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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 29 Recap

Sun Shijie accompanied Shen Qingyao to the Longen Temple to offer incense. He accidentally saw a figure resembling Taoyao among the monks. Sun Shijie just wanted to come forward to identify him, but Shen Qingyao called out. Then, Sun Yulou brought the whole family under the wishing tree. Let everyone write down their wishes. Wu Yuehong couldn’t write it, so Lin Shaochun wrote it for her. Sun Shijie was worried about the person just now, but he was still reluctant to write. Sun Yulou wrote for him, “Wish to be connected to the branch” in the land.

Sun Shijie threw his wish to the top of the tree, but it fell off accidentally. Lin Shaochun quickly picked it up and let Wu Yuehong read it out in public. Wu Yuehong didn’t understand the meaning, and Sun Shijie was disappointed, and left hurriedly under the pretext of stomach pain. Lin Shaochun explained the meaning of the note to Wu Yuehong, blushing with shame. Sun Shijie looked around and finally saw Taoyao and Songlian who had taken refuge here by the well. Taoyao drew water from the well and accidentally injured her hand. The abbot then rushed to urge them to leave as soon as possible, so as not to cause the pilgrims. Suspect.

Songlian had already seen Sun Shijie come to the incense with her family, while helping Taoyao bandage her wounds, while persuading her to go to Sun Shijie to explain the truth. Taoyao didn’t want to have anything to do with Sun Shijie, and wanted to leave Longen Temple as soon as possible. Seeing Taoyao’s embarrassment, Sun Shijie learned that Taoyao was pregnant with his child, and hurriedly stood up and met Taoyao, and the two people reconciled as before.

Wu Yuehong was worried about Sun Shijie, so she asked Lin Shaochun to accompany her to find someone. When she met Sun Shijie and Taoyao walking over, Wu Yuehong suddenly understood that Sun Shijie’s wish was not for her at all, which made her happy, Wu Yuehongyue The more sad she thought, she couldn’t help crying, and Sun Shijie left Taoyao silently with her arms around her.

When Shen Qingyao learned that Taoyao was pregnant with Sun Shijie’s child, she took Taoyao home to return to Sun Xun. Sun Xun promised Taoyao could stay temporarily, and after the child was born, he would confirm whether it was Sun Shijie’s flesh and blood. She drove out of Sun’s house, Wu Yuehong refused to give up, but she did not expect Tao Yao to be willing to be a concubine. Wu Yuehong resolutely refused to do it, rushed to punch and kick her, Sun Shijie hurried away protecting Tao Yao.

Sun Shijie asked the servant and maid to help Taoyao clean up a big house and settle down. Taoyao finally got what she wanted to enter the Sun’s house. She stood on the balcony and looked at the beautiful scenery of Sun’s mansion, and she couldn’t restrain the excitement in her heart. Wu Yuehong approached Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou to discuss countermeasures, and asked her to call her door to drive Taoyao out. Lin Shaochun persuaded her to take the long-term plan and let Sun Yulou go to Chen Boyuan to find out what Taoyao had done in the past few months.

When Mr. Baicao accidentally fell when he went up the mountain to collect medicine, Yao Dizhu hurriedly helped him bandage. At this moment, Sun Junhao sent someone to invite Mr. Baicao. Many soldiers in the barracks had a high fever. Mr. Baicao hurried over to consult and found that they were infected with the same disease and urgently needed Saxifraga to be saved. Yao Dizhu took the initiative to ask for medicine from the mountain. Sun Junhao was worried, and quietly followed up the mountain. Yao Dizhu ate a piece of bloody ground that could not quench her thirst. Sun Junhao mistakenly thought that she was vomiting blood. Sun Junhao helped gather herbs.

Some bandits suddenly hijacked Yao Dizhu, thinking that Yao Dizhu was Sun Junhao’s lover, and threatened Sun Junhao. Sun Junhao was not afraid of danger, and repeatedly claimed that Yao Dizhu was an ordinary citizen in Twilight. The robbers wanted to kill Yao Dizhu. Sun Junhao drew out a dagger and stabbed the robber to death. Yao Dizhu was very sad. Sun Junhao even treated her as an ordinary citizen. Sun Junhao did not explain.

The villagers cut down the big tree with the tree hole and found that there were many love letters written by Sun Junhao to Yao Dizhu. Yao Dizhu was washing clothes by the river. Looking through the affectionate love letters, her heart was happy. Flowers. From that day on, the villagers chanted those love letters one after another. Sun Junhao was embarrassed. Yao Dizhu took the opportunity to express his heart to Sun Junhao and force Sun Junhao to be responsible for her to the end. In fact, Yao Dizhu had known that his second master was Sun Junhao, but he did not expect that Sun Junhao would find someone to pretend to be him to drive Yao Dizhu away. Yao Dizhu knew Sun Junhao’s difficulties and vowed to follow him all his life. Sun Junhao was deeply moved and the two couldn’t help themselves. Embracing affectionately.

Lin Shaochun sent someone to inquire about Chen Boyuan’s whereabouts, but found nothing. Tao Yao came to Lin Shaochun to demonstrate, first showing off Sun Shijie’s infatuation with her, and then reminding Lin Shaochun not to go to Chen Boyuan again, she had already taken back the deed of selling, Chen Boyuan has nothing to do with her since then, Lin Shaochun exposed Tao Yao’s shamelessness in person. Cheating, Taoyao even moved out of her belly to threaten Lin Shaochun with the child, Lin Shaochun was speechless.

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