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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 15 Recap

Today is Wu Ying’s twenty-seventh birthday. Doctor Jiang chased her and beat her, Wu Ying asked him if he had spoken to Liu Yucheng. Wu Ying hated Dr. Jiang’s behavior. She didn’t need an ordinary friend to make decisions for her, but obviously, in Dr. Jiang’s eyes, Wu Ying agreed to eat and archery with him as a date. Wu Ying rejected Doctor Jiang again, and they won’t have any further development.

Wu Ying received a gift, a big-brand bag. Wu Ying subconsciously thought it was given by Doctor Jiang, but the card in the bag was signed by Liu Yucheng. When Liu Yucheng was hurt and unhappy playing basketball, Wu Ying showed up, still holding the bag in her hand. Liu Yucheng refused to retire. He really couldn’t give Wu Ying what those adult men could give her, but he would work hard, not to mention that he bought it with a scholarship and didn’t ask for money from his family.

Even though it would be easier to spend time with young girls, what Liu Yucheng likes is Wu Ying, who has nothing to do with others. Liu Yucheng answered Wu Ying’s questions one by one. He can get married at the age of 18 in Malaysia. The only problem is that his financial resources are really limited, but don’t bully the young and poor. He may be better than Dr. Jiang in the future.

On the trip to the ski resort, Liu Yucheng and Ai Jingchu share a room, Zeng Li, Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying naturally share a room, leaving Deng Haoran and Yu Yi in the same room. Everyone gathered to eat hot pot, Wu Ying and Liu Yucheng sprinkled dog food frantically, Ai Jingchu and Yu Yi fought over whether Zeng Li could eat spicy food, Zeng Li was caught in a dilemma. After eating and drinking, Wu Ying plans to stay in the hotel to play games. Liu Yucheng, a Malaysian who is not interested in skiing, decides to stay with her. The atmosphere between Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi is also a little strange.

Ai Jingchu brought GoPro, and Yu Yi asked him to take more photos of Zeng Li for a while, and accidentally talked about how stinky she was when he taught Zeng Li to ski. Ai Jingchu was down again. It turned out that Zeng Li skiing was also taught by Yu Yi. Ma Yiyi was frustrated by skiing and had a fight with Deng Haoran, and finally decided to go swimming.

Zeng Li and Yu Yi competed skiing, Ai Jingchu took pictures of them, and a hero came to save the beauty by the way, but Yu Yi fell. Ai Jingchu judged that Yu Yi’s spine was injured and there was no signal nearby. When he was so anxious, Yu Yi jumped up again, apparently teasing Zengli. Yu Yi comforted Zeng Li, who was almost crying. Ai Jingchu was jealous and pulled his hand away, but it was very uncomfortable to hear their intimate conversation.

Liu Yucheng wanted to go to the lobby to play games, but Wu Ying took him directly into her room. Wu Ying was carefree. Liu Yucheng was a little uncomfortable, like a child who was being taught by the director. Wu Ying returned the bag Liu Yucheng bought and bought him a new mobile phone. Other girls like bags, but she likes stars. She just wants Liu Yucheng to take her new mobile phone to bring herself to the king. Deng Haoran withdrew from Zeng Li’s love triangle with a wink, and ran to swim with Ma Yiyi.

In fact, Ma Yiyi and Deng Haoran used to be together, and they were worried that everyone just noticed it. The two were fighting in the swimming pool, and Ma Yiyi, who could not swim, fell into the water. Deng Haoran rescued her, but the kiss that was just right was interrupted by passers-by.

In the evening, everyone gathered to play the game I used to play. Liu Yucheng said that someone he liked in the future was present. Yu Yi raised his hand, and Zeng Li also raised his hand awkwardly after being reminded by Deng Haoran. Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi also raised their hands awkwardly, and Ma Yiyi suddenly raised their hands and said that they liked Deng Haoran before. Ai Jingchu did not raise his hand, but after drunk happily, he raised his hand. Before Zeng Li could react, Ai Jingchu fell drunk.

Zeng Li raised her hand for Ai Jingchu. In fact, she was in a mess at the time, and she didn’t understand her intentions until she raised her hand. Ma Yiyi insisted that Ai Jingchu was pretending to be drunk, after all, his relationship with Yu Yi was a bit awkward. Liu Yucheng also knew that Ai Jingchu deliberately pretended to be drunk, and complained that he should raise his hand earlier.

Ai Jingchu felt that Zeng Li raised his hand because of Yu Yi. Although he was jealous, he still told himself that there was no reason to be jealous. Liu Yucheng didn’t think so. If Zeng Li liked him, Ai Jingchu’s concession would be meaningless. He also said that the right to choose should be in Zeng Li’s hands, so that everyone is fair. While Wu Ying was half drunk and half awake, Liu Yucheng ran to help Ai Jingchu talk, and wanted to ask who Zeng Li liked.

Zeng Li walked by and found Ai Jingchu’s room door open, so he quietly went in and put a bottle of water on Ai Jingchu’s bedside table, tiptoeing to help him cover the quilt and then reached out to turn off the light. The whole person was pressed on Ai Jingchu’s body. . Ai Jingchu did not continue to pretend to sleep at this time, and kissed Zeng Li, who was embarrassed in front of him.

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