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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 35 Recap

Wang Yuyan worried about her cousin’s safety, and never wanted to leave. Duan Yu knew her heart was tied to her, but she was alone with Young Master Murong, so she had no choice but to turn back. The fighting in the forest was fierce, and even though Murong Fu’s strength was good, he could not withstand the siege in turn. Fortunately, at the critical moment, the injustice came flying in to quell the fighting. Everyone looked at its majesty, and naturally looked at his face and stopped fighting.

The two parties knew their identities, and knew that today’s conflict was a pure misunderstanding. Murong Fu didn’t want to stay here any longer, so he thanked the Taoist chief and left first. Unexpectedly, the boss of Wu hurried forward to stop him when he saw this. He had long heard the rumours of North Qiaofeng and South Murong, so he wanted to ask Murong to help them get rid of the Tianshan child grandmother.

Since there are many capable people and strangers among the thirty-six caves and seventy-two island owners, Murong Fu thought about this group of people might work for him in the future, so he changed his mind and planned to explore the situation first before making a decision. The boss of Wu recommended all the brothers one by one for Murong Fu and others, and he told his miserable experience.

Although it seems that these people live in remote deserted mountains and dominate the islands, and they seem to live freely and freely, in fact, they are all constrained by the Tianshan child’s grandmother and are comparable to slaves. If you are scolded, it’s okay. There will even be a feast for a few days to celebrate your peace, but you are afraid of torture by the Tianshan child’s grandmother, from the whip to the back of the python, and the long nail to the bone.

Several people showed the nails on their backs and the iron chains on the bones of the pipa. They couldn’t bear to look directly at them, which made the people present indignant. I didn’t expect that there would be such a sinister and vicious person in the world. It is precisely because of the Tianshan child grandmother who has lived on the Misty Peak for a long time, no one has seen her true appearance. Anyone who snoops has been blinded, cut off his arms, and dug out his tongue.

All the brothers were bullied and poisoned by the child’s grandmother. They all dared not say anything. They thought they would spend their lives in this hell. Fortunately, God has a long eye, and finally got a chance to take revenge and shame. On the third day of March this year, the boss of Wu and the rest of the island owners purchased goods and sent them to Miaomiao Peak. Suddenly they discovered that the Jiuyi Taoist was killed. This man was a Xixia No. 1 Warrior warrior. If he trespassed into the Tianshan Mountains, he would inevitably annoy Tongmao.

But it happened that there were two fatal sword wounds on the Jiuyi Taoist, which did not seem to be from the hands of the Tong grandmother. Therefore, it is rumored that he was killed by the Gusu Murong clan. Thinking that Tianshan Tong’s grandmother never showed up, a few people speculated that she was seriously ill, and it was true that they had inquired privately, so all the island owners and cave owners gathered together to take the opportunity to take her life, but were afraid that she would not be able to find her. Life and death symbol.

The so-called life and death talisman is a powerful magic weapon to suppress the death of everyone. Before, several cave owners were so afraid of this thing that they jumped off the cliff and committed suicide. Moreover, the misty Lingjiu Palace masters are like clouds, even if they want to go to the Lingjiu Palace to explore, they dare not be upright, but try their best to hide, lest they bump into people.

The boss of Wu saw a girl who looked like a maid in the flower garden behind the palace. In order to avoid revealing her identity, he simply used a capture method to take her away. Now that the girl is in the woods, the Uganda boss tore open the bag, and saw that she was very small, about seven or eight years old. Thinking of the evil deeds of the Tianshan child’s grandmother on weekdays, Wu’s boss gradually increased his hatred. He wanted to kill the girl to vent his anger. Xu Zhu appeared in time to rescue her and kicked Wu’s boss.

Although Xuzhu’s practice time is relatively short, his skill has long been higher than that of Wu’s boss, but for a while, he has already reached the middle of the mountain and ended up losing his way on the mountain. The girl is not like a child, she has a domineering majesty, especially what she said, which shocked Xu Zhu. It turns out that this person is the Tianshan child’s grandmother.

Seeing Xuzhu wearing the Qibao ring, Tongma’s face changed drastically, and she asked where he came from, but when he heard that Wuyazi was dead, his face was sad and fleeting. Xu Zhu told the truth and claimed to have been ordered to find someone in Dali. He unfolded the scroll entrusted by Wuyazi, which contained a portrait of a mysterious woman that looked like Wang Yuyan.

Knowing the causes and consequences, Tianshan Tong’s grandmother decided to teach Xuzhu martial arts and teach him how to use internal force. At this time, the boss of Wu and others were found along the way, and Xu Zhu picked up the Tong grandmother and reluctantly challenged him. Under her guidance, he fumbled and killed the opponent. The corpses everywhere had no breath. Tong’s grandmother took the opportunity to suck blood and heal his wounds. On the contrary, Xuzhu was very regretful. As a monk, he was so sinful and sad and sad.

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