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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 14 Recap

After being broken in love, Liu Yucheng bought drunk in the bar, and Wu Ying and Doctor Jiang slapped him again and again. Xia Xia happened to be having dinner with her classmates, and when she saw Liu Yucheng drunk over the bar, she contacted Ai Jingchu. Liu Yucheng hugged Ai Jingchu and shouted at Wu Ying, and was squeezed into the car by the helpless Ai Jingchu. Ma Yiyi thinks that Doctor Jiang is more suitable for Wu Ying than Liu Yucheng, but Wu Ying and Doctor Jiang are unable to talk, nor do they plan to hang themselves on these two trees.

Liu Yucheng rushed into the toilet and threw up in the sink, suddenly sober, seeing Ai Jingchu wearing a bathrobe with a look of disgust. Liu Yucheng was crying on Ai Jingchu’s bed. Wu Ying said that they are not a world and they are not suitable. Ai Jingchu didn’t think so. It was Wu Ying’s problem. She started to think about their relationship with reason. Ai Jingchu believes that Liu Yucheng does not need to care about other people’s thoughts, and told him the story of his parents.

Even if they have not been together for a long time, they will certainly not regret it. Therefore, Liu Yucheng does not need to care about other people’s eyes and let go, as long as Wu Ying He still has him in his heart, and they will walk towards each other after all. Ai Jingchu opened “The Story of Yu’er and Xiao Yu’er” again. The book stated that they could only meet during holidays, but Zeng Li was deeply engraved in his mind during the few days when they got along.

The next day, Ai Jingchu woke up from the sofa, Liu Yucheng had already prepared breakfast, and he was obviously full of blood and resurrected. Liu Yucheng said that he was grateful to Ai Jingchu for giving him the bed last night. Ai Jingchu raised his brows.

This was not what he gave to Liu Yucheng. He fell asleep after drinking too much last night. The long legs will be on the sofa for one night. Doctor Jiang took care of Wu Ying’s father when he was discharged from the hospital and sent them home specially. Wu Ying’s parents were obviously satisfied and urged Wu Ying to end their colleague relationship as soon as possible.

Zeng Li and Yu Yi met. Yu Yi is always humorous, while Zeng Li naughty called his little cousin uncle, which was the name she refused to call after she liked Yu Yi. The two came to a restaurant with beautiful scenery by the sea, and Yu Yi made a reservation three months in advance. Yu Yi said that the person who was coming for a while was a good friend of his studying in the United States, a golden bachelor, but Zeng Li would never have thought that Yu Yi’s friend was Ai Jingchu.

Ai Jingchu did not expect that the relative Zeng Li said was Yu Yi. After Ai Jingchu sat down, Yu Yi found that their expressions were very embarrassing. Ai Jingchu explained that he was Zeng Li’s dentist. All of this is easily turned into a relaxing coincidence. While ordering, he mentioned the dark history of Zeng Li with Ai Jingchu, his tone was very intimate. Ai Jingchu had already understood that Zeng Li wrote their story, and more importantly, Yu Yi also liked Zeng Li.

Yu Yi specially prepared a gift for Zeng Li, a key necklace. Ai Jing first remembered that it was written in the book that Yu’er made a key into a necklace and gave it to Xiao Yu’er. Now Yu’er’s face became clear. Ai Jingchu spoke, saying that this necklace was very ordinary, and then he added wine to the cup and became jealous. Yu Yi and Ai Jingchu fought naively.

Zeng Li had to look at the distant scenery and exclaimed and changed the subject. Ai Jingchu hurriedly turned Yu Yi’s head staring at Zeng Li away. At this time, Deng Haoran sent a message that his friend had opened a ski resort and asked them to go skiing together. He also called Yu Yi specifically. Zeng Li simply called Ai Jingchu to him, and turned his head to become annoyed again.

The seventh chapter of “The Story of Fei and Xiao Yuer” is about Zeng Li’s love letter. That letter contains all her thoughts and love. When Ai Jingchu read this, he suddenly realized that the letter he opened by mistake was from Zeng Li, and it turned out that they had met so early. At that time, Ai Jingchu and Yu Yi were still in graduate school, and they were roommates who rented together.

The letter that was mistakenly opened by Ai Jingchu stated that Zeng Li desperately went to East Lake University, thinking that he was finally qualified to like Yu Yi. At that time, Yu Yi was going to study in the United States. After hearing that Yu Yi would stay and work in the United States after graduation, Zeng Li finally couldn’t help writing this confession letter.

At the end of the letter are Zeng Li’s cell phone number and Carol’s signature, which is the name Yu Yi knows. Ai Jingchu thought of Zeng Li’s coffee shop. It turned out that she even used the name of the coffee shop to be known to Yu Yi. Later, Ai Jingchu called this phone number to apologize, but Zeng Li repented again. In fact, Zeng Li was very impulsive when writing a letter. After hearing from his family that Yu Yi had a girlfriend in the United States, Zeng Li asked Ai Jingchu to help her burn the letter.

Zeng Lihou knew it afterwards, so the roommate of Yu Yi who called her back then was Ai Jingchu. Corey wants to send a doctor to the foreign aid medical team. The director hopes Ai Jingchu will think about it and reply to himself next week. Waiting for the red light, Ai Jingchu saw Zeng Li riding a bicycle. The confession in the letter overlapped with Zeng Li’s figure. Ai Jingchu’s mood was confused. Is Yu Yi the one Zeng Li was waiting for?

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