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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 32 Recap

Sun Shijie saw Wu Yuehong’s arm swelling and hurried over to ask for warmth. Wu Yuehong didn’t buy it and asked him to go back to accompany Taoyao. Sun Shijie had to admit that after he took Taoyao home, he found that Taoyao was not the person he wanted, and Sun Shijie was in Taoyao. When I was around, I often thought of Wu Yuehong. Wu Yuehong blossomed in her heart, and Sun Shijie personally helped her massage.

Taoyao saw this and knew that Sun Shijie didn’t have her in her heart. Songlian persuaded Taoyao to snatch Sun Shijie back. Taoyao wanted to use her own ability to gain a foothold in the Sun’s mansion. Songlian reminded her to be careful, and she would drop her blood to check her It’s troublesome if the child in her belly is not Sun Shijie’s. Tao Yao thought of a good way. She took the initiative to show Wu Yuehong and asked Songlian to take the sword away. Tao Yao pulled Wu Yuehong up the steps and deliberately fell from above, taking the opportunity to frame Wu Yuehong.

Sun Xun asked Mrs. Jiang to treat Taoyao. It was found that she had a miscarriage. Taoyao took the opportunity to cry to Sun Shijie and publicly framed Wu Yuehong and pushed her down the stairs. Wu Yuehong repeatedly explained that Taoyao himself rolled down deliberately, and each of them held one. The word was over disputed, Shen Qingyao did not want to be extravagant, announcing that the matter would end here and no one would be allowed to mention it again.

Wu Yuehong saw that Taoyao wanted Sun Shijie to give up her, and warned Taoyao to give up as soon as possible. Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao would not succumb to the marriage between Sun and Wu. Sun Shijie gave Wu Yuehong a severe lesson, and Wu Yuehong left with anger. Lin Shaochun had seen Taoyao’s tricks a long time ago, and persuaded Wu Yuehong to take the opportunity to leave Sun’s Mansion, and Taoyao’s fox tail would be exposed. Wu Yuehong agreed. Xu Fengqiao also saw that Taoyao had deliberately miscarried herself and was jealous of her.

Tanye’s injury gradually improved, he took the initiative to help Yao Dizhu work, and took the opportunity to persuade Yao Dizhu to leave Sun Junhao with him, Yao Dizhu forbid him to talk nonsense. Sun Junhao came to inform Yao Dizhu. He sent someone to check the details of Tan Ye and found that Tan Ye was lying. One year ago, the Jiangjun Slope where Tan Ye was was ransacked by bandits. Tan Ye was forced to be a bandit when it was impossible to go up the mountain to hunt. Yao Dizhu took the opportunity to test Tan Ye, who felt that she didn’t trust herself, and went back to the house without getting angry.

That night, Mr. Baicao found that Tan Ye was missing. Yao Dizhu hurried to the mountain to look for him and found that Tan Ye was besieged by three wolves. Yao Dizhu held a torch and confronted the wolves. The wolves pressed on every step. They both resisted desperately and persisted. At dawn, the three wolves left in despair. Tan Ye thanked Yao Dizhu for his life-saving grace, and once again showed her love. Yao Dizhu told the story between her and Sun Junhao in detail, but Tan Ye disapproved. Yao Dizhu accidentally sprained his foot and couldn’t walk, so Tan Ye carried him on his back. She went down the mountain.

Sun Junhao brought someone to find Yao Dizhu, grabbed Yao Dizhu from Gu Ye’s hand and left. Gu Ye threatened to never give up Yao Dizhu. Sun Junhao gritted his teeth and sent someone to watch Gu Ye. Tanye showed his favor to Yao Dizhu whenever he had a chance, Yao Dizhu avoided him, and Mr. Baicao watched the excitement. Tanyewu went to the outskirts to blow the pigeon whistle, and countless homing pigeons came after hearing the news and changed their formation according to his whistle. Sun Junhao suspected that Tanye used the homing pigeons to transmit information, so he took Yao Dizhu to confirm. Tan Ye claimed that this was a gift he gave to Yao Dizhu. He blew the whistle on the spot and directed the pigeons to show the word “bead”. Yao Dizhu was very moved. Tan Ye took the opportunity to express his heart to her, and Yao Dizhu hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

Sun Junhao didn’t want to lose Yao Dizhu, and immediately decided to marry her. Yao Dizhu cheered happily. Today is the day when Sun Junhao and Yao Dizhu are overjoyed. The military camp is full of excitement. The soldiers come to drink wedding wine, but they are poisoned to death by poisoned wine. A note is left on the table. Gritting his teeth with pride.

Xu Fengqiao found that Taoyao had not only sorted out the accounts of the mansion, but also misappropriated the money without authorization. Xu Fengqiao called her to be held accountable, but Taoyao was not convinced and brought an IOU of 800 taels from Sun Jinge. Xu Fengqiao asked Sun Jinge Xingshi to inquire about the crime. Sun Jinge had to admit that he had lost the bet. Tao Yao took the opportunity to please Xu Fengqiao and promised to help smooth the accounts. Xu Fengqiao didn’t want to be restrained by Tao Yao, but he was helpless.

Sun Yulou went into the palace to see his sister Sun Youzhen. Sun Youzhen asked him to handle the funeral of the noble concubine, so as to get a chance for promotion. Sun Yulou politely declined and wanted to get promoted on the basis of his own ability. Sun Youzhen persuaded him to consider Sun Xun. promise. Sun Yulou took Lin Shaochun to buy it. Lin Shaochun saw a hairpin. Sun Yulou recognized that it was worn by Concubine Yun during his lifetime. After her death, she buried it as a funeral. Lin Shaochun’s expression changed immediately. She didn’t know who had stolen it. Hairpin.

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