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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 6 Recap

Han Sheng 14 wanted to block Chun Yao from arresting Bai Fan. Chun Yao had to explain that Liu Yunsu died because of Bai Fan’s stubbornness. However, before his death, Doctor Liang told Chun Yao to keep Bai Fan’s life and Chun Yao to keep a secret. Don’t call him. Bai Shan knew that Liu Yunsu died because of her, otherwise Doctor Bai Shanhui would be living in guilt. If you use the technique of resurrection, you will be bitten back, no matter who it is, you will suffer from it. Only then did Han Sheng know the story of the white fan, so he and Chun Yao hurried to rescue the white fan.

Bai Fan has been devoured because of being backlashed, and he must suck his blood to Liu Yunsu Zengshou if he catches Bufan. Fortunately, the Spring Demon rushed to rescue Bufan. Chun Yao saw that Bai Shan had been enchanted and had to tell her the facts, but Bai Shan didn’t believe it, so she had to save Liu Yunsu, otherwise she would not squint. After speaking, several people were brought into the illusion. The Spring Demon entered the Wangchuan River, and Han Sheng entered the palace and saw his father and mother. Bufan returned to the master, and the master told Bufan to kill the white fan.

Chun Yao knew that those illusions created by white fans hurriedly went to Han Sheng, but Han Sheng was too deeply involved in the scene at the time. His mother died shortly after birth, and Han Sheng failed to see enough of her mother, so she wanted to stay. Accompanying her mother, Han Sheng followed the Spring Demon to find Bufan under the strong explanation of the Spring Demon. The two rushed to Master Bufan and saw that the white fan was also there, but to unlock the door to Bufan, he had to be able to unlock it by himself. Chun Yao told Bufan to figure it out by himself to break the environment. Bufan remembered the teacher’s previous teaching, and cracked the illusion of the white fan.

However, after they walked out of the illusion, they saw that the white fan was casting a spell to resurrect Liu Yunsu, and the spring demon saw Liu Yunsu appear in front of them, and everything was too late. When Bai Fan celebrated the reunion with Liu Yunsu, Si Mao showed up, thanking Bai Fan for his infatuation. It was not Liu Yunsu but Si Mao who resurrected Bai Fan. The white fan was severely thrown out by Si Mao, Bufan hurriedly caught the white fan and wanted to go back, begging the master to borrow the heart-cleaning jade dew to help the white fan, but the white fan had completely lost the ability to return to the sky. At this moment, the white fan finally saw Liu Yun Su Lin.

The scene at the time of his death was because Bai Shan insisted on going to Wuyuanyuan and almost caused Si Mao to flee, and Liu Yunsu was also seriously injured because of Si Mao’s attack. Chun Yao wants to save Liu Yunsu, but everything is too late. Liu Yunsu tells Chun Yao not to tell Bai Fan the truth, for fear that Bai Fan will be guilty and blame himself. Bai Fan looked at the scene in front of him with regret. Liu Yunsu told Chun Yao to take care of Bai Fan, and died after speaking.

Bai Shan waited and saw Liu Yunsu in the sky, and the two finally came together. The white fan disappeared into Bufan’s arms, and suddenly a bell on Bufan’s body exploded. Bufan’s fan with Bai Fan was very painful, and Bai Fan turned Kwai’er into his own appearance during his lifetime. Kwai’er went to Bufan and hoped that Bufan could accept her.

Bufan didn’t even ask Kwai’er to take care of herself. The Spring Demon handed the Liuyun Comb in his hand to Bufan. The white fan and Liuyun Comb were originally one, and I hope Bufan can take good care of it. Han Sheng was found by the guards and wanted to be taken back, the spring demon rushed to fight the guards and rescued Han Sheng.

Chunsheng returned to Bailingtan with a book written by Liu Yun and Su Kuier, a white fan, and Han Sheng joked that they were all monsters in Bailingtan and she was a human being, and could not be with Chun Yao and them. Chun Yao told Han Sheng that it was a coffin, and leaving it behind would bring disaster to Bailingtan. After removing the mark on Han Sheng’s wrist, he told her to leave. As long as she walked out of Northland, no one would be able to recognize her. Hansheng turned around and ran away.

After seeing Han Sheng left, Chun Yao remembered what Bai Fan had said before. Bai Fan knew who his beloved was, but poor Chun Yao didn’t know what his beloved was called.

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