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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 27 Recap

Due to the extremely unpleasant negotiations, Huang Lilin was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and other department personnel and Maria also appeared one after another. Xia Ming hurried over after receiving the news. Even though he knew that Su Xiao was not at fault, he still had a grudge, especially when Su Xiao faced this situation, he subconsciously concealed the previous quarrel and only emphasized that Huang Lilin came to him. Lose the phone.

Even though Huang Lilin has passed the critical period, he has had stroke symptoms and needs to be hospitalized. Xia Ming didn’t have the energy to take care of Su Xiao’s emotions and left her in the cold. Instead, Wu Hongmei comforted her heartily, saying that these are necessary for the road to growth. But since Su Xiao joined the group, she has dealt with the violent storms, but now the calm and the waves make her feel more uneasy, and she doesn’t need this kind of growth.

Before long, many negative posts about Su Xiao circulated on the Internet, including the black history, and those unfavorable news. The skin implied that she relied on men to lead her, which seriously affected the operation of the entire Yinghai Group. Maria asked the staff of the Network Department to investigate the IP address of the poster. However, the other party is good at hacking and cannot trace the original IP at all. It is harder to find the information of the poster.

Su Xiao saw the turmoil in the company forum, and now she has a hundred words of indisputability. The only way is to expeditiously write a debt-on-lending plan, hoping to let Zhao Xiankun see her own value. At the same time, Xia Ming was taking care of his uncle in the hospital. Unexpectedly, Ge Cui of the guarantee company came to the door and claimed that Huang Lilin borrowed 30 million turnover from him, so he notified Xia Ming to collect the debt within three days. .

Zhao Xiankun returned from a business trip, went to the hospital overnight to visit Huang Lilin, and promised to investigate the situation clearly, but Xia Ming didn’t appreciate it at all. When Zhao Xiankun had just left, Huang Lilin woke up immediately. Because he could not speak, he could only write two messages on paper with a pen. The first one was Zhao Xiankun’s cruel heart, and the first one indicated that he was in a coma because of Su Xiao.

The next day, Zhao Xiankun convened an emergency meeting. Lin Xiaomin and other senior leaders met to discuss this. They believed that Su Xiao was no longer suitable for the job, especially Hu Changhai, who relied on his veteran status to accuse Su Xiao of being a junior and not respectful, even the subsidiaries. The boss also asked Zhao Xiankun to punish Su Xiao severely.

In the presence, everyone except Wang Mingyu was very dissatisfied with Su Xiao. Hu Changhai rushed to the front line, and everyone slammed the fire. In fact, they wanted to put pressure on Zhao Xiankun. Zhao Peng also testified true and false, and wanted to put Su Xiao and Huang Lilin into the hospital. Because Wang Mingyu is good at speculating about Zhao Xiankun’s thoughts, he can only become the only one in this group of people who sings a blank face.

Xia Ming was sitting outside the hospital alone. He wanted to send a message to Su Xiao to explain her difficulties, hoping she would understand, but after editing a few short messages, she chose to delete them. In the end, Xia Ming took the words written by Huang Lilin on paper and sent them to the group. Maria made public at the meeting, claiming that Huang Lilin’s coma was indeed inseparable from Su Xiao. Zhao Xiankun did not express his position on the spot, but announced the adjournment of the meeting.

But after the meeting, Zhao Xiankun was so angry that he had stomachache, and he calmly helped him back to the office. After taking stomach medicine, Zhao Xiankun’s condition gradually improved. He called his secretary Xiao Tang for questioning, wanting to know what happened to the group recently. But Xiao Tang seldom participated in these gossips. She only knew that her colleagues used the induction ceremony of the first-level leader to discuss privately about the second-level leaders, which meant that Su Xiao was not qualified.

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