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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 31 Recap

Sun Junhao took the soldiers to drink celebration wine to celebrate the annihilation of the wild wolves and their gang. Yao Dizhu did not attend the celebration banquet. She helped Mr. Baicao to dry the herbs. When she thought of Sun Junhao, she closed her mouth happily.

Yao Dizhu suddenly noticed movement in the haystack, and hurriedly went over to see what was happening, and found that there was a person who was severely wounded by a knife hidden inside. The man called himself Tanye. A year ago he went up the mountain to hunt and was arrested as a bandit. He resolutely refused to agree and was severely beaten again and again. Tanye had to submit. The first time he followed the wolf out to robbery, he was seriously injured. Yao Dizhu helped him bandage the wound. He was half-believing what he said. Tan Ye asked her to find someone to confirm, and casually praised her smell, Yao Dizhu warned him not to think about it, otherwise he would never be polite.

Sun Xun read the classics of the past and finally found a way to make up for the deficit in the treasury. He was very happy. Shen Qingyao and Aunt Mei were also happy for him and rushed to congratulate Sun Xun. Hengbrow is cold. Tao Yao personally served Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao with tea, desperately to please them both, Sun Xun didn’t appreciate it at all, Shen Qingyao hurriedly helped Taoyao to say good things and persuaded her to go back and have a good abortion.

Aunt Mei hurried over to offer Sun Xun a cup of tea. Shen Qingyao took the opportunity to kick her. Sun Xun couldn’t stand it and left the table in anger. Sun Xun came to the study and saw Taoyao in it. She lied that she was cleaning the room. Sun Xun noticed that the drawer storing the official documents had been moved and reminded her not to come to the study again.

Sun Yulou sent people to find out that Chen Boyuan was exiled to the border, but he fell into the water and drowned during the exile. Lin Shaochun analyzed that Chen Boyuan was murdered, and Taoyao came to Sun Palace to have another attempt. This matter should have something to do with court officials. evidence. Songlian was ordered to go to the silk and satin village to join the Jia Fengyuan faction and found that she was being followed. The person quietly gave Songlian a note, but was crushed by a passing carriage. Songlian had to take the fragments back to find Taoyao and return to life. Tao Yao wanted to go to Jia Fengyuan to discuss the new contact information, and worried that someone would find out, and let Songlian buy the fruit to send a letter to Jia Fengyuan.

Lin Shaochun sent a mother to watch Songlian closely. She soon discovered that she was not right with the fruit deliverer, so she sent people to follow the fruit deliverer one by one, and found that one of them had entered Jia Fengyuan’s home. The mother hurried back to report to Lin Shaochun. , Lin Shaochun wanted to give Su Yingxue a piano, please ask Su Yingxue to find out the details.

Su Yingxue found out that Jia Fengyuan had handed Sun Xun’s plan to Liang Jingguan, and accidentally made a move. Liang Jingguan forced Jia Fengyuan to kill Su Yingxue and Tao Yao Miekou. Jia Fengyuan could not play. Su Yingxue complained that Jia Fengyuan should not join forces with Liang Jingguan to deal with Sun Xun, and Jia Fengyuan against Sun Xun. The hatred was deep into the bone, and he vowed to get rid of his revenge, and Su Yingxue was not allowed to leave for half a step.

Lin Shaochun sent someone to fly the kite to Jia’s house. Su Yingxue recognized that it was Lin Shaochun’s words, and just wanted to reply to her, but Jia Fengyuan saw that Jia Fengyuan found no abnormalities and tore the kite to pieces on the spot. Su Yingxue pretended to have abdominal pain and asked Jia Fengyuan to call the midwife. Su Yingxue asked the midwife to send a letter to Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun learned that Taoyao and Jia Fengyuan had partnered to calculate Sun Xun and hurried to report to Sun Xun, but he had already gone to court.

Liang Jingguan stole Sun Xun’s plan and got the emperor’s approval. Liang Jingguan was very happy. As soon as Sun Xun returned to the mansion, everyone gathered for a meeting. Lin Shaochun publicly exposed that Taoyao had stolen Sun Xun’s plan to Jia Fengyuan. She sprinkled gold powder on the paper in Sun Xun’s study beforehand. To verify it on the spot, Taoyao had to admit that she had stolen it. In Sun Xun’s plan, Aunt Mei ordered Taoyao to be arrested. Sun Shijie interceded Taoyao. Sun Yulou insisted on punishing Taoyao severely. Sun Xun publicly announced that Taoyao had not betrayed him.

It turned out that Taoyao confessed everything to Sun Xun. Jia Fengyuan paid a lot of money to buy her to steal the files. Sun Xun asked her to make changes and hand over to Jia Fengyuan to revise the files she saw. Sun Shijie complained about Taoyao who didn’t tell him first. Lin Shaochun was stunned and felt Tao Yao’s power again. Tao Yao felt that Jia Fengyuan was unreliable, so she chose the big tree of the Sun family.

The emperor carefully reviewed Liang Jingguan’s plan and found that they were all conscience-defying practices. The emperor was very annoyed and gave Liang Jingguan a lesson. Sun Xun took the opportunity to come up with his plan. The emperor was very satisfied and gave the matter to Sun. Xun handled it and asked Officer Sun Shijie to reinstate his duties to help him. The emperor fined Liang Jingguan to go home and reflect on it. Only then did Liang Jingguan realize that he was caught in Sun Xun’s trap, and he continued to complain.

Jia Fengyuan was sent to Lingnan as an official by Liang Jingguan. He didn’t dare to stay and immediately packed up and went to take office. Sun Xun came to see Jia Fengyuan in person. Jia Fengyuan hurried to accompany his smiling face to pour tea. Sun Xun has found out that he is Jia Zhen. His son clearly stated that it was the emperor who insisted on killing Jia Zhen back then, and this matter had nothing to do with him.

Su Yingxue took out all his savings to Jia Fengyuan and promised to go to Lingnan with him. Jia Fengyuan didn’t want her to suffer along with her, and let her stay in the capital to take good care of the children in her stomach. Lin Shaochun worked hard for the family affairs every day, but she kept coughing. Shen Qingyao felt sorry for her tiredness and asked Taoyao to help her housekeeper. Sun Xun disagreed, and let Taoyao take care of herself. Shen Qingyao took out Taoyao’s collected accounts and handed them to Sun Xun. Sun Xun agreed to let Taoyao take charge of the household accounts for the time being.

Taoyao was proud of the spring breeze and couldn’t help showing off to Sun Shijie the windmill she made to keep the cool air. Sun Shijie was not too cold to her, and took refuge under the excuse of busy work. Tao Yao realized that Sun Shijie was different from before and avoided her everywhere.

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