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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 30 Recap

Xia Ming proactively contacted Wang Mingyu and promised that the responding party would be exempted from the 8 million yuan condition, and he wanted the group to lend Tianke a low-interest loan of 30 million yuan in the name of general contracting, in exchange for Su Xiao. Wang Mingyu readily agreed, but concealed thirty million things from Zhao Xiankun. Now that he wants to calm the turmoil, he must kick Su Xiao out.

After learning about this, Zhao Xiankun looked rather lonely, and walked to the audio-visual room alone to view the photos of the early days of the group’s establishment, recalling the little by little brothers worked together. Gao Jin received the news from Zhao Xiankun and took the initiative to find him in the audio-visual room. He was also full of emotions, so he mentioned Su Xiao’s solution to the difference.

Although Su Xiao is a rare talent with the kind of light in his eyes that tries to break the rules, Gao Jin thinks that Su Xiao is too young and he only knows how to move forward and does not know how to weigh the pros and cons. Zhao Xiankun retorted sternly, saying that the group now most needs this kind of person who can charge and defend itself, because she is the only one who is unselfish and is seriously thinking of ways to solve the problem.

Zhao Xiankun went to the hospital to visit Huang Lilin and, as an old friend, begged him to give Su Xiao a chance to reform. Seeing Zhao Xiankun lowered his posture, Huang Lilin couldn’t refuse and reluctantly agreed. Before leaving, Zhao Xiankun reminded Xia Ming that he should use his intelligence in the right place. The words meant something. Xia Ming was amazed by Zhao Xiankun’s insight.

The group formally discussed the punishment decision against Su Xiao. Xia Ming attended instead of Huang Lilin and expressed to everyone that the main cause of the incident was high blood pressure and had nothing to do with Su Xiao. As soon as this remark came out, everyone was surprised, especially Wang Mingyu, both shocked and angry, not only failed to drive Su Xiao out of the group, but Xia Mingyin got 30 million yuan away.

Now that Xia Ming has already expressed his position, coupled with Zhao Xiankun’s sake, everyone present to evaluate the situation, Xu Zhiping finally reconciled and proposed that Zhao Peng and Su Xiao exchange work. After the meeting, the executives of Tianzihao accused Xia Ming of rebelling, but when Xia Ming told the group to exempt all subsidiaries from the profit difference, everyone would not pursue it anymore. This matter can be regarded as a successful conclusion.

Su Xiao heard about the results of the internal settlement of the group and firmly believed that she was not wrong at all, and she did not want to continue to blame. She even accused Zhao Xiankun of handling the problem so simply and rudely, she would resign immediately. Because of Su Xiao’s words, Zhao Xiankun flew into a rage, picked up a pile of joint reports and threw it towards her, blaming her that if she didn’t even dare to recite the scapegoat, there was no value at all.

At this time, Su Xiao saw the name of Wang Yang in the pile of report letters, and she froze in place, finally understanding what a workplace is. Wang Yang came to Zhao Xiankun, and happened to meet Su Xiao coming out of the office. He was going to say hello to her, but he didn’t expect the other party to turn a blind eye.

Entering the office, looking at the report letters scattered all over the floor, Wang Yang suddenly realized. Zhao Xiankun didn’t understand why Wang Yang wanted to do this. Anyhow, Su Xiao was the one he brought out. Faced with Zhao Xiankun’s doubts, Wang Yang asked him if he wanted to have trouble with himself, robbing people from Tiancheng to the group.

In fact, the Yinghai Group looks glamorous on the surface, but in fact it has long been rotten, and it has been on the verge of bankruptcy several times. Therefore, Zhao Xiankun simply stated clearly on the spot, so that Wang Yang could understand the situation of the group. At the same time, He Congrong gave Su Xiaodao joy and congratulated her on successfully overcoming the difficulties.

Through this incident, Su Xiao gradually learned that Xia Ming’s intentions, and the role Zhao Xiankun played from it, was to meet the requirements. Only when Su Xiao becomes the deputy chief economist, manages the main business, and after the incident is fermented, then sells an account to the veterans, and asks Su Xiao to retreat and be in charge of the non-main business in order to gain a place in the group.

After Su Xiao and Zhao Peng exchanged offices, they bought flowers to go to the hospital while they were off work, but when they walked to the door of the ward, they happened to see He Yao and Xia Ming accompanying Huang Lilin for rehabilitation training. The happy scenes of the three made Su Xiao feel very uncomfortable, until Xia Ming sent He Yao out, and He Yao found an excuse to leave first.

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