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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 34 Recap

Everyone left the valley of the deaf and dumb, and each had a place to go. On the way back to Shaolin, Xu Zhu encountered Azi, but was teased. Azi knew that Xuzhu strictly abides by the rules and disciplines, so he deliberately mixed all kinds of meat into the bowl of plain noodles, which eventually caused him to break the precept. Just as Xu Zhu rushed to the door to vomit, his heart was as numb, and suddenly he heard the noise of the people nearby, Ding Chunqiu, surrounded by his disciples, came slowly.

Azi saw Master as if a mouse had run into a cat, scared her bones soft, and knew that she had nowhere to escape, so she simply followed them to the back room. There were no other disciples in the room at this time, only a monk lying on the bed, it was the monk Huijing who raised ice silkworms. You Tanzhi hid in a corner and witnessed Azi’s eloquent eloquence throughout the entire process. He claimed to have placed the Wang Ding in the Chu Palace of the Liao Kingdom, and sang praises to Ding Chunqiu from time to time, boasting the prestige of the old immortal stars.

Ding Chunqiu twisted his beard and smiled, his eyes seemed to be closed, and he was very intoxicated when he listened to Azi’s flattering beard, but if he easily let go of this evildoer, he would inevitably be a little unhappy, and he was about to break his hands and feet. At that time, Murong Fu unexpectedly walked from the door and sat at the next table to order a good meal.

During the chess meeting during the day, Murong Fu hadn’t forgotten that Ding Chunqiu’s spells inflicted harm, causing the four ministers to almost die. Unexpectedly, they parted for a moment, and then reunited again. Between Murong Fu and Ding Chunqiu, there were new and old grievances, and if they could do something, they would never open their mouths. The two competed outside the inn, and in an instant the Astral Sect killed three disciples one after another, and it was clear that the victory or defeat was divided.

Seeing this situation, Ah Zi, who was originally hiding in the corner watching the fight, suddenly yelled Ding Chunqiu with great power, but there was a sense of sarcasm hidden in these words. Ding Chunqiu had heard him, and he was so angry that he waved his sleeves. Frozen, he poured the wine in the urn onto Ah Zi. After the venom entered his eyes, Ah Zi screamed again and again.

For a moment, the white shadow disappeared, and Azi was so frightened that he couldn’t bear the sight of Xuzhu. Taking advantage of everyone’s precautions, You Tanzhi stepped forward and took Azi away, rushing all the way to the lake, carefully wiping her eyes with her veil. Although Azi noticed that the pain was gradually subsiding, the sky was dark and there was no light in front of her. She was deeply shocked, feeling helpless and desperate, and she sat there and cried loudly.

You Tanzhi was flustered and didn’t know how to comfort Azi. He could only promise to stay with her forever and never leave, otherwise his body would be broken into pieces. Because You Tanzhi’s tone was anxious and extremely sincere, Ah Zi gradually calmed down and asked for her name. You Tanzhi remembered the scenes she had been with before, worried that she would dislike herself, so she lied to Zhuang Juxian.

At the strong request of Azi, You Tanzhi promised to send her back to Nanjing, the Liao country, but the two of them walked halfway and suddenly met Quan Guanqing, the beggar gang. In order to avoid revealing their identities, You Tanzhi used gestures to tell them not to speak, and had to injure the disciples of the Beggar Gang. Quan Guanqing saw that his martial arts were profound, which was rare in his life, so he did not dare to act rashly and deliberately stepped forward to talk to You Tanzhi. court.

Murong Fu and others strayed into the mountains. At this time, the night was deep, and there was pitch black everywhere, and there was no light from the stars and the moon, and it was difficult to distinguish the direction. The four major ministers stood on the front, back, east and west sides to protect Murong Fu and Wang Yuyan’s safety. Unexpectedly, weird noises were heard around them. Before they could react, they saw dozens of paper lanterns flying from the opposite side with strange patterns on them. .

Fortunately, everyone dodged in time and was not hurt by them. On the contrary, the storm couldn’t help but angered who was pretending to be a ghost here. However, as soon as the words came out, dozens of people came from all directions, including men and women, ugly and handsome, including monks, Taoists, and old men.

The leader asked Murong Fu to kowtow to everyone, otherwise he would never let him go. Seeing that the son was insulted by this kind of insult, the four ministers acted first and ganged up with them. Murongfu was afraid that Wang Yuyan would be injured, so he hugged her to the tree to wait and see. He didn’t expect that someone threatened her with her life and forced Murongfu to surrender. Murongfu refused to surrender regardless of Wang Yuyan’s life and death. At this moment, Duan Yu flew over and rescued her in time.

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