched. It became a stalemate, but he didn’t lose his life.

In order to leave this place, Xu Zhu simply picked up the comatose Tianshan Tongma and Li Qiushui, and rushed over the wall at night to rush to the outskirts, lest she and the two would fight together, only to be separated far away. Until the next morning, the two sisters woke up one after another. There was another quarrel between each other. When Xu Zhu saw this, he was distressed, and unexpectedly heard the sound of camel bells from a distance.

Tong’s grandmother was beaming with joy and energetic, and hurriedly took out a short tube from her arms and told Xu Zhu to throw it into the sky. After Xu Zhu took the photo, it was discovered that Grandma Tong was sending a signal to call people. In order to avoid Li Qiushui’s brutal hand, he was about to take her away. Unexpectedly, Li Qiushui closed his eyes and bowed his head, completely losing his breath.

Several women in green robes came from a distance, and immediately fell face down to worship Tong Grandma. The leader is older, awe-inspiring grandmother, and thankful to Xuzhu. Suddenly, many women kowtow to him at the same time, Xu Zhu was a little at a loss, but Tongma didn’t take it seriously, and even publicly announced that he would become the new owner of Miaofeng Lingjiu Palace from then on.

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