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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 36 Recap

Seeing that Wu’s boss was not dead, Tianshan Tong’s grandmother asked Xu Zhu to take out the Nine-turn Xiong-She Wan from the porcelain vase. After all, Boss Wu is also a member of the 36th hole. He should know something about it, but he doesn’t understand why this female doll wants to save herself.

After a short while, when seeing the girl sitting cross-legged, a cloud of white mist rose from behind, lingering, and soon covered her face, and her whole body shook with joints. Boss Wu was shocked when he saw this. Unexpectedly, the martial arts practiced by the girl was actually “the only way to do so.”

Xuzhu took care of his grandmother for a long time until the sky was dimmed and his stomach became hungry. In order to prevent the Wu boss from taking the opportunity to harm others, he simply asked him to go with him to find food. As everyone knows, at this time Wu’s boss’s life was already in Tongmao’s hand, and of the two Nine Revolving Bear and Snake Pills, one of them was a poison named “Life and Death Talisman.”

Fortunately, Grandma Tong had something to send to Wu’s boss so that he would not immediately urge the medicinal properties. Because of this, Wu’s boss completely obeyed her and found deer blood to heal her injuries every day. After several repetitions, Tongmao’s appearance has changed significantly, so he asked Wu boss to see the difference, and then threw a stab at him. As the voice gradually turned into an adult woman, Boss Wu was so frightened that his legs were limp, and he looked at the girl incredulously. He didn’t expect that she was the murderous devil.

Thinking about the previous invitation to gather everyone to rebel, Wu boss was panicked, and quickly kowtow to Grandma Tong, begging the other adult not to remember the villain’s fault. Xu Zhu learned the girl’s true identity and decided to go back to Shaolin. However, after only a few steps, he was stopped by Tong Grandma and even dragged him to a remote place to talk.

Nian is Xuzhu’s pure and good nature, besides, he has a life-saving grace for himself, Tianshen Tong’s grandmother told the truth truthfully. It turned out that she had learned the “Eight Desolation and Six Combinations” since she was a child. This skill is extremely powerful, but there is one disadvantage. That is, every thirty years, she has to rejuvenate and rejuvenate.

During this period, Tongma lost all her skills. She did not have to practice for 30 days every time she regained her old age. Therefore, she became like this at the age of ninety-six, and it would take 85 days to fully recover her skills. Become a girl. Since Tianshen Tongmao has an opponent and knows the deadly aspects of her exercises, she will inevitably take the opportunity to come to embarrassment. Therefore, Tongmao passed the Beiming magical power to Xuzhu, hoping that he can use this martial arts to protect himself from the enemy. Mongolia. At first, Xuzhu resolutely refused. It can be seen that Tongma wanted to kill the animal to get blood and threatened him, so he had to agree.

Since the Khitan spies and Azi could not find the other party’s whereabouts, Qiao Feng planned to find him personally, but Mo Ge quickly blocked them. It is now at the end of autumn. Every year at this time, the prince will lead the entire army to the border. One is to grab some rice and labor to fill the shortage of military supplies; the other is to put pressure on the Song Dynasty and ask them to make more rice money.

Moreover, the army in the South Campus has not been fighting for a long time, and it has become a topic for outsiders. Yi Yekun and others have repeatedly impeached Qiao Feng, but Yelu Hongji all rejected them.

Qiao Feng was speechless, and only acted according to the order, but he finally couldn’t bear it when he thought of the Liao army massacring the people of the Song Dynasty, and ordered the whole army to rest. However, that night, several subordinates attacked the Song army without telling Qiao Feng, not only seized several cities, but even cut down the great Song Han Shuai. Qiao Feng watched General Han’s sabre presented by his subordinates, and he endured grief, thinking that Qiao Feng had no place to live in this world.

You Tanzhi wants to escort A Zi back to the Liao country, but Quan Guanqing deliberately urges You Tanzhi to stay. If A Zi’s vision recovers, he will definitely abandon him and leave when he sees his current appearance. Quan Guanqing promised to find a good doctor to treat You Tan’s face and restore his original appearance. You Tan believes that it is true, is grateful to him, joins the beggar gang on the spot, and finds excuses to deceive Azi.

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