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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 37 Recap

Xu Zhu stayed with Tianshan Tongmao for several months. From seeing her exercises to heal her injuries, to transforming her appearance, she became a young girl in a blink of an eye, during which many incredible things happened. Until the appearance of Xiaoyao School Li Qiushui, this calm was completely broken. This person was wearing a white gauze, floating like an immortal. Although he could not see his appearance, his temperament was dusty.

I thought it was a good lady from the good family, but she was vicious and wanted to kill the Tianshan child grandmother. She even cut off her fingers, chopped off her left foot, and snatched the Seven Treasure Ring. Seeing this, Xu Zhu was shocked and angrily denounced Li Qiushui with ruthless methods, comparable to evil spirits. I never thought that Li Qiushui sneered when he heard the words, and immediately uncovered the white gauze, a face that should be beautiful, and there were several criss-crossing sword wounds, which made her extremely weird.

As Li Qiushui said, someone used a sword to disfigure her back then, and this person was the Tianshan child’s grandmother. However, the reason Tongmao is like this is entirely because Li Qiushui deliberately framed her when she was successful in her practice, and eventually fell into love with her. The two people have been entangled for decades, and they have not resolved it today. Seeing Li Qiushui’s murderous intent, Xu Zhu rushed to carry Tongmao five or six meters away. In addition, because of Beiming’s true spirit, his speed increased. The sooner, he entered the territory of Xixia in a blink of an eye.

Grandma Tong knew well that Li Qiushui married the Emperor Xixia and became a concubine. She must have been a high-ranking concubine, and she had already laid down people halfway. If she rashly showed up, she would be arrogant, so she decided to make a dangerous move. Under her guidance, Xu Zhu carried her grandma on her back, went straight to Lingzhou City, crossed the palace wall, and slipped into the Xixia Palace.

Even though the masters in the palace are like clouds, fortunately, Xu Zhu has a deep inner strength and is not easy to be noticed. He quietly came to the stone room, which was full of ice, and the cold air was abrupt. In the early years, the Tianshan child grandmother often came here, and they could alleviate the danger and escape the search by the Xixia soldiers.

For a few days after that, Tong’s grandmother taught the virtual bamboo martial arts as usual, but often forced him to drink blood and eat meat. On the other hand, Xu Zhu insisted on clear rules and precepts. Even though he had eaten meat once before, he still didn’t want to break the precepts again. Day after day, at first Xuzhu was able to recite the Buddha’s perseverance, but later perseverance faded, and even met a beautiful girl in a dream, and she was so happy that she was so happy that she finally broke the Buddhist sect. Quit.

When Xu Zhu woke up, he suddenly felt that Tongma was annoyed that he would rather die than eat meat. In this way, Xu Zhu was both remorseful and ashamed, but he couldn’t help but recall the gentle and charming things just now, which moved his mortal heart that he shouldn’t have. Xu Zhu knew that he had committed the three precepts and became a Buddhist sinner.

Grandma Tong was overjoyed when she saw this, and praised Xu Zhu that since she hadn’t pretended to look like, she would inevitably give him some benefits in the future. Since then, Xu Zhu spent more than two months in the stone room, his hair grew, and he often spent time with the girl, and his feelings grew deeper. The girl mistakenly regarded this experience as a dream, and it was inevitable to lose her heart. Only Xu Zhu knew what was false and true, and the two called each other Menglang and Menggu.

Having tasted the world of bliss, Xu Zhu has long forgotten his refuge in my Buddha, just like a stunned boy with a spring heart. Whenever he thinks of Menggu, he will smirk and laugh, and he is so happy that he can’t help but to the Tianshan child. Grandma inquired about the girl’s origin. Tong’s grandmother promised to be successful, so she took him to see Menggu, and promised that the two would forge a good relationship, but the premise was to let Xu Zhu assist himself to kill Li Qiushui.

Hearing Tong’s remarks, Xu Zhu was in a dilemma. Although he had no chance to become a Buddhist disciple anymore, he did not want to kill in vain, so he quickly refused. Tong’s grandmother was still ignorant when she saw Xuzhu, so she was so angry that she put the life and death talisman into Xuzhu’s body, causing her whole body to be itchy, making life worse than death. However, Xuzhu is very stubborn, especially thinking of the boss of Wu and others, who resolutely refuse to be threatened and give in.

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