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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 9 Recap

Xiaoshan knew that Kong Qi had fallen into the valley, so he jumped down and found Kong Qi. When Kong Qi learned that Xiaoshan also jumped down with him, he was very moved, and the reason why Xiaoshan was so good to Kong Qi was because of Kong Qiyi before. Zhi cares about her carefully, so Xiaoshan vowed to be nice to Kong Qi. Kong Qi felt that he could not be looked down upon by Si Tong, nor could he disappoint Xiaoshan and his father, so he went into the cave to practice spells by himself, but his eagerness to make progress led to a devastation.

The next day was everyone’s coming-of-age ceremony, Si Tong warned Kong Qi not to tell the previous things, otherwise he would not be forgiving him lightly. At the beginning of the exam, the red raccoon thought he was very beautiful, but when he saw his appearance in the mirror, he couldn’t believe it. He almost choked himself to death. Fortunately, the spring demon rushed to save the red raccoon. Everyone has not seen the spring demon for many years. I am very happy.

Red raccoon also knows that she failed the assessment and her demon was defeated by her own illusion. And the second person to take the exam is Han Sheng. She originally thought she was going to fight with others, but she was trapped in a box. She was so frightened that Han Sheng thought she was back in the palace again. Everyone knew Han Sheng’s demon. It is closed tightly.

Chun Yao knew where Han Sheng’s heart knot was, and played on the flute outside. Han Sheng knew that she was trapped in the heart demon. She knew that as long as the heart demon was removed, she would pass the level, and soon Han Sheng passed. take an exam. The next one was Kong Qi’s turn. His demon was to defeat Xiaoshan, so that he could prove that he didn’t need a woman to protect him. Kong Qi was defeated by Xiaoshan’s fantasies without a few tricks, and everyone began to laugh at Kong Qi for failing to grow as much as before.

At this moment, Kong Qi took out a chicken leg from his pocket and gave it to Fantasy Hill, but it didn’t count that he could not conquer the hill with his strength, so Kong Qi went crazy to defeat the hill, defeating the illusion of the hill, the real Xiaoshan appeared and told Kong Qi not to attack. He had already won, but Kong Qi was already crazy. He didn’t listen to anyone, so Chun Yao made a move to stop Kong Qi’s demon barrier.

Chun Yao knows that Kong Qi has been enchanted. Only by recasting the Kunlun mirror can Bailingtan be revived, but it is not an easy task to recast the Kunlun mirror, and it will take many hardships to achieve it.

Xiaoshan knew that Kong Qi’s stealing of the ban was a serious consequence, so he went to the Spring Demon to intercede, hoping that Chun Demon could put all the blame on her. Because Kong Qi has never passed the coming-of-age ceremony because of her, even if Kong Qi has never been able to grow up to Xiaoshan, she decided to protect him for the rest of his life. Han Sheng thought that Kong Qi was dead, so he kept blaming him. When Chun Yao told Han Sheng that Kong Qi was fine, Han Sheng’s face was like a child from cloudy to sunny, so he quickly poured some tea for Chun Yao to show his goodness.

Kong Qi woke up and saw Si Tong looking for him, telling Kong Qishan that he had gone to find a magic weapon for him. Kong Qi hurriedly hobbled out to look for the hill, and met Han Sheng outside the door, and the two decided to look for the hill and the spring demon together.

The Snow Wolf clan also received news that the Spring Demon took the hill down to find the magic weapon to recast the Kunlun Mirror. The King was very excited about the news. The wolf clan couldn’t get in and take away the ice and fire god stone, and now Xiao Shan had returned to formally their chance, so he must get the ice and fire god stone.

Kong Qi and Han Sheng have been chasing the Spring Demon and the others. In Kong Qi’s view, the Spring Demon is a tyrannical monarch. The hill must be suffering from the pain of ten thousand arrows. Just then the Spring Demon appeared and called them. Don’t chew your tongue behind your back, take them to rest in a restaurant. In the restaurant, Han Sheng was afraid that the Spring Demon would be angry and would not lead them to show her right away. It was unreasonable to praise the Spring Demon, and the Spring Demon couldn’t figure it out, so she took her to find the Ice Fire God Stone.

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