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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 30 Recap

Qi Yan asked the eunuch to write a last edict to Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu was crying and she didn’t want any rewards, as long as Qi Yan lived well.

Qiu Ziliang asked the imperial physician to heal Yuan Xing’s injuries. The imperial physician found that Yuan Xing was unable to recover. Qiu Ziliang forced him to ask who the bearded guard beside Yuan Xing was. Yuan Xing guessed it was his nephew Yuan Lin, but Yuan Lin had died in the civil strife, and You Che felt Yuan Lin is indeed a bit like Yan Xiu, and Qiu Ziliang completely eliminated his suspicion.

Qiu Yanzhi took the opportunity to propose to start the investigation with Jiang Ding, who recommended Shiyuan, and Qiu Ziliang agreed. Afterwards, Qiu Ziliang thought more and more something was wrong. He always felt that there was an insider in the shogi camp. He sent a right-hand chariot to monitor Qiu Yanzhi, and a right-hand man to keep an eye on the right.

Qi Chen came to change Qi Yan’s dressing. The eunuch was ordered by Chou Ziliang to squat outside the door, and no one was allowed to enter the door. Although Cheng Ruoyu shouted Qi Chen in the bedroom, the eunuch did not allow him to enter the door, so Qi Chen had to leave disappointed. Qi Yan learned that Yan Xiu had cleared his suspicion and Qiu Yanzhi had arranged everything. Qi Yan felt relieved a little bit. He firmly believed that the third person behind would arrange the following things. Cheng Ruoyu always thought that Cheng Xi was the third. People, did not expect someone else, Qi Yan firmly believes that the third person will send someone to rescue them.

Qiu Ziliang was worried that the Saddle King would be in danger before the canonization of the ceremony. He used the lives of all the soldiers in the shogi camp as a bet. Qiu Yanzhi did not dare to act rashly. As expected by Qi Yan, You Shi sneaked into the palace while it was dark to help Cheng Ruoyu repair the damage caused by the torture of broken bones. He also left the medicine to save Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu knew that You Shi treated her at the time. She was merciful, otherwise there was no possibility of repairing. Cheng Ruoyu resisted the pain and cooperated with the right man, and her skill quickly recovered.

Cheng Ruoyu took good care of Qi Yan, Qi Yan’s injury gradually improved, and the two people got along day and night, and their relationship grew stronger. Qiu Ziliang’s Left Chai secretly hijacked Liu Misha. Qiu Yanzhi learned of this and asked Yan Xiu to send a letter to Zhen Wu Jun, asking them to send someone to rescue him as soon as possible. Qiu Yanzhi wanted to enter the palace to inform Qi Yan, and his right Cha kept following along. She warned her not to act rashly, Qiu Yanzhi had to give up.

Qiu Ziliang was worried that there would be many dreams in the night, and let the left car kill Liu Misha and return to Beijing with her head. When Qiu Yanzhi heard about it, she gritted her teeth with anger. He did not expect that Qiu Ziliang was so insidious and cunning that he sent people to monitor her and right. Therefore, Qi Yan has become a dead game again, and Qiu Yanzhi is desperate, so Yan Xiu suggested to stop the canonization first.

Cheng Ruoyu was feeding Qi Yan medicine, and Qiu Ziliang suddenly came to Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t want Qiu Ziliang to know that she had recovered, so she lay down beside Qi Yan and pretended not to move. Qiu Ziliang demonstrated to Qi Yan, not allowing him to participate in the canonization ceremony three days later, and told him that Liu Misha was killed. Qiu Ziliang claimed to be able to do everything well, and Qi Yan congratulated Qiu Ziliang on his victory.

Qi Yan realized that the third person could not stop Qiu Ziliang, and begged Cheng Ruoyu to take him to see the Saddle King. Cheng Ruoyu refused to agree, worried that he was in danger. Qi Yan firmly believed that Qiu Ziliang would not let him die before the canonization ceremony, Cheng Ruo The fish reluctantly agreed. In the middle of the night, Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Yan went out of the palace with their faces masked. They quietly came to the chess camp. Just as Qiu Yanzhi wanted to kill Saddle King, he accidentally saw Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu and called them into the room.

Qiu Yanzhi couldn’t watch Qiu Ziliang embrace the Saddle King as the emperor, insisting on killing the Saddle King, so as to save Qi Yan’s life, Qi Yan asked Qiu Yanzhi to arrange for him to see the Saddle King, and Cheng Ruoyu also interceded. , Qiu Yanzhi decided to go to see King Saddle upright and immediately sent the right car to report to Qiu Ziliang, who even agreed to Qi Yan to see King Saddle.

Qiu Ziliang couldn’t help thinking of the last night before Emperor Xian’s death. Emperor Xian also wanted to see Qi Yan. Qiu Ziliang promised to let them meet. Qi Yan insisted on coming to see King An, who begged Qi Yan not to kill him, and repeatedly explained that Cheng Xi had arrested him. Qiu Ziliang forced him to be the emperor’s brother, but Qi Yan did not hold him accountable. One of the questions, the first one is whether the King Saddle can take care of himself, and King Saddle vowed to make sure that he can.

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