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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 13 Recap

Yu Yi is Zeng Li’s little uncle, who is the top student in the college entrance examination, and was taken by Zeng’s mother to make up lessons for her during a one-year vacation. Yu Yi has a very good personality. When his parents quarreled, he would help Zeng Li close the door of the room and then hand her earphones. He also called Xiao Yuer and Xiao Yuer. Yu Yi helped Zeng Li clean up the mess after his parents quarreled. Because of Yu Yi’s words, Zeng Li ignited the hope of entering Donghu University. Yu Yi understands Zeng Li’s urgency to leave home, but maybe he won’t understand until then. In fact, his parents are pretty good.

Zeng Li didn’t wash his hair for three consecutive days, and got off the plane with the editor sloppyly. Ai Jingchu came to pick her up before the meeting. Zeng Li remembered that he hadn’t washed her hair and pulled the editor to hide. He also told Ai Jingchu that she had been on the subway until Ai Jingchu’s voice sounded behind her. Zeng Li awkwardly explained that she didn’t wash her hair, but actually didn’t wash her face. Ai Jingchu laughed at her as a scruffy ghost, but her tone was a little bit coquettish. Ai Jingchu is 20 centimeters taller than Zeng Li. Looking at Zeng Li from his perspective, her head is indeed very oily…

On the way, Ai Jingchu asked Zeng Li’s father who had never mentioned it. After the divorce, the great father and the great mother remarried and gave birth to a younger brother. Zeng Lei was sleeping on the sofa and was awakened by Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi’s gossip. Yu Yi reported that he had returned to China. Before Zeng Li, who hadn’t seen him in four and a half years, had time to express his views, Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi quarreled. Don’t mention it anymore.

Yu Yi broke into Ai Jingchu’s office regardless of Zhou Wen’s obstruction, and then lay down on his own. Ai Jingchu was not angry, and picked up the pliers to extract his teeth. Yu Yi quickly admitted her mistake, and Zhou Wen realized that Ai Jingchu and Yu Yi knew each other. The two are good friends who have known each other for eight years. Yu Yi brought a large box of books to Ai Jingchu when he returned from the United States.

The former Zeng Li often fantasized about meeting Yu Yi again. It was not until Yu Yi sent a message that Zeng Li realized that she hadn’t thought about it for a long time. Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying argued over who is more suitable for Zeng Li, Yu Yi and Ai Jingchu, and holding the book “The Story of Xiao Yuer”, Zeng Li regretted it. Yu Yi came back too suddenly, Zeng Li didn’t know how to face him, and what did he think of Zeng Li. Yu Yi didn’t plan to leave when he came back from the United States this time.

After all, he was able to take care of his family here. He also told Ai Jingchu that he had someone he liked and was going to invite her to dinner. Since he hadn’t seen him for a long time, he planned to find Ai Jingchu with him. Ai Jingchu, who went to the hot spot and was once again found to be a wingman, was a little bit emotional.

Deng Haoran ate with Ma Yiyi with the wound on his face, and the two brokenhearted people hurt each other. Ma Yiyi has never met true love, Deng Haoran saw through the truth early, she just fell in love for the sake of falling in love. But Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi are not exactly the same. Although they have been in love over the years, Ma Yiyi is looking for someone who can always accompany her and tolerate her. A patient died in emergency care, and Wu Ying sat lonely on the promenade.

Liu Yucheng didn’t know how to comfort her, Wu Ying shook her head, they were not in the same world. Wu Ying doesn’t want Liu Yucheng to circle her every day. He is only 21 years old, and doing something funny is more meaningful than spending time in the emergency department. Wu Ying’s life should be back on track, writing essays and appraising titles, and finding someone who can get married.

Liu Yucheng tried to persuade Wu Ying that Liu Yucheng could even marry her at any time as long as she wanted. But Wu Ying understood that the gap between them was too big, Liu Yucheng did not even reach the legal age for marriage, and he did not even know whether the future would be in China or Malaysia. Liu Yucheng stubbornly felt that what Wu Ying said was wrong, and he hoped to use actions to tell Wu Ying that these were not problems.

Doctor Jiang knocked on the door to break the embarrassment. Wu Ying went to visit his parents. Doctor Jiang stayed on his own and persuaded Liu Yucheng not to waste time on Wu Ying. Wu Ying didn’t like Doctor Jiang, Liu Yucheng could tell, but Doctor Jiang’s words made him unable to refute. Like it is not something Wu Ying should consider.

What she needs is a sense of security, and Liu Yucheng obviously can’t give it to her. Zeng Li opened “The Story of Xiaoyu and Xiaoyuer”, and the unbearable memories came to his mind again. Zeng Li entered the ranks of top students under the guidance of Yi, but his parents caused a divorce. The relatives of both sides got together to fight for reasons, which looked like a dog-blood TV series. Zeng Li was at a loss for what to do with this scene, and it was Yu Yi’s appearance that comforted her.

Yu Yi sent a message to ask Zeng Li to meet on Saturday night. Zeng Li agreed on the front foot, and received the news from Ai Jingchu on the back foot. Ai Jingchu asked Xu Hengheng to make an appointment with a private kitchen on Saturday night, but Zeng Li said that she was going to see a relative that day, and Ai Jingchu cancelled it. Putting down the phone, Ai Jingchu picked up the book and saw Zeng Li’s parents divorce. Yu Yi took Zeng Li’s hand and took her away quickly.

Yu Yi is very good and understands Zeng Li very well, understands her fear, shame, and fear, like a beam of bright sunshine that illuminates Zeng Li’s life. Ai Jingchu was fascinated. The story of his childhood was true. Is it true that he is smaller than this person? Yu Yi sent a message and said that she had made an appointment with a girl she liked for dinner on Saturday night and asked Ai Jingchu to go with her.

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