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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 10 Recap

Kong Qi took the hill to go out for fun, leaving Han Sheng and Chun Yao to drink in the restaurant. Chun Yao felt that Kong Qi and Xiao Shan must have fun and would not go back, but Han Sheng felt that they would not develop so fast, called Chun. Don’t think too much demon. And Kong Qi and Xiao Shan really had fun on the street.

Kong Qi behaved very well when guessing the lanterns together. This made Xiao Shan very envious. As a result, the boss gave them a concentric knot and asked them to finally get married. It’s just that they didn’t know that there was a Snow Wolf tribe behind them monitoring their actions, and the whereabouts of both were well known by the Snow Wolf tribe.

Chun Yao and Han Sheng looked drunk after drinking. Han Sheng molested Chun Yao and wanted to be beautiful. He didn’t expect that Chun Yao stood up and told Han Sheng that she was already beautiful, and kept Han Sheng by her side. Just when Chun Yao pushed Han Sheng on the bed to kiss, he fell drunk. Han Sheng looked at the Spring Monster lying on his body and was shy and expectant. I wonder if Chun Yao’s current state is deliberately teasing her.

Kong Qi told Xiaoshan that he was Xiaoshan’s family, and wanted to protect Xiaoshan in the future. When they were about to confess to each other, Hansheng went out and interrupted their progress. The regretful Hansheng shouldn’t show up to disturb others. .

The Chun Yao woke up in Han Sheng’s bed a little strange, thinking that he would not be gaffes, so he got up and went out to greet everyone. However, all of them were a little embarrassed. At this moment, the table next door was discussing that they had seen the Snow Wolf tribe.

The Spring Demon rushed to Qing Yu Nong with a few people, and as soon as Xiao Shan appeared, he would lend them the Ice Fire God Stone. After Xiaoshan entered there, she opened the mechanism strangely, and she seemed to be familiar with everything there. Xiaoshan seems to have memories of events thousands of years ago, but they are all fragments. At this moment, the Snow Wolf tribe got the news that Princess Xiaoshan had entered the Xiao family’s palace, and the Snow Wolf King called his subordinates to dispatch and must take away the Ice Fire God Stone.

The spring demon led everyone into the palace and asked the hill to take away the ice and fire god stone, and the god stone was in front of Qing Yunong on the throne. If the hill got the ice and fire god stone, all the memories he had lost would be retrieved. The spring demon told the hill to find it. Recalling the memory is a painful memory for her, ask Xiaoshan to consider it clearly. But Xiaoshan knew that only she could get the sacred stone, so Xiaoshan stepped forward to get the ice and fire sacred stone, and her memory was restored at this time.

Thousands of years ago, the Xiao clan fought against the Snow Wolf clan. Xiaoshan was also the third princess of the Xiao clan, and the Qing Yu farmer in front of him was Xiaoshan’s husband. At this moment, the green feather farmer on the throne also awakened. Xiao Shan stepped forward to check, and it turned out that the husband hadn’t died. Xiao Shan hated the Qing Yu farmer in front of her. He was unforgivable for deceiving her before. After speaking, he would take up the weapon in his hand and kill Qing Yu farmer. He didn’t expect that he didn’t escape. He told Xiao Shan that the reason why he was alive was to pay Xiao Shan his life. .

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