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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 5 Recap

Han Sheng also knew that the white fan was collecting Yangshou to resurrect Liu Yunsu, but he did not approve of Liu Yunsu’s death, thinking that Chun Yao was a ruthless person. And Chun Yao also admitted that he had lost his memory, even the person whom he loved very much before could not recognize each other.

Chun Yao had to use a shelf cart to walk him because he was injured and cold. Many people on the street thought that Chun Yao was about to die. People talked about it. They were so embarrassed that they couldn’t raise their heads, so they took a mat and covered themselves. Come up to cover your shame, so that you can’t see the people on the street, but those people are even more like a spring demon who got the plague and avoided them.

Bufan’s demon spirit who followed Bai Fan found her in a family. Bufan knew that Bai Fan did it for Liu Yunsu, but told her not to harm others. But the sister-in-law of that family wanted to let go of the white fan, and her eldest brother was about to go back, trying to make himself beautiful, and the white fan was the god who was photographed on the stage to save her.

Sister-in-law soon became ill and wanted to see her deceased elder brother for the last time, so Bai Fan used illusion to change her eldest brother out, and after the final farewell to her sister-in-law, the sister-in-law passed away peacefully. Bufan didn’t understand what Bai Fan’s actions meant, and Bai Fan believed that bringing lovers together is the most important thing. After speaking, Bai Fan hurried away because of his injury, vomiting blood, and Bufan chased him out.

Han Sheng hoped that the Spring Demon could let go of the White Fan, but it was pitiful to look at her, but the Chun Demon was determined to remove the demon as his own responsibility, and the White Fan was also from their Bailingtan, so she must take her back.

Kong Lan went to report to the Spring Demon. The White Fan was trapped by the evil spirit to do such a thing, so the Spring Demon had to get Bai Fan’s residence book to return them to their positions, and these words were heard by the cold student outside the door. , I thought I had to help Bai Shan, otherwise the lovers would never be together.

Liu Yunsu met Bai Shan for a short time because of Bai Fan’s suspense. Liu Yunsu told Bai Fan to live well. After speaking, he disappeared. Bai Fan’s affection for Liu Yunsu was so deep that he wanted to resurrect Liu Yunsu, so he had hallucinations. Fortunately, extraordinary rushed to take him. Out of the illusion. Bufan called the white fan not to be in the mystery, otherwise it will be backlashed. But Bai Shan felt that her current body was no longer good, and resurrecting Liu Yunsu was her last thought. There is a way to save Bai Fan, but Bai Fan must give up resurrecting Liu Yunsu. As long as Bai Fan agrees to his request, he will go back and ask the master for help.

Han Sheng was very depressed because of Bai Fan. He did not expect to encounter Bufan by the river. He learned that Bufan would go back to find his master to help Bai Fan, so Han Sheng and Bufan went to his master to ask for pills to save Bai Fan. They were rejected after seeing the master. The master saw that Han Sheng was not sick at all and would not give them the pills. Bufan had to tell the truth to save other people.

The master told Bufan not to be too obsessed, but after repeatedly begging the master, Bufan got the Purifying Jade Dew to save the white fan. But at this time, Bai Fan was thinking of using the Purifying Jade Dew to increase his skill to resurrect Liu Yunsu, anxiously waiting for his extraordinary return. On the way Han Sheng and Bufan rushed to the white fan, the fairy lock in Han Sheng’s hand rang, and Han Sheng knew that it was the Spring Demon who had gone, so he asked Bufan to send her to Bai Fan Dixin Yulu to block the Chun demon.

After Bufan arrived, Bai Fan was very weak, and Bai Fan thanked Bufan’s Immortal Medicine, hoping that he would repay the extraordinary kindness in the next life. After speaking, he drank the Purifying Jade Dew and wanted to resurrect Liu Yunsu.

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