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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 33 Recap

A strong wind hit, Xu Zhu was drawn into the cave, but he didn’t know that he had escaped from the dead. If only Duan Yanqing and Su Xinghe had resisted internally, Ding Chunqiu, a suitable talent, would have made a sneak attack. The voice of the old man came from the depths of the cave, and the virtual bamboo followed the sound, and found that there was a different scene of the mountain peaks outside the cave entrance.

The white-haired old man sat on the top of the mountain, carefully looked at the empty bamboo, and after a brief question, he was very satisfied, so he scattered the Shaolin exercises from his body. At first, Xu Zhu’s body was limp, angrily reprimanding the old man for this, but when the old man pushed his palm, he vaguely felt energetic, and his body was extremely comfortable.

Outside the cave, Su Xinghe and Ding Chunqiu were fighting fiercely. The four great ministers and Shaolin monks suffered from poisonous hair. Murongfu tried to use innocent energy to detoxify, but to no avail. In the cave, Xuzhu recovered sober and moved freely. On the contrary, the old man became weak and seemed to be suddenly old for decades.

Through some conversations, Xu Zhu learned that the old man was actually Wuyazi. Because his deadline was approaching, he asked his beloved disciple Su Xinghe to invite many outstanding students, hoping to select disciples with good character. And pass the seventy years of magic to the other party. Now Xu Zhu is no longer a floor sweeping monk with extremely poor aptitude, his palm power is stronger than anyone outside, but he hasn’t learned the martial arts of his own school, it is difficult to use it.

Wu Yazi took out the picture scroll and gave it to Xu Zhu, telling him to go to Wuliang Mountain in Dali to find someone, find martial arts classics from her, and practice according to the law, and he can kill the thief Ding Chunqiu. Even though Xu Zhu has always been willing to help others, he thought he had already worshipped Buddhism and could no longer be transferred to a master. Wu Yazi was not upset, and only hoped that he could call himself a master.

Xu Zhu saw the other person’s gaze and pleaded for pity. After all, he couldn’t bear it. Unexpectedly, he blurted out the word “Master”. Wu Yazi was overjoyed. He took off a gem ring from his left finger and gave it to him, officially appointing him as the new head of the Xiaoyao faction. . Wuyazi’s wish was over, no regrets, Xu Zhu bowed to him three times, and left the cave alone.

There was already a turmoil outside, and Su Xinghe lost to Ding Chunqiu, and was nearly injured seriously. Xu Zhu subconsciously went to help, but Su Xinghe didn’t expect Su Xinghe to take his true energy and beat Ding Chunqiu back with one palm. Because of this, Ding Chunqiu swung his robe and threw poison gas at Su Xinghe, then turned and fled. It’s a pity that Su Xinghe hadn’t noticed it, but noticed that Xu Zhu was wearing Master’s gem ring.

Su Xinghe led Xu Zhu to the wrong place, and solemnly explained the situation to him, and that he had deliberately deceived Ding Chunqiu with martial arts secrets to protect Master’s life. Thirty years passed in a flash, and Su Xinghe knew that Master had passed on his life skills to the new head, so he urged Xu Zhu not to violate his promise, and at the same time taught him how to push blood and remove cold poison.

Seeing Su Xinghe’s weird smile, Xu Zhu couldn’t help but ask curiously, but Su Xinghe denied it repeatedly, so he didn’t go deep into it. But when Xuzhu successively healed everyone and happened to dispel the poison for Xuannan, he didn’t expect Xuannantou to die. He was shocked and guessed that Su Xinghe was doing tricks from it.

Faced with Xu Zhu’s angry accusation, Su Xinghe insisted that he didn’t know it, until he showed a weird smile for the third time and suddenly fell to the ground and died. When the eight friends of Hangu saw this, they were distraught. Kang Guangling explained the truth to Xuzhu, claiming that Su Xinghe had caught Ding Chunqiu’s three smiles, so he would frequently show weird smiles. This poison is difficult to dissolve, and the poisoned person will never have a chance to survive. .

Because of the tragic deaths of Master Xuannan, Wuyazi and Su Xinghe, Xu Zhu decided to take care of Ding Chunqiu and comfort them in the sky. At the same time, Murong Fu took his cousin Wang Yuyan to bid farewell first, Duan Yu reluctantly gave up on Wang Yuyan, followed closely, but was blocked by Bao differently. Duan Yanqing wanted to attack Duan Yu, but he didn’t expect that the other party would have learned the Six-Medition Excalibur, and he was so angry that he flew away.

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