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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 12 Recap

When Qiao Yicheng heard that Qiao Zuwang was doing fundraising, he stared at him for education, but Qiao Zuwang couldn’t listen at all, let alone Qiao Yicheng teach himself, only when he envied him to be rich. But as soon as Qiao grew up so big, he only envied Qiao Zuwang’s heartlessness. He was cheated twice by the same person and put his mother’s jade bracelet in. Li Heman’s forefoot gave a few hundred yuan and gave it to him.

After Xu Funian turned around, he sold his daughter with a meal of Xiao Long Bao! Qiao Zuwang was also anxious, he had no idea that Qiao Yicheng knew this. Qiao Sanli was shocked to realize the truth back then and got up. Qiao Yicheng left, Qiao Zuwang also left, Qiao Sanli couldn’t help squatting on the ground and crying.

In order to vent, Qiao Erqiang took her and dropped several plates. When Qiao Simei came home and saw this scene, she thought Qiao Erqiang was bullying Qiao Sanli, but she turned her head and wiped her tears and laughed. Qiao Erqiang cleaned up the debris all over the floor and talked about what Ma Suqin had said to him. The laugh was for others to see. No one cares about your tears, only those who rarely care about you.

Qiao Yicheng was full of thoughts and unknowingly walked outside Ye Xiaolang’s dormitory. Ye Xiaolang and Xiaomeng just came back with big bags and small bags. The unit will hold a marathon tomorrow, and the two will go to arrange the arrangement early tomorrow morning, so they dragged Qiao Yicheng upstairs and let him go together tomorrow. Qiao Yicheng’s expression was very scary, and Ye Xiaolang also noticed it. He said that he had a big quarrel with his father at home, and Ye Xiaolang comforted himself and his parents often quarrel, so he was in Nanjing alone, far away from them.

Ye Xiaolang drew up the bed curtain, and Qiao Yicheng sat on the edge of the bed and talked, and fell asleep slowly. Qiao Yicheng was embarrassed all night, and was pulled to set up the venue early the next morning. Ye Xiaolang and the others lacked a substitute for the marathon, so Qiao Yicheng was forced to rush on the ground. After winning the game, Ye Xiaolang kissed and embraced Qiao Yicheng with excitement.

Although Qiao Sanli broke up with Wang Yiding, she still had him in her heart. It was very uncomfortable to see him eating in the corner of the cafeteria alone and lonely. Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang were walking on the street holding a roasted sweet potato. They accidentally talked about their younger siblings. Qiao Yicheng seemed to miss them. They lived together for 20 years, a long, long life. Ye Xiaolang suddenly called Qiao Yicheng’s name and said that he would marry him. Qiao Yicheng cracked and confessed the situation at home: his mother died, his father only cared about himself, and two younger brothers and two younger sisters.

The family conditions were not good, and Qiao Yicheng had no house and couldn’t get the gift. Qiao Yicheng said, if Ye Xiaolang is still willing to marry him, then let’s get married! Ye Xiaolang nodded, and ate a bite of the roasted sweet potato with tears. Song Qingyuan was not surprised to hear that Qiao Yicheng was going to get married, but he still persuaded him to understand Ye Xiaolang’s family, but for Qiao Yicheng, these were not important. Some people might know something at a glance.

During the meal, Qiao Yicheng announced that he was going to get married. Qiao Zuwang didn’t object, but he stated his own interests in advance. Qiao Yicheng said that he did not spend Qiao Zuwang’s money and rented a house for single living after marriage. Qiao Sanli and Qiao Erqiang were very happy for Qiao Yicheng, and Qiao Simei was also a little bit reluctant and unacceptable for a while. Qiao Sanli is not like Qiao Simei, who goes straight to her, only to hide her sadness.

As soon as Qiao has been in the family for so many years, he should live a comfortable life. Qiao Sanli congratulates him. In the evening, the four brothers and sisters were talking across the curtain. Qiao Yicheng was still worried about Qiao Sanli and didn’t want her to be alone. Qiao Simei talked about the marriage of Qi Weimin and Chang Xingyu because Wei Shufang was about to get married and was delayed.

Lao Ma’s marriage to Wei Shufang was strongly opposed by his second son, Xiaoyi, who not only drove the old Ma out of the house, but also threatened that Wei Shufang would not come back if he was not dead. Xiaoya also didn’t agree. Wei Shufang told Qi Weimin that she was neither confused nor crazy, but wanted to live a different life. She didn’t go for Lao Ma’s money. In fact, Qi Weimin didn’t quite understand it. After all, Wei Shufang and Qi Ziqiang were so good that they had never quarreled in a lifetime. Qiao Yicheng advised Qi Weimin to consider Wei Shufang. She was only fifty. She would not be able to live alone for decades after their children were married. As for those gossips, they would always go away.

Qiao Zuwang was an iron cock, and Ye Xiaolang didn’t take money with his family. The wedding of the two was very simple, just gathering together for a meal in a restaurant.

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