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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 7 Recap

Han Sheng was angry with Chun Yao, and a book appeared in front of him, and Han Sheng stepped forward to chase him. At this time, Chun Yao also appeared, and the atmosphere of the two almost kissing each other seemed very embarrassing. The content that appeared in the book opened by Chun Yao was Han Sheng’s experience.

When Chun Yao saw that Han Sheng had something to do with Chun Shui Immortal, he hurriedly asked Han Sheng, but Han Sheng didn’t know what was going on. Chun Yao felt that Hansheng was not easy, and brought her back to Bailingtan again. Chun Yao asked Kong Lan to take Han Shuang to the boudoir to rest.

He was very satisfied with Chun Yao’s arrangement called Han Sheng, but Chun Yao asked Wu Chang to calculate the price of the room, and then called Han Sheng to pay back one by one. If Han Sheng had money If you don’t have enough, you need to pay the debts to Chun Yao as a maid. Han Sheng was so angry that he had to settle accounts with Chun Yao. I don’t know who was the maid of Chun Yao before that could stand him. Wu Chang told Han Sheng Bai Fan was the maid before Chun Yao, and Han Sheng stopped talking after listening.

Chun Yao was accustomed to the care of the white fan. In the room, he remembered how well the white fan was before, but everything just passed, and he was powerless, so he had to be hospitalized in the underworld and take care of himself in the underworld.

Hansheng is very comfortable living in the big house of the spring demon, but she remembered the previous experience in the palace is very bitter. Fortunately, she was accompanied by cat briquettes at that time. At this time, when there was a cat cry outside, Hansheng went out. But he saw that the Spring Demon was also outside. The spring demon told Han Sheng that the cat demon was about to reincarnate, but he also had someone he missed to take a last look before reincarnation. Han Sheng knew it must be the briquettes after hearing it.

Han Sheng held the briquettes in his palms with moist eyes to make him feel relieved. The monsters in Bailingtan were very good to her and would not be wronged by the palace. Before Hansheng was taken care of by the briquettes, it was because of Hansheng briquettes that he died. The spring demon called Hansheng must be strong, otherwise everyone around him would be bullied.

Although Han Sheng was a princess, he didn’t have the life of the princess. He was beaten into the cold palace when he was born. Now he still serves as a maid for the spring demon, but Han Sheng has a very good mentality, and he still recognizes his current life. I just hope that the Spring Demon can give her some spells to protect herself. Chun Demon feels that Han Sheng is still very talented in learning spells, so he wants to teach Han Sheng some spells. But call Hansheng to recite all the magic formulas within a week, otherwise he will be punished.

There are only a few hundred dishes for the Spring Demon, and the cook called Han Sheng to remember the name of each dish and then to try it before presenting it to the Chun Demon. Han Sheng took out the book which stated that it would take five hundred years to complete the study, but saw that he could make rapid progress only with the help of utensils, so Han Sheng put on a blanket and went to see the Spring Demon, thinking that the Spring Demon would not be able to see him. Chun Yao saw that Han Sheng was using the blindfold method and pretended not to see her, but the blanket used by Han Shuang was really unpleasant. After Chun Yao asked Han Sheng to find a cleaner blanket when using it, otherwise everyone could smell it.

When that happened, Han Shuang quickly slipped away with shame. Chun Yao felt that Han Shuang’s learning ability was very strong, but his ability to control spells was average, and he needed to conduct control training for cold students. So Chun Yao asked Kong Lan to take Hansheng to Wuyin to study, and Wuyin asked Apprentice Xiaoshan to take Hansheng to find Sitong’s boarding list. But Han Sheng had no source. Other monsters would know his source as long as he looked at all four links, but Han Shuang didn’t. Like Xiaoshan, he couldn’t see his source.

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