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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 31 Recap

At the forcible request of Azi, You Tanzhi only stretched his hand into the urn. As the sharp pain came from the fingertips, the entire finger gradually turned dark, but for a moment, the black poison knew himself. . Azi concentrated on the wooden ding. Seeing a drop of black blood flowing out of the ding hole, he hurriedly caught it with his hands, exercised cross-legs, and quickly practiced martial arts.

Seeing Azi happily holding up the wooden tripod and leaving, Yu Tan felt melancholy, but the poison gas in his arms had already spread to his body, making him uncomfortable to breathe. After several more bumps, Yi Jinjing threw it out of his arms and fell into the water. The wet Yi Jin Jing showed a monk’s pattern in a very strange posture. You Tanzhi imitated it and found that the breath was smooth, and then after a few moves, the poisonous gas in the body was completely exhausted.

Such a blessing in disguise, Yu Tan mistakenly regarded it as a bodhisattva manifestation, and then allowed the monk to transform into his life to save his life. As everyone knows, the patterns in this book are painted with Tianzhizhu herbs soaked in water. They appear when wet, and disappear when dry, so neither Azhu nor Xiao Feng have seen it. Seeing that You Tan was not dead, Ah Zi was both shocked and delighted. When shocked, he was so hard on his life, but if he was happy, he could continue to raise Gu.

In the next few days, A Zi took You Tanzhi to the suburbs to catch poisonous insects. After the five poisons were gathered, it was time to look for the Kunlun Mountain ice silkworm. Even though this silkworm seems ordinary, it comes from an extremely cold place. If ordinary people touch it, it will immediately turn into an ice sculpture and be killed on the spot. Seeing the ice silkworm flee, Ah Zi was furious and ordered You Tanzhi to catch it for her. Fortunately, the ice silkworm was flying fast, but it would leave scorching marks wherever it passed.

Looking along the scorch mark, You Tanzhi took advantage of the temple monk’s attention and stole the ice silkworm with a wine gourd. He never thought that the gourd would soon become hoarfrost, and the cold made him tremble and ran back to Nanjing, especially to Azi. Report. Seeing this, A Zi was overjoyed and told him to keep the ice silkworm in the urn.

At that time, it was the heat, and the weather was already hot, but the ice silkworm entered the house, and the temperature dropped suddenly. You Tanzhi shivered under the quilt, and survived the long night with difficulty. A Zi came personally and asked him to feed the poison with blood. You Tanzhi recalled what happened in the past few days, and his heart was sad, so he humbled and begged A Zi to remember his name after he died.

Even if Azi casually perfuse, You Tanzhi still believes it is true, and then stretches out his hand into the urn in the posture of Yi Jinjing, until his whole body is eroded by the cold and frozen into an ice sculpture. Azi was sure that the person had died, so he instructed the room to let his men drag You Tanzhi to be buried, but several Khitan soldiers were too lazy to dig a hole and simply threw him into the river.

Due to the unintentional actions of the Qidan soldiers, You Tanzhi’s life was accidentally saved. After You Tanzhi gradually regained consciousness, he sat alone by the stream, remembering his loyalty to Azi, but he was left in the wilderness in the end. It was inevitable that he was a little bit chilly, so he simply didn’t go back, and hid in the suburbs day and night to practice the scriptures.

Mr. Congbian Su Xinghe sent envoys to send invitations to Murong Fu, and invited talents proficient in chess from all over the world to visit Zhengu Mountain, Henan, on the eighth day of February. Murong Fu has long heard that Su Xinghe is known as the most intelligent person in the world, and his martial arts are unpredictable. According to common sense, he has no intersection with everyone, why would he suddenly invite him. Baodi and the others were worried about fraud, and suggested that Murong Fu be cautious, but he thought that if he didn’t go, he would lose a rare good opportunity, so Murong Fu decided to go to the appointment.

Ding Chunqiu wanted to find Qiao Feng, wounded the beggars to help a few of his disciples, and put the whole crown on the net, eventually trapping him. However, Ding Chunqiu was good at poisoning, Quan Guanqing had to leave first after being poisoned, and You Tanzhi hid beside him to witness the whole process. He stepped forward to untie the net and rescued Ding Chunqiu.

Originally, Ding Chunqiu wanted to kill You Tanzhi by poison, but he didn’t expect that his anti-drug ability was extremely strong and he was able to use the technique. On the contrary, You Tan is timid and ignorant, especially when he was tortured by Azi before. Facing Ding Chunqiu’s questioning, You Tanzhi truthfully told about the ice silkworm, and worshipped him as a disciple in order to save his life.

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