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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 15 Recap

Qiao Zuwang added a phone to his home, holding his chin to show off to Qiao Yicheng, Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli are also very novel. Qiao Sanli called Qiao Simei’s unit, but was told that she had asked for leave, and it was a marriage leave. Qiao Yicheng, Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli were so anxious that they finally contacted Qiao Simei and received another blockbuster. Qiao Simei is about to embark on the train to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to marry Qi Chenggang.

Qiao Yicheng hung up before she could stop her. Qiao Sanli is also a little confused, who knows that the words that Qiao Simei said before, are serious. Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli rushed into the bedroom and found the address and phone number of Qi Chenggang. Qiao Yicheng was calm and terrible. The distance was too far to catch up, so he could only contact the phone above.

After Qiao Simei arrived in Chengdu, she contacted Qiao Yicheng, and she would travel into Tibet after another two or three days of coaching. Qiao Yicheng was angry and didn’t want to bother. While he was busy, Qiao Yicheng received a letter from his old husband, and his son’s house was settled, and he no longer embarrassed them.

The long-distance bus was driving on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and Qiao Simei finally arrived in Xinjiang. After getting off the bus, Qiao Simei called the troops. The instructor who answered the call had already contacted Qiao Yicheng in advance. But the place where Qiao Simei got off the car was still far away from the army, and the sky was already dark. The instructor asked Qiao Simei to find a place to live first.

The Qiao brothers and sisters were worried about Qiao Simei. Although Qiao Yicheng’s mouth was stiff, the thoughts in his heart couldn’t deceive people. At this time, Qiao Simei is telling the love story between her and Qi Chenggang with compatriots from ethnic minorities. Qiao Yicheng thought, maybe Qiao Simei will always suffer a loss, but Qiao Erqiang thinks she is brave and doing what she wants to do is worth it even if she’s broke her blood. Qiao Simei has already thought about it. As soon as he arrives in the army tomorrow, he will let the leader hold a wedding that will be unforgettable for them, and whoever sees it will envy them. The ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny. Before the enviable wedding, Qiao Simei almost froze to death in Xinjiang.

Qiao Yicheng received a call from Qiao Simei in the middle of the night, and a miserable cry came from the other side to admit her mistake. She stopped looking for a partner and bought a ticket home tomorrow morning. Qiao Yicheng felt relieved. However, when we came together the next day, Qiao Simei couldn’t contact the army, so she insisted on going to the army. The eldest sister of the guest house kindly wrote her a phone number and a few simple Tibetan words. Before leaving, Qi Chenggang’s comrade-in-arms came to pick her up, and Qiao Simei was so excited that she almost couldn’t breathe.

The instructor ordered his comrades to come back with Qiao Simei and Qi Chenggang, who had been on the mission, so the two met halfway through the journey. The instructor also paid for the special products and asked Qiao Simei to bring them back. Qiao Simei is happy and sweet, but Qi Chenggang’s attitude is rather helpless. When he came to the army, Qiao Simei greeted everyone, and the instructor had been waiting for them.

Qi Chenggang told Qiao Simei not to talk nonsense, but Qiao Simei asked when he could marry Qi Chenggang as soon as he came up. The instructor thought that Qi Chenggang had done something to Qiao Simei, so she made her come to the army to marry him. Qiao Simei hurriedly protected Qi Chenggang. This was her own idea. For love, she didn’t feel far away. . The instructor poured cold water on Qiao Simei. It is not that the Civil Affairs Bureau cannot obtain a marriage certificate.

Moreover, as a soldier, Qi Chenggang must abide by the policy of late marriage and late childbirth. Qiao Simei was wronged, she forgot that there are still two years left, Qi Chenggang sullenly next to him, he will not marry Qiao Simei in two years! Qi Chenggang is the backbone of the company and will have a task tomorrow, so he and Qiao Simei only have half a day to meet, and the instructor arranges Qiao Simei to live in the visiting dormitory.

Qiao Simei had a meal with the comrades in the army and was well educated as a negative case. However, as the first and only family member to visit relatives, Qiao Simei’s courage is indeed commendable, and the instructor is also very grateful to her. Qi Chenggang didn’t seem to be half-hearted from beginning to end, and he was more at a loss. Qi Chenggang came with a quilt, and Qiao Simei directly hugged him to understand his lovesickness, but in Qi Chenggang’s acquaintance, they just met ordinary friends who were thousands of miles apart. Qiao Simei would misunderstand others. Qiao Simei’s love is very warm and straightforward. She likes Qi Chenggang, even if it is the moon, she will go there.

The next day, Qi Chenggang sent Qiao Simei back. There is still more than a year left. If he can help, Qiao Simei can come to see him at any time. However, Qiao Simei wanted to marry Qi Chenggang when he returned home next time. Qi Chenggang agreed and asked her not to do such stupid things in the future. Qiao Simei left Xinjiang reluctantly, not forgetting to cry. Tomorrow happens to be the new year, and Qiao Simei should also be home. Ye Xiaolang suddenly vomited in the morning. She said it was chronic gastritis, and Qiao Yicheng was also a little worried.

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