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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 8 Recap

Kong Lan negotiated with Wuyin, Chun Yao wanted to recast the Kunlun Mirror, and asked Wuyin to look for the five-color magic lotus, and he would look for the rest of the baby.

Si Tong knew that Han Sheng was introduced by the Spring Demon, but she wanted to kill Han Sheng, because she did not go out, and she did not approve of the Spring Demon’s ruling power. Hooking up together is not worthy of being a king. Kong Lan’s son Kong Qi felt that Si Tong had gone too far and wanted to intervene to stop him, while Si Tong scolded Kong Qi’s dad as just a follower of the Spring Demon. When the two were about to start their hands, they were called by Wuyin and punished them to copy the scriptures.

Xiaoshan told Hansheng that the coming-of-age ceremony would be coming soon, and many people were going to be on stage, but the heart demon was the most difficult to resist. It was enough to tell Hansheng to control the heart demon. Kong Qi left the academy because of the ridicule of his friends. After the little ass, he chased Kong Qi to comfort him as the most handsome monster in Bailingtan, and gave Kong Qi a dragon scale dagger as a gift before the exam.

However, Kong Qi felt that a man had to be able to get gifts, so Xiaoshan asked Kong Qi to pass the coming-of-age ceremony and gave him the dragon scale dagger. At this time, Han Sheng also passed, and returned the scriptures left by the hill to the hill. This time Xiaoshan remembered that Boundless was waiting for her to get the scriptures and ran back quickly. Han Sheng knew that Xiaoshan and Kong Qi had feelings and quickly explained that she did not intend to disturb them. Kong Qi quickly said that Kong Lan would not understand them. The child’s mind. When he was a child, his father Kong Lan asked Kong Qi to take care of a rain god flower.

As long as he took care of it, he would expel a beautiful flower. He could avoid a wish of the caregiver, so Kong Qi took care of the rain god flower every day. . Kong Qi took care of the rain god flower again, and prayed that the rain god flower would bless him to pass the coming-of-age ceremony. At this moment, the rain god became the current hill. Dad Kong Lan told Kong Qi in the past that the rain god is regarded as the grandmother of their family in terms of generations. After calling Kong Qi, he will call the hill aunt. After hearing this, Han Sheng felt that their story was really surprising, but Xiaoshan was sincerely kind to Kong Qi.

Follow the fairy Big Dipper to find the Spring Demon and tell him to pay attention to the omens mentioned before. At this time, Han Sheng went to find the Spring Demon to eat, and the Big Dipper quickly slipped away.

Xiaoshan followed the instructions of Chun Yao to watch the students practice spells and told Kong Qi to ask her if she didn’t understand, but Kong Qi always felt that he was being taken care of by Xiaoshan, so he didn’t want to get too close to the hill and walked away. At this time Si Tong was going to compete with Kong Qi’s spells. Soon Si Tong defeated Kong Qi and installed wings behind Kong Qi to make everyone laugh at Kong Qi. Han Sheng couldn’t stand it anymore and stood out to challenge Si Tong. As long as she and Kong Qi passed the coming-of-age ceremony smoothly, don’t look down on them. If they can’t pass, they will be called Uncle Si Tong. After returning home, Han Sheng prayed to Chun Yao for help, otherwise his master Chun Yao would be ashamed.

The Spring Demon knew that Han Sheng was thinking of teaching Han Sheng spells at night, and Han Sheng was also very serious about learning the spells of Spring Demon Cultivation. Kong Qi was also practicing his spells earnestly. Xiaoshan took some delicious food to send to Kong Qi, but Kong Qi didn’t want to eat. Xiaoshan told Kong Qi not to see the coming-of-age ceremony too heavy, Xiaoshan will protect Kong Qi’s grandson for the rest of his life.

Kong Qi became even more angry when he heard Xiaoshan’s words. Xiaoshan didn’t know that Kong Qi was afraid of being said that he had been protected by a woman, and he didn’t want to be Xiaoshan’s grandson, so he walked away angrily. Just when Kong Qi ran into the mountains and saw Si Tong practicing forbidden technique alone, Si Tong grabbed Kong Qi’s neck to kill him. Kong Qi lied that someone went to Si Tong and let go of his hand. Kong Qi took the opportunity to rush to escape, unexpectedly he stumbled and rolled to the bottom of the mountain.

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