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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 10 Recap

Song Qingyuan left after dinner. Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang strolled on the street. When they saw a place to sing, Ye Xiaolang picked up the microphone. Qiao Yicheng ran to buy two roasted sweet potatoes, Ye Xiaolang. Looking at his back, I feel more at ease. Qi Weimin and Chang Xingyu also got closer. Qi Weimin helped her take the heavy objects back to the dormitory. Seeing that her quilt was broken, he enthusiastically helped to sew the quilt. Ye Xiaolang met Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan when she was out of the news, and they were almost caught up and beaten by others. Qiao Yicheng asked a girl to pay attention to her body when she was in the news. Ye Xiaolang asked them to have dinner together. Song Qingyuan was very winking. , Resolutely said not to go.

Qiao Sanli made an appointment with Wang Yiding to watch a movie tomorrow. Qiao Erqiang wanted to see the store, and Qiao Simei wanted to go shopping and no one accompanied her. After Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang finished their meal, they went to see the movie “Da Sa Ba”, which is now being normalized. Ye Xiaolang looked carefree, but he was still moved to tears. After watching the movie, Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding were also standing by the side of the road waiting for the bus to discuss the plot. Wang Yiding held an umbrella and listened to her intently, and suddenly kissed Qiao Sanli. Qiao Sanli reflexively pushed him away. Unbearable memories of childhood came to her heart.

Qiao Sanli asked her master to stop the car and walked home under the rain. Wang Yiding hurriedly got out of the car and chased after her. He was puzzled and worried as he watched her return home. Qiao Simei was shocked to see Qiao Sanli coming back wet, and hurriedly took care of her to boil and take a bath. When she was a child, Qiao Sanli took care of Qiao Simei. Now she is changing to Qiao Simei to persuade her to vent her unhappiness, not to let him ruin her life just because she met someone.

When Qiao Simei passed by the Niuye clothing store, Qiao Erqiang hurriedly hid when seeing her here, but was pulled out by Niuye. Niu Ye asked her to pick clothes at will, and even if he gave them to Qiao Simei, Qiao Simei would not care why Qiao Erqiang was here. It’s been a long time since Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding got off work together after that incident. Finally, Qiao Sanli made an appointment with Wang Yiding today, but they broke up. Wang Yiding couldn’t understand why, Qiao Sanli choked. Everything was her problem, she didn’t want to hurt Wang Yiding. When Qiao Erqiang hid the money, Qiao Zuwang secretly saw it.

Qiao Simei dressed more and more fashionable, and met Wang Yiding at the door of the house, and Wang Yiding asked her to help call Qiao Sanli out. Before Qiao Simei had time to say anything, Qiao Yicheng talked about it because of her dressing up. The money that Qiao Erqiang had saved for a long time was stolen by Qiao Zuwang, and Qiao Simei asked him to return the money to Qiao Erqiang, otherwise he would tell Qiao Yicheng. However, Qiao Zuwang made up his mind that Qiao Erqiang did not dare to tell Qiao Yicheng, because he saved the money to find Ma Suqin. After listening to Wang Yiding’s ins and outs, Qiao Yicheng frowned and said that Qiao Sanli was arguing with herself, and persuaded Wang Yiding to be more proactive in the future.

Qiao Erqiang suffocated his stomach and went to the clothing store to ship the goods. Qiao Simei helped sloppy eyes in front of Qiao Yicheng. It was unexpected that Niu Ye was in a clothing smuggling business. Qiao Erqiang was arrested by the police, and finally it was again. Joe Yicheng fished him out. In the face of Qiao Yicheng’s hatred of iron and steel, Qiao Erqiang was also very helpless. He also wanted to have something to do, but he couldn’t go any way. No matter what he wanted or the person he wanted, he couldn’t find anything.

When Qiao Zuwang was playing mahjong, he heard that Old Xu was very interested in doing fundraising business, but he didn’t expect that he would have the opportunity. Qiao Simei went to the commissary to buy romance novels. Hearing that Qi Weimin and Chang Xingyu were engaged, they hurriedly congratulated Wei Shufang. Wei Shufang and Lao Ma came and rushed to urge Qiao Yicheng to get married early.

Qiao Simei trot home all the way, and saw that no one at home quickly closed the door, with a book on his head practicing tongue twisters roundly. I didn’t expect that they would all be seen by Qiao Erqiang on the roof. The siblings have been feeding the big cat Xiao Mianhua since they were young, but Qiao Simei still habitually puts biscuits that she can’t bear to eat in his bowl. Qiao Simei showed the job information in the newspaper to Qiao Erqiang. She wanted to take the exam.

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