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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 11 Recap

After Qing Yunong finished speaking, he turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared in front of Xiao Shan. Han Sheng didn’t know what snow lotus was, and Chun Yao explained that it was Xiao’s divine object, which had the effect of bringing back the dead. Qing Yunong was already dead long ago, but his wish was not yet strong, leaving a trace of his soul waiting to see Xiao Shan for the last time, now he understood his wish, so it dissipated.

At this time, many people attacked the temple, and Xiao Shan had recovered his previous memories, knowing that their Xiao clan hated the Snow Wolf Clan so deeply that they had to go out and fight the Snow Wolf Clan to the end.

The Spring Demon also went out to help, side by side with Xiao Shan to deal with the Snow Wolf tribe. The Snow Wolf King laughed at Xiao Shan once severing the relationship with the Xiao Clan in order to marry Qing Yunong, but now he wanted to avenge the Xiao Clan. The angry Xiao Shan picked up a weapon and smashed the Snow Wolf King. After the two men fought for a few rounds, Xiaoshan was stabbed in the heart by the Snow Wolf King.

The Snow Wolf King stepped forward to grab Xiaoshan’s Ice Fire God Stone, but was collapsed several steps away by the God Stone. At this time, a puff of black smoke floated in from outside the door and frightened him. The Snow Wolf King took the dessert and hurried away. Kong Qi hugged Xiao Shan and asked Chun Yao to save her, and Xiao Shan knew that the Snow Wolf King was using a Spirit Devouring dagger, and her soul was broken and unable to return to the sky. Xiao Shan asked Kong Qi to take care of herself. She couldn’t follow Kong Qi anymore. Her last wish was to hope that Kong Qi would live well.

Xiao Shan took out the bracelet on his wrist and gave it to Kong Qi and died. Kong Qi was heartbroken. At this time, the ice and fire sacred stone appeared at the time-space portal, and the spring demon forced Kong Qi into it, and the black smoke followed them into it. After they left the portal, many people were fighting, and they returned to the scene of the official battle between Xiaoshan and the Snow Wolf tribe a thousand years ago.

Xiao Shan arranged them in the mansion, but Xiao Shan didn’t even know them a thousand years ago, but Kong Qi insisted on staying and getting the snow lotus to save Xiaoshan after a thousand years. Chun Yao told Kong Qi not to stay, otherwise it would rewrite history and cause unnecessary trouble, but Kong Qi refused to listen, and Chun Yao agreed to Kong Qi to help get the snow lotus.

Xiaoshan entertained the Spring Demon and they helped retreat. Han Sheng hurriedly pretended that they were also prisoners under house arrest by the Snow Wolf tribe, and happened to join forces with Xiao Shan and them to defeat the Snow Wolf tribe. Xiao Shan felt that the Spring Demon and them were also extraordinary characters and invited them back to the Xiao Clan. .

When they arrived at the Xiao family, they saw that their family was preparing a dowry for Xiaoshan, and inside a box of dowry was the snow lotus that Kong Qi was looking for. After seeing it, Chun Yao secretly made a mark on the box to steal it later. However, Kong Qiyi couldn’t sit still when he heard that Xiao Shan was about to marry Qing Yunong, and lost his trance. Chun Yao gave Kong Qi an idea to help get Snow Lotus, but Kong Qi had to cooperate.

Xiao Shan was very worried about the enmity with the Snow Wolf tribe. Their Snow Camel tribe and the Snow Wolf tribe had always been at odds with each other. This time their marriage with the Feather Clan’s Qing Feather Farmer was also to defeat the underside of the Snow Wolf tribe. It’s just that the Feather Race is a Protoss, and their Snow Camel Race is a demon, afraid that they won’t be worthy of the Green Feather Farmer. These words were heard by Kong Qi on the side, so Kong Qi went to ask Xiao Shan to take him back to the Snow Camel Clan to find relatives. Xiao Shan took care of Kong Qi very much.

Xiao Shan asked the maid Lianyi to send Chun Yao and the others for dinner. Chun Yao saw that there was a mark on Lianyi’s wrist. It was very special. Lianyi quickly covered her wrist and said that she had accidentally burned her at work. After speaking, he hurriedly left. Kong Qi got the news and told the Spring Demon and the others the location of Snow Lotus, hoping that the Spring Demon could find Snow Lotus in the backyard.

The day when Xiao Shan and Qing Yu Nong get married has arrived. Xiao Shan is waiting for the emperor Qing Yu Nong in the bridal chamber, and Qing Yu Nong takes off Xiao Shan’s hijab and takes a look.

Chun Yao and Han Sheng secretly entered the backyard and opened the door, but there was no snow lotus in the alley. At this time, a figure ran out, and Chun Yao hurried after.

Qing Yunong told Xiao Shan that he was injured in the battle and was taken care of by a woman who claimed to be the third princess of the Xiao clan, and that she was completely the same as Xiao Shan now. Xiao Shan told Qing Yu Nong that she had saved Qing Yu Nong, but Qing Yu Nong didn’t recognize Xiao Shan and ran out. Unexpectedly, he encountered Ripples outside the door, and Qing Yunong recognized that the person taking care of him was Ripples. And Lianyi cried and blessed Qing Yunong and Xiao Shan and ran away, and Qing Yunong followed after him.

The spring demon hurriedly chased the person and left Hansheng behind. The guard thought that Hansheng was a thief who was going to catch him, but unexpectedly a black smoke stunned the guard and let him go.

Xiao Shan knew that Xuelian had lost the person who blamed the guard, Kong Qi hurriedly reported to Xiao Shan that he had seen Ripple enter the room where the snow lotus was stored, so Xiao Shan asked Lianyi to tell the truth otherwise he would not spare her. At this moment, Qing Yunong went in to protect Lianyi and told Xiao Shan not to do it.

He also told Xiao Shan that Lianyi had been with him last night and that it was impossible to steal the snow lotus. Qing Yunong’s words called Xiao Shan was very unexpected, and Qing Yunong also told Xiao Shan that he was hiding in the monster clan before, and that he was injured in the battle with the monster clan because Lianyi took good care of him.

At that time, Lianyi told Qing Yunong that she was the third member of the Xiao clan. Princess, so later Qing Yu Nong didn’t care that Xiaoshan was a demon clan who wanted to propose marriage. Xiao Shan told Qing Yunong that it was not Lianyi who took care of him but her, and asked Lianyi to tell the truth to Qing Yunong. Unexpectedly, Lianyi knelt down and begged Xiaoshan to fulfill him and Qing Yunong because he had been taking care of Qing Yunong before. Feelings. Qing Yunong was also very mean to tell Xiao Shan not to be embarrassed, and Xiao Shan slumped on the ground.

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