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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 32 Recap

The four great ministers of the Murong clan settled in the pavilion to rest, just as Xuzhu was passing by, and they presented hero posts respectfully, inviting them to visit Shaolin Temple on the Double Ninth Festival. Abbot Xuanci had something important to tell. Fengbo was evil thinking and Shaolin was suspicious of Murongfu before, and had already been extremely upset with this faction, so he wanted to use Xuzhu to express his nausea.

Just as the turmoil was preparing to take action, suddenly saw Ding Chunqiu, with the support of all his disciples, walking mightily. At this time, Master Xuan Nan brought a novice monk and appeared, and You Tanzhi immediately recognized that this monk was the silkworm rearer, and whispered to Ding Chunqiu. Feng Bo was curious and curious about Yu Tanzhi’s mask. He wanted to take a dagger to remove it, but he never thought of being injured by him.

Upon seeing this, Ding Chunqiu took out his palm to disperse the poison, even though it was impossible for his internal forces to resist, he still got poisonous gas after all. Considering that Dr. Xue was nearby, the four great ministers and Shaolin monks went on their way, but when they arrived at the residence, they saw two white paper lanterns hanging on both sides of the eaves, and a few linen cloths on the door lintel, and a paper streamer with evocative spirits, foreshadowed There is funeral at home.

Pushing the door and entering, there is the mourning hall in the middle. A total of six people are standing on both sides. One of the women is ugly and speaks viciously. She knew that the other party was here to seek medical advice, but she couldn’t save her. There was a sound of piano, the sword wind approached, Xuan Kan hurriedly resisted, and the sound of the piano finally settled.

Kang Guangling walked out slowly, and the woman was psychedelic, causing Deng Baichuan to be in a coma. Seeing that the two parties were about to fight, Master Xue quickly crawled out of the coffin to stop the fight. Master Xue and Xuan Nan had a very good relationship. In order to avoid misunderstandings, he simply explained the cause and effect and claimed to have worshipped under Mr. Congbian in his early years. In addition, there were seven brothers and sisters who were present.

There are rumors that Mr. Congbian is both deaf and dumb, and even his disciples are also deaf and dumb. They do not realize that the truth is not superficially simple. At that time, Su Xinghe and Ding Chunqiu went out of the same school and worshipped Wuyazi. The two martial arts were originally between the first and the middle. However, Su Xinghe concentrated on piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, Ding Chunqiu was obsessed with martial arts. Falling into the cliff with serious injuries.

Before Wuyazi died, he personally passed the secrets of the martial art to Su Xinghe. Because Ding Chunqiu coveted the magic of his own school, but could not let Su Xinghe confide, he simply made an agreement with him not to speak, and to pretend to be deaf and dumb. Su Xinghe kept the promise, and then wrote a letter to dismiss the disciples.

Although the eight master brothers such as God Doctor Xue have been expelled from the teacher’s gate, they dare not forget the master’s teachings, so they are collectively called the Eight Friends of Hangu to commemorate the grace of Su Xinghe’s teaching art at Hangu Pass. While talking, Ding Chunqiu came in from outside, threatened with the lives of everyone, and forced God Doctor Xue to heal the silkworm-raising monk. In order to save everyone, Dr. Xue had to succumb to Ding Chunqiu, provided that he promised that he would never hurt people’s lives again.

At that time, Qiao Feng learned that Azi had caught the iron masked man and was practicing poison, and he was very angry about it, and he couldn’t help teaching this vicious girl. But at a critical moment, Qiao Feng resisted his anger and stopped. Instead, Azi got angry and ran away from home without authorization. Considering that A Zi has not fully recovered, Qiao Feng plans to go to the Central Plains to find him. Mo Ge thinks that Qiao Feng’s current status is not convenient for entering the territory of the Song Dynasty, so he asked his subordinates to investigate first. Qiao Feng came to apologize personally, otherwise he would never go back.

Due to the poisonous attack by Ding Chunqiu, Xuan Nan, Deng Baichuan and Kang Guangling and other martial arts heroes lost all their skills at this moment and became prisoners at the mercy of others. They followed Ding Chunqiu and others to the Valley of the Deaf and Dumb. Before everyone appeared, Duan Yu had already played chess with Su Xinghe here. The Zhenlong chess game on the stone table was too high and deep.

Murong Fu held the game against him, but instead of being able to unravel it, he entered the illusion and wanted to draw his sword to slay himself. Fortunately, Duan Yu was quick-eyed and stopped in time, and Wang Yuyan was even more grateful to him. Duan Yanqing is proficient in chess, but his mind is too heavy. In addition, Ding Chunqiu bewildered him to think. Under the emptiness, he rushed forward and picked up Baizi and closed his eyes on the chessboard.

Duan Yanqing was grateful for Xuzhu’s life-saving grace, and used the method of internal power transmission to instruct Xu Zhu to play chess. Originally, Xu Xinghe had no intention of participating in this game, but Su Xinghe regarded him as a troublemaker and had to bite the bullet and continue to play. After a few rounds, the white chess piece broke out and successfully solved the Zhenlong chess game. When everyone saw this, Su Xinghe was so excited that he asked Xu Zhu to enter the nearby cave.

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